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Remember All Those Computers The Chinese Gave To The Barbados Military?

The Communist Chinese are famous for “knock-off” products – fake replicas of everything like perfume, movies, handbags, clothing and watches. Aside from the whole issue of theft of profits there are, of course, issues with quality.

It may not matter if your substandard fake Nike runners fail, but when we start talking fake aircraft components, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment… that takes us to another level. There’s nothing like an airliner with a defective cabin door pressurization seal to make your day exciting!

But now there is a new concern – counterfeit computers, servers and software designed to compromise the security of your confidential electronic data. For individuals, that means your personal data – for governments and the military the implications are staggering.

So how about all those computers that the Chinese gave to the Barbados military, police and Coast Guard?

Nothin’ be free, my friends. Nothing…

World Tribune – FBI: China may use counterfeit Cisco routers to penetrate U.S. networks


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Russian Bombers Over Barbados – One Man’s Cold War Memories

In 1959, The United States Established A Secret Radar Project On Barbados – And Didn’t Tell Our Government!

In 1957, Martin Kaiser started working for RCA Laboratories in New Jersey. The cold war was heating up, the space race was at full throttle and cities and towns throughout the USA practiced air raid alerts in case those damned Ruskies started dropping nuclear bombs.

In the early 1960’s Kaiser and his friends began experimenting with “over the horizon” radar so as to spot the Russian bomber fleets as early as possible, but they needed a good place to test the equipment and Trinidad was just the ticket.

But when the government of Trinidad refused permission because they didn’t want to upset Cuba, and Antigua did the same, the USA decided they would simply do the test on Barbados – and not inform the Barbados Government because, well, they might refuse permission!

Martin Kaiser and his colleagues lived in Barbados for a year and erected towers like this one photographed on the North end of the island…

The Russians eventually found out about the secret US project and started flying photo reconnaissance missions over the installation.

I stumbled across Martin Kaiser’s website when I did a Google search for “Barbados Cold War”. You can check it out for yourself and read some of his memories from another time on this island. Scroll down this page until you see the photo of the antenna above, and then you’ll be at the section where he talks about his secret mission on Barbados…



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