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British Airways Loses Millions In Business Because They Mistreated One Customer’s Daughter In Barbados

Daddy Buys 2 Million Pounds Of British Airways Tickets Every Year… Make That “Used To Buy”

How many times have you wanted to really harm a company when they treat you badly? For most of us, all we can do is hold wicked thoughts because for the most part we are powerless. Companies like British Airways regularly overbook and then tell you “pound salt”. They can ruin your vacation, destroy your business trip, strand you half way around the world with not so much as a clean pair of shorts or a toothbrush and then offer you a twenty-dollar voucher after weeks of complaining.

That is reality for most of us.

And then there are the very few who are able to do what we would all love to. Revenge can be so sweet…

Ladbrokes has stopped using British Airways for corporate travel after the airline tried to bump the chief executive’s 14-year-old daughter and a friend off a flight from Barbados.

Chris Bell, the bookmaker’s boss, has complained to the airline’s chief executive, Willie Walsh, and instructed the betting group’s travel agent, FCM Travel Solutions, not to book its 14,000 staff on BA flights unless there is no alternative. Ladbrokes spends more than £2m a year with BA.

Mr Bell, a BA Gold Card member, said Barbados was the final straw after recent problems involving Ladbrokes’ staff and the airline – including the Terminal 5 fiasco.

Mr Bell was accompanying his daughter and her friend on a flight from Barbados to Gatwick on April 8.

Having checked in their luggage, BA staff then told him that, while there was room for him, there was no space for the girls on the flight…

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Stranded Africans Were Promised Caribbean Jobs At US$ Ten Dollars An Hour

Fraud Charges Launched In Ghana

Victims of the fraud that saw Ghana International Airways dump a plane load of Africans in Barbados will testify against one of the African-based organisers. From news accounts, it appears that Frank Emmanuel Duncan was not one of the organisers of the charter flight, but sub-contracted for some 43 seats which he sold to victims by promising them 20 days hotel accommodations in Trinidad and jobs at US$10 per hour.

In our opinion, the Barbados politicians and civil servants who allowed this to happen should be held to account as much as the crooks who organised the flight.

Any person with even a modicum of intelligence knew or should have known what that flight was all about.

But remember… there is no accountability for anything in Barbados. It starts with the Ministers of Government and works its way down from the top.

Don’t expect any real investigation or charges for the Barbados end of the fraud.

From Modern Ghana.com…

Frank Emmanuel Duncan, a social worker who is accused of organizing a trip for some Ghanaians to Barbados but got them stranded during the journey on Tuesday appeared before an Accra Circuit Court.
Duncan, whose plea was not taken is being held for defrauding by false pretences and issuing false cheque with face value of GH¢ 3,000.

Duncan is said to have collected from Mr Gideon Ansah Boateng, the complainant, 2,000 dollars and his VW saloon car with the promise he would take him to Trinidad and Tobago, secure a 20-day hotel accommodation, a job which would earn him 10 dollars per hour…

… continue reading this article at Modern Ghana.com here

Our thanks to one of our regulars for bringing this article to our attention!


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