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Dear Ezra Alleyne – BFP Will Publish Your Column, Unedited As You Write It

Nation News Kills Ezra Alleyne’s Weekly Column – We Offer Him Space Here

Ezra Alleyne has had a weekly column in the Nation News since forever and now the editors at that lapdog newspaper have decided to deny him the opportunity to share his views with Barbados. (Ezra Allyne’s last weekly column at the Nation News: Softly As I Leave or here)

What has changed at the Nation News?

Nothing has changed at the Nation News… only the government has changed. Mr. Alleyne is a former Speaker of the House under a past BLP Government and now that the BLP is out and the DLP is in… the cowardly lapdogs at The Nation News have decided to please their new masters.

Woof! woof!

Although Barbados Free Press has strongly disagreed with many of Mr. Alleyne’s positions, and he with ours, we are appalled that the Barbados media continues a policy of pandering to whatever party is in government and censoring all opposing views. Killing Ezra Allyne’s weekly column is yet another disgusting abuse of trust.

But make no mistake, folks – the Barbados news media cares nothing for ethical and responsible journalism. The editors at the Nation News know nothing of duty to the citizens of Barbados. They know nothing about how a strong and independent press serves as democracy’s first line of defense.

Ezra Alleyne – Your Weekly Column Is Welcome Here

Mr. Alleyne, Barbados Free Press is extending this invitation to you. Here is what we propose…

1/ BFP will regularly publish your weekly column on any day you choose. If you wish to publish two columns a week, that would be fine too.

2/ We will not edit your articles in any manner – other than correcting obvious spelling mistakes or splitting long paragraphs for readability. We will not change one word in your articles.

3/ You have total control over article subject, length, titles, photos – everything. Your only limits will be what you impose upon yourself.

3/ BFP staff will not leave comments upon your articles. As with your past articles in the Nation News, if we wish to disagree with your position we will write a separate article that refers to yours.

4/ Should you not want to publish your articles on BFP, we are still willing to offer our readers to you. If you establish your own blog we promise that we will link to it, and for your weekly column, we will place a connecting article online (without comment) to alert our readers that you have put up a new article.

Mr. Alleyne, Barbados Free Press is the most popular online news source for Barbados with a current annualized readership of over 2 million visitors from Barbados and around the world. We haven’t spoken with David at Barbados Underground Blog, but on principle we bet that he would be willing to publish you as well. Between BFP and BU, you would still have the ability to communicate your thoughts to tens of thousands of Bajans every week.

It is up to you, Sir. Should you decide not to publish your weekly column at BFP at this time, that is no problem and the offer remains open.

Whether at BFP, BU or at your own blog, we urge you to continue communicating your ideas on a mass scale and to refuse to accept the censorship of the oldstream Bajan media.

Good luck, and may God Bless,

Marcus, Shona, Cliverton, George, Robert and Auntie Moses
Barbados Free Press


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