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Barbados Prime Minister With His Arm Around A Convicted Rapist Out On Parole – Issue Or Non-Issue?

That’s Prime Minister David Thompson with his left arm around musician Jah Cure – otherwise known in police records and on his passport as Siccature Alcock. The photo was taken at the recent Reggae On The Hill.

Mr. Alcock was found guilty in Jamaica of rape and robbery at gunpoint in 1999 and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was released in 2007 after serving eight years and is now out on parole.

Yes, he is a talented musician with a major worldwide fanbase.

But he is also a convicted rapist out on parole.

What is the message that the Prime Minister of Barbados intended to send with this photo? What is the message that is being communicated? Does it matter? Should it matter?

Comments are open!

Ian Bourne documents some recent performances by Jah Cure and posts more photos of the PM and Mr. Alcock at Bajan Reporter (link here)

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Journalist Peter Wickham Says Nation News Removed Section On China Human Rights Violations From His Article!

Journalist Peter Wickham Contacts Barbados Free Press

The Nation News edited out the parts of Peter Wickham’s recent article that addressed human rights violations in China.

In a post on Barbados Free Press, Mr. Wickham told readers that the Nation News “clipped” the final section from his May 14, 2008 article People & Things – Perceptions Of China.

Barbados Free Press was critical of Wickham’s failure to mention human rights violations by Communist China, but it now appears that this unsurprising censorship was the work of the cowardly lapdog editors at the Nation News.

Although we still disagree strongly with Mr. Wickham’s views on China, we always encourage frank discussion and are pleased to print the censored section of his article now…

Finally, it would be imprudent not to address the issue of human rights since this is a major concern of those who are less sympathetic to China. It should not surprise readers to note that none of us witnessed major Human Rights abuses while we were there, however this does not mean that the Chinese government could not have abused the rights of its citizens in the past or might not do so in the future. This author, however does not necessarily subscribe to the Western view that there is one appropriate standard of human rights, even as I am prepared to argue that the standards employed in the US, China and Barbados are all inconsistent with my own personal standard.

Hence the Chinese government might be considered “heavy handed” in dealing with its citizens in some regard, but the Barbados and American governments are no less guilty. In China you can be put to death for some infractions, which is no different to Barbados and the USA and this author believes that all three governments violate Universal principles of Human Rights by doing so. In the final analysis, Human Rights is always best defined within a specific cultural and historical context and will invariably run afoul of another person’s beliefs, hence this issue will always cause discomfort in the context of international relations.

… section of Peter Wickham’s recent article that was censored by the editors at The Nation News.

Not The First Time That Peter Wickham Has Been Censored By The Nation News

Back on December 31, 2007, Peter Wickham approached Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground blogs to have an article published as the Nation News had banned him from writing during the election. We published Journalist Peter Wickham Banned From Nation News – So We’ll Print His Article Here.

After the DLP/David Thompson election victory, Peter Wickham published another article where is stated that the “BLP and Owen Arthur… created a climate of oppression” and that the media had supported the BLP for all those years essentially due to fear of reprisal. (see BFP’s Peter Wickham: “BLP and Owen Arthur…Created A Climate Of Oppression…”)

Now those unprincipled cowardly editors at The Nation News have again shown what lapdogs they are by censoring references to human rights violations in China. We wish to remind them what we said just after the recent DLP election victory – a victory that was very much impacted by Barbados blogs…

A New Generation Won’t Tolerate Corrupt Government Or Cowardly News Media

Welcome to the future. Most of us newly-active Bajan voters are young and idealistic… and we are online.

The oldstream Barbados news media lost the respect of the majority of Bajans a long time ago, and it looks like they are still up to their old tricks – the only difference being they are now trying to please their newly-elected DLP masters as they crawl on their knees begging for money from the Communist Chinese.

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