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Africans Hacking Africans To Death – Bajans Should Think About What Fuels Such Violence, And Also About Their Thoughts On Guyanese And Homosexuals

“I never thought much about this issue, but today the common link between the killings in South Africa and the Nazi holocaust occurred to me: de-personalization was the first step.

And then I knew what has been bothering me about some articles and comments on Barbados Underground… it is the de-personalization of Guyanese and homosexual people.

I think that David and some of his readers should step back and think about it.”


From this article originally published about a year ago…

Once Violence Is Culturally Adopted As A Tool, It Cannot Be Limited Without Changing The Culture

Who knows where and when the violence in Africa started? Black Africans say it started with the white invasion hundreds of years ago. The white invaders claimed that black on black tribal and racial mass violence predated the colonisation of Africa – since the beginning of recorded history.

Shifting to the more recent past, whites used brutal violence to suppress African nationalism and civil rights movements, while the white governments looked the other way in the daytime and embraced violence in nighttime murderous raids.

When blacks came into power and tens of thousands of whites and indians were forced to flee, and an unknown number murdered, the black governments looked the other way and used violence to drive whites from their farms and businesses. Even when violence was counter-productive, it continued. Zimbabwe, the breadbasket of the continent, became simply a basket case as mass-producing farms were broken up into peasant farmer plots incapable of supporting even one family. In the new millennium, continuing tribal genocides in Rwanda and the Congo showed that black on black racial violence is not abating.

If anything, African violence is escalating – black against whites, blacks against indians, wide-nosed blacks against blacks with thin noses, Ju-ju worshipers against Muslim, Muslim against Christians, neighbours against witches, men against “penis thieves” and on and on and on. Much of the violence seems to be deeply-rooted in cultural norms. In the west, we take disputes to court or the police. In Africa, the first response seems just as likely to be a machete attack as civil suit. Once again, deep-rooted African cultural norms still play large. (Google “cannibalism in Africa” and you might get a shock.)

Hardly a day goes by that there is not another news story about Africans hacking Africans to death somewhere for some reason. Continue reading


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