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Two Successive Governments And The Barbados Media Perpetuate Continuing Opera Telecom Consumer Fraud

This Opera Telecom situation is very simple folks…

1/ A company called Opera Telecom advertised a game of chance called “Lucky Numbers” on the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation and the Nation Newspaper. The company made millions in Barbados and other jurisdictions by charging a dollar or two to enter the contest and then never bothering to award prizes.

2/ No list of winners was ever published. The winning “Lucky Number” remained the same for so long that it was obvious the company wasn’t even bothering to pretend it was legitimate. There is no doubt that Opera Telecom’s “Lucky Number” contest was a widespread consumer fraud.

3/ For almost a year, the Barbados Government and the advertisers have known that this is a consumer fraud, yet the media continued to advertise the contest and the government refused to enforce the law.

4/ Both the Barbados Government and the Barbados media have profited from the consumer fraud through taxes and advertising revenues.

5/ As our friends at Barbados Underground so accurately put it (even if a little coarse)… the authorities in Barbados allow Opera Telecom to piss on our rules and regulations. We would go one further and say that both the current and past governments and the Barbados media are happy to piss on citizens if they can put money in their pockets.

Somebody big in government and the Barbados media must have received “gifts”. That’s the only way that Opera Telecom could have so publicly pissed on our country for so long.

Will Prime Minister Thompson actually do anything about it?

Not a bloody chance. Just watch – same old, same old ’bout hey.

David over at Barbados Underground has the latest in this continuing government-sponsored consumer fraud. See his articles…

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