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After Expropriating Private Land For His Mistress, Gline Clarke Pretends To Be Indignant About Barbados Government’s Actions

Opposition Members’ Credibility Problems Are Enormous

Welcome to the next five years or so, folks. Barbados again has no effective Opposition against a majority government that will do as it pleases without rules, transparency or accountability.

Almost daily we see members of the former BLP administration hampered in their criticism of the current DLP Government because, well, they were crooks when they were in office and their admonishment of the Thompson government sounds absurd.

Today’s absurdity is found in the Nation News where we see former Minister Gline Clarke criticizing the government over land matters.

Could this be the same Gline Clarke who as a member of government expropriated private lands and then built himself a house upon that same land that his government seized? (photo at top)

Could this be the same Gline Clarke who parked his beautiful new Mercedes on land that used to belong to someone else? The same Gline Clarke who unethically built a home for his mistress… paying cash from the same ScotiaBank account that he used for “political donations”?

That Gline Clarke?

Whaloss! He be mekking sport!

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The End Is Near: Hillary Cancels TV Appearances, Meetings After North Carolina, Indiana Losses

Barack Obama Will Be The Democratic Nominee

News commentators throughout the USA are starting to call the end for Hillary Clinton. Tim Russert lays it all out on YouTube and it makes sense to us.

See? We told you so back in February with our article Hillary Clinton Fading Away – Get Ready For President Obama


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