Barbados Underground Publishes Leaked Barbados Police Intelligence Files – Who Leaked? The Government Of Course!


Government Of Barbados Leaks Secret Police Files On A Political Rival!

Barbados Underground blog (link here) has published deliberately-leaked Barbados Police Intelligence files that tell of a current DLP candidate’s tenuous connection to a police investigation over a decade ago. While the Barbados Underground is concentrating upon the contents of the documents, we wish to point out that this leaking of secret government documents in attempts to discredit political rivals is a common and an official practice of the governing Barbados Labour Party…

… And We Can Prove It!

Head over to the official blog of the Barbados Government – the Barbados Labour Party Blog (link here). Up at the top you will see a tab labeled “Damaging Documents”. This section contains official government documents that have been posted in various stories to discredit the political opposition party, the DLP.

Some of the documents come from the Ministry of Finance, the Land Registry and other government offices, so it can be seen that the Owen Arthur government does not hesitate to misuse government records for their own political purposes. This is shameful behaviour that would be a criminal offense in many countries, but in Barbados the government posts these “leaked” documents on its own official blog!

So it can be seen that as an official government policy, the Owen Arthur Government publishes “leaked” confidential government documents when it is to their advantage.

There is no rule of law for government members in Barbados. The government IS the law and they own the courts too through the appointment of the former BLP Attorney General and Cabinet Minister as “our” Chief Justice.

Make no mistake, friends. The “leaked” documents published at Barbados Underground were sent to that blog by a member of the current Barbados Government, as part of the BLP policy of releasing confidential government documents to discredit government opponents.


Attention American Federal Bureau Of Investigation: The Barbados Government May Be Lying To You!

The Government of Barbados deliberately leaked confidential Barbados police intelligence files to a blog that has been a thorn in the side of the government. The leaked files contain decade-old information in an attempt to discredit an opposition candidate.

But the Barbados Government may have a second reason for leaking the documents: to gain FBI assistance in identifying the publisher of an anonymous blog that has been publishing information about government corruption and waste.

Will the Barbados government now claim that it needs American FBI assistance to “discover” who leaked the confidential Barbados Police intelligence reports to Barbados Underground blog? Will the Barbados government now ask for FBI assistance to identify the publishers of the Barbados Underground blog?

The police and intelligence agencies in the United States are reluctant to be used by foreign governments to target political opposition members or popular opposition to a government. By leaking confidential police intelligence documents to the blogs, the Barbados Government can now claim that they have a serious leak in their police force and ask for FBI assistance.

The FBI could then use the American security laws to approach (an American company) to try to identify the publishers of Barbados Underground – purportedly to try and solve the mystery of the leaked documents.

But it would all be a fraud committed upon the FBI by the Barbados Government. The Barbados Government would be using the American Federal Bureau of Investigation for a political purpose, but disguising its intent under the cloak of a “real” investigation into leaked confidential documents.

It is a good thing that we at Barbados Free Press always use a proxy to write our blog or surf the net. We hope that David at Barbados Underground does the same!

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9 responses to “Barbados Underground Publishes Leaked Barbados Police Intelligence Files – Who Leaked? The Government Of Course!

  1. more

    While they are at it perhaps we will hear more about the FBI investigation which was supressed a few years ago.

    Remember that?

  2. Sargeant

    Whooaa BFP… must be a full moon. I wonder what goes through a mature individual’s head to send obscene comments in response to criticism. I wrote in a previous post that “You ain’t seen nothing yet”, those who have power want to retain it and they are prepared to take the gloves off and use any and every means to retain it, after all one can get used to all the perks that come with political power… the luxury cars; the travel; the high salaries and allowances; the expense accounts; the opportunity to mingle with the “rich & famous” you will naive to think that the Gov’t members (BLP) will relinquish that easily. According to BU these allegations are 10 years old, one would hope that they would have been referred to RBPF for action before . It appears that the issue of illegal immigrants is treated lightly in B’dos. I remember the PM saying that illegal immigrants had worked at his residence, the PM is not a regular citizen he is “first among equals” and employing illegal immigrants is inexcusable. We expect our elected leaders/representatives to set high standards for the rest of us to follow.


    BFP Comments

    Hey Sargeant, the situation wasn’t “referred” to the RBPF… these are actual confidential RBPF reports!

  3. Makaveli

    Goes to show how desperate they are to retain power. It is unlikely that such desperation is out of some altruistic drive to serve Barbados, more likely it is a case of SURVIVAL. I want a ring side seat for this election, it will be the nastiest and most vicious.

  4. Wishing in Vain

    Very enlightening comments BFP, I had not looked at it from the standpoint as you stated and your point about seeking FBI intervention is worthy.

  5. Adrian Hinds

    ….What about the RBPF as a Dept. of the government of Barbados willfully withholding information from a friendly government about persons breaking and others conspiring to break the laws of that country? I want BU to produce the entire document, because i will circulate it to my congressman, Senators, to ICE and the FBI.

  6. centipede

    BPF – the info you expose here does not find it’s way into the hands of the ‘average BDS citizen.’ Do you have any plans, when election time is in full swing, to get this info out to the broader community?


    BFP Comments…

    See our blog at about midnight tonight! 😉

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Nice marketing BFP, I like it.

  8. Anon

    BFP we feel that BU is a sister blog probably trying to achieve the same thing as your blog. It seems to me that the people behind BU are ordinary citizens with families who just like you believe in our democracy. The sacrifice that our forefathers made to educate our people should be used in a tangible way to ensure that the government of Barbados is there for and about the people. BU may have made editorial mistakes along the way to get their message across, but no one is perfect.

    If through some channel there are identified and as a result have to pay for speaking what they believe to be the truth, so be it. Let them cross that bridge when they get to it.


    BFP Comments,

    We are sure that BU is motivated as we are by a love for our country and worries about our children’s futures. We hope that they manage to stay hidden because our dictatorial government is not adverse to making life miserable for opponents. One of our BFP staff would be fired the next day after their identity became known – no doubt about it. Then the bank would call the mortgage.

    Oh yes, we hope that BU keeps one eye on the road as they type.

  9. If this investigation is over 10 years old and the alledged person was not charged in the Courts, then I would suggets that either there was nothing to substantiate the claim or that the law may not have applied to said person.

    Whatever, it is very dispicable that the BLP Gov’t folks will use the resources of the state against opponents like this. Where and when will it stop.

    I am far more interested in the disappearance of the file related to the divorce of Owen and Beverley Arthur. I would be more interested to know the divorce settlement so that I can conclude if it was fair and reasonable for a man who makes $150,000 per year and likes to boast about being poor! I have great concerns about the financial dealings of my PM whilst he has been PM.

    I am really not loosing sleep over a new candidate and a decade old allegation.