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We Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better…

From Barbados Underground…

Authorities In Barbados Allow Opera Telecom To Piss On Our Rules & Regulations ~ Where Is Minister Lynette Eastmond?

And not to forget about the GEMS Hotels debacle…

Over $150 Lost For Every Occupied Room Night 


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So Much For Integrity: NIS Fraudster Rommell Marshall Nominated As Candidate By BLP


Another Government Man Buys His Way Out Of Criminal Charges

In tonight’s edition of the CBC evening news (November 12) I watched in total astonishment as a news clip showed Rommell Marshall being selected to contest the general election on the BLP ticket unopposed.

This is the same Rommell Marshall who only a few weeks ago was before the law courts of Barbados for failure to pay NIS contributions into the treasury for persons employed by him. He avoided prosecution because he made arrangements to pay all monies owed.

Here is what astonishes me, Mr. Marshall is an elected official, and a representative of the people in his constituency, he is a former minister and member of government, yet this same Mr. Marshall despite his current position and past credentials was delinquent in paying NIS contributions for persons employed by him. These employees, had they suffered any illnesses or accidents, would have been shocked, disappointed and angry when they applied for payment via NIS only to learn there was none.

I find it reprehensible that an elected official can flout the laws of this country, escape punishment by simply paying the monies owed, then without missing a heartbeat run to his constituents and seek nomination to represent them as the honorable and honest representative,this alone would be utterly disgusting, but it gets worse.

One would have thought that any Politician (especially one elected to represent the people) whom it was proven had committed such injustice, would find themselves unable to run for elected office again because their integrity would have been compromised and thus be a liability to the party their represent.

Not so in Barbados.

Mr. Marshall is nominated unopposed on a BLP ticket to represent the party in St. Michael. I guess his party sees nothing wrong with what he did, since there was no condemnation or punishment. Instead they reward him.

So much for Integrity.



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