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We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

UPDATED: November 5, 2011

Four years ago today Barbados Free Press published the outrageous Ronja Juman story – telling of an unholy alliance between our Director of Public Prosecutions and a corrupt police officer named Paul Vaughan..

The story is worth a re-visit because nothing has changed.

Worth your time…

UPDATED: June 6, 2010 – Landlords vs Tenants by Stephen Alleyne

Lawyer and newspaper columnist Stephen Alleyne chimes in on the law of landlords and tenants in his recent Barbados Advocate offering. Here’s how Mr. Alleyne starts out…

“The last time landlord and tenant issues came under scrutiny in this column, I took quite a bit of stick from a number of people who clearly were landlords who had had bad experiences with tenants. Most of them for some reason felt it was the landlord who needed protection against the tenant, and not the tenant against the landlord.

However, if those people were to examine closely the laws of Barbados relating to landlords and tenants, they would find that, except for the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act, which has given security of tenure to qualified tenants of house spots and established a mechanism for increasing their rent, the laws have not been kind to tenants.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind Mr. Alleyne that laws don’t matter a damn in Barbados when a corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions can use a corrupt police officer to break and misuse the law to collect a private debt from the DPP’s tenant… and the Barbados news media ignores the whole episode even though all the documentation is posted online.

If you want to write about landlord and tenant issues with any credibility Mr. Alleyne, you cannot ignore Ms. Juman’s case when the documents are posted online.

So go ahead, Mr. Alleyne. Read the documents and then make your decision to write about the case or to remain silent.

There is no middle ground…


Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock

In the early hours Tuesday, December 19, 2006 – a few days before Christmas – officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force descended like a gang of wild thugs upon the sleeping family of Mrs. Ronja Juman. * (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)

Her offense was not having paid back-rent to her landlord – who happens to be Charles Leacock, Queens Counsel, and the Director of Public Prosecutions for the sovereign nation of Barbados. One of the most powerful men on the island, Mr. Leacock arranged to have officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force collect his back rent from Mrs. Juman – in particular a corrupt police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan.


Sgt. Paul Vaughan ignored his oath of office and befouled himself, his fellow officers and the Royal Barbados Police Force by allowing his authority to be corruptly used to collect a private debt for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock.

When Sgt. Vaughan and his police officers entered Ronja Juman’s home, terrorised her sleeping family and dragged her off half-naked to the police station for a vaginal search and interrogation over Mr. Leacock’s unpaid rent, they used a blank, pre-signed search warrant – a highly illegal act. Continue reading


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Was Rihanna Asked To Leave Her Cousin’s Wedding… Or Like Cher, Is Media Overdoing The Story?


UPDATED: January 14, 2010

Before you leave Barbados Free Press, please take the time to read the following…

Help Rihanna’s Home Island Save The Last Mangrove Forest…

For any of Rihanna’s fans who are interested in knowing about her home island of Barbados and the kind of natural, quiet and peaceful place that Bajans need once in a while, please visit the website of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and also the Graeme Hall National Park.

We’re in a battle here to save the last natural area on the south of our island. The Government and their land developer friends want to turn the Graeme Hall wetlands into a row of highrise condos, golf course and water park. Please help raise awareness around the world.

You can help by joining the Facebook Group: Save The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Here are a few background stories here and here.

Here is a new story posted January 14, 2010: Barbados Government takes new steps to destroy foreigner’s US$35 million eco-tourism investment on South Coast

Thank you from the ordinary people of Barbados!

What do you think, folks? Rihanna’s dress at this wedding: classy or trashy?

Media-Take-Out Says Rihanna’s Revealing Dress Upset Family

To whom much is given, much is expected… or maybe too much is expected.

The web and blogs are buzzing with a rumour that Rihanna was asked to leave her cousin’s wedding for dressing immodestly. It reminds us of a story a few years ago when Cher attended a wedding and then had to leave when she became the center of attention. In that Cher story though there was no hint of bad behaviour… it was Cher’s celebrity that took away from the wedding couple’s special day. Cher then made a decision to leave early so the wedding could proceed in peace and with proper dignity but the media over-played it.

We wish that the current Rihanna wedding rumours were simply a case of celebrity, but sadly the photos being published online at the very least show a lack of judgment on the part of Girl Gone Bad.

It was a family wedding in Barbados and no doubt Rihanna’s celebrity was a factor, but here at Barbados Free Press we all agree that she shouldn’t have worn that dress.

Here’s the story and two photos from Media Take-Out so you can made up your own mind…



October 30, 2007. When MediaTakeOut.com showed you photos of Rihanna attending her cousin Nigel’s wedding in Barbados a few days ago, we thought that the event went off without a hitch. But we couldn’t have been more wrong. Yesterday our inbox was filled with emails from party guests who claim that Rihanna was asked to leave the wedding early.

The trouble began almost as soon as Rihanna arrived. Tells one of the more than a half dozen partygoers who wrote in to MediaTakeOut.com, “I was shocked when I saw what Rihanna was wearing. Every time she moved, her [breasts] looked like they were ready to come loose.” The tipster added, “[The bride comes from] a very Christian family. [Rihanna] should have known better than to show up wearing such scandalous attire.”

And there’s more. According to a number of eyewitnesses, Rihanna refused to eat the food offered to other guests. An insider explained to MediaTakeOut.com, “She brought her own food and wouldn’t touch anything else … Our food must not be good enough for a big star like her.”

At one point in the evening, the bride’s family decided that they’d had enough. As one family friend puts it, “Rihanna was taking away from the [bride and groom’s] day so we thought it was best to ask her to leave. She understood and agreed”

But before leaving, one guest claims that Rihanna gave the family a piece of her mind. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “She started arguing with [her aunt and her mother] … Even though they were in the back, you could hear Rihanna yelling at her mother.” The insider added, “Her mother is a very easygoing woman, so she just stayed quiet and waited for Rihanna to calm down …. If she were my daughter, someone would have had to call the police.”

… read the full story and photos online at Media Take Out (link here)


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