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An On The Spot Report From Barbados Parliament – Hardwood Housing Scandal, Non-Confidence Motion

The following comment was posted a short time ago by BFP reader Wishing In Vain…

We have just seen an amazing event taking place in Barbados a few moments ago, the one Mottley who with her mouthings had all the talk about if Mr Thompson was not ready she was ready to address the HARDWOOD HOUSING issue via the PAC.

Then only moments ago with the knowledge that Mr Thompson was ready able and willing to move the motion, and after only 5 minutes in the sitting in the prelunch session they asked for an adjournment to discuss matters, they returned after lunch before doing any further business Mottley asked for an adjournment until Friday.

This is remarkable for a group with a 24 to 6 majority to be running hiding and avoiding the full force of the 6 members of the opposition is a revelation indeed.
Having said how ready both Mottley and Owing said they were proves to be just another lie one of many.

I wonder which aspect of the motion they fear the most the No Confidence Motion or is it the Defamation of Character act along with the moving of an act for Integrity of Legislation in Barbados.

Each one on its own is annoying to them but all of them together is a major upheaval, furthermore Owing sounded very course today he was under the weather or under the influence one or the other.


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No Refuse Collection On Friday, November 30, 2007

The Folks At The SSA Take A Break

Thanks to all our friends at the Sanitation Service Authority who work so hard to keep the island clean and beautiful. As far as we’re concerned they are the foundation of our entire tourist industry and unsung heroes in our economy.

In our opinion, if we had forgotten about renovating Kensington Oval (which was just fine the way it was, thank you) and instead put that money into beautifying our island through the SSA, we would have been much better off in the long run.

But that’s all water under the bridge, er, flyovers, now.

Here is a note from the SSA reminding everyone that they are taking a day off…

The Sanitation Service Authority is notifying Barbadians there will be no refuse collection on Friday 30th November 2007.

All landfills and cemeteries will be closed this date. All residents are reminded to freeze any offal from Thursday 29th November until 6:00 pm before their next scheduled collection.

The SSA thanks the Barbadian public for their co-operation, and we wish all Barbadians a Happy Independence.

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Letter of Complaint to Cable and Wireless – Barbados

Barbados Free Press received this letter of complaint against Cable and Wireless and we print it unedited except for the removal of the customer’s account number and home address. We invite Cable and Wireless to respond and we promise to print their unedited response in the same spot.

Following is a letter that I have sent to Cable and Wireless expressing my displeasure with their service.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mr. Irvine Boyce
Complaints Manager
Cable & Wireless
Windsor Lodge
St. Michael

Dear Mr. Boyce,

My name is Philip Hunte of the above address and for your reference, my account number is ****************. Your records will show that I applied for a telephone at this address in July of 2002 and that I received the installation, after much effort on both myself and my wife’s part, in October of 2004. In March of the following year, we signed up for the offered ADSL service and were quickly accommodated.

You will realize that we live in a ‘high rainfall’ area of the island and that we received our telephone in the height of the rainy season. We were so glad to get a phone that my family did not mind the constant humming on the line. I myself found it to be a nuisance and would frequently use my cellphone rather than subject my ears to what sometimes would be a dreadful hum or crackle. We have lodged countless complaints, and in the 37 months that we have had a telephone, there has never been a day that I can say that the line is “clear”. We discontinued our “high speed” internet in December of 2006 for lack of service/speed/connectivity and switched to Telebarbados and have been very happy with the service/speed/connectivity that we have received from this provider. You will find numerous complaints from myself and my wife logged with customer “service” regarding our lack of internet.

In order to negotiate a credit for the last two months of my internet service for which I had paid but got no service, I had to spend nearly 2 hours of my time in line at Windsor Lodge. I do not intend for this to happen again, it is a waste of my time.

I myself provide a service and install equipment and when faulty equipment is installed, it has to be replaced and credits given. It is the law. It is good business practice; otherwise the client will go to the competition. Oh, I forgot, there is no competition.

I have come to realize that it is not in your interest to repair my telephone line as it will only cost you money. In order for me to have any semblance of a telephone line, I have to pay…..in full…..every month. If I decide to withhold as much as one cent, I will be cut off and be made to pay a reconnection fee. I can call and complain until the cows come home and you do not have to do a thing because the money will still be paid in hope that “the phone will be fixed next week”.

My reason for writing this letter (apart from being able to vent my disgust) is to ask you to personally look into my case and have it rectified so that I can hear my Mother when she calls to wish us “Merry Christmas”. I would also like you to issue a credit to the tune of 37 months of service (I can only ask).


Philip Hunte

PS. This letter is being copied to The Nation, Advocate, Starcom Network, The Barbados Free Press and the Fair Trading Commission in the hopes that someone in the first three media houses will have the guts to defy your company’s advertising clout and publish it.


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Illegal Racetrack Construction Continues – Barbados Government Does Nothing


Rule Of Law In Barbados Is A Joke

The Government of Barbados remains silent as the lawbreaking continues.

As citizens, when we see our government allowing such lawlessness we can only conclude that the government is one or more of the following…

– Incompetent
– Uncaring
– Corrupt

If there are any other alternatives that we should be considering, please let us know.

New fresh-today photos of the continuing construction can be found at Barbados Underground: Pictures of Vaucluse Raceway Under Construction.

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