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Roy Morris Rape Charge In Court Thursday


Veteran Bajan journalist Roy Morris is in court tomorrow on a rape charge. Morris was the Nation News Associate Managing Editor in July when the alleged rape occurred. He was arrested and charged by police on August 14th after Barbados blogs refused to let the story die.

The story was broken by the Barbados Free Press after the Nation News ignored the police investigation of their employee. Some sources even indicated that the Nation News conspired with Morris to hide him from the police.

Whether or not Morris is found guilty, the story was a watershed for many Barbadians who discovered that the blogs not only break the news, but that the largest newspaper in the country habitually withholds news from the public.

For a summary of the case against Mr. Morris, start here…

Would Nation News Editor Roy Morris Have Been Charged With Rape If Blogs Hadn’t Broken The Story?


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Barbados Forensic Scientists Testify To Poison At Bob Woolmer Inquest

Murder, Money, Pesticide In Drink

Two Barbados forensic scientists have testified that they found the deadly poison cypermethrin in the body of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer. Patrick Best and Cheryl Corbin told the inquest that they found the pesticide when they examined Woolmer’s body and stomach contents. Jamaican Government pathologist Ere Sheshiah testified that a small broken bone in Woolmer’s neck indicated manual strangulation, but his findings have been challenged by others.

Another witness, a maid at the hotel where Woolmer died, testified that she saw Bob Woolmer checking a thick coil of US money in front of an Indian man in a suit.

At first, the Jamaican police said they were treating Woolmer’s death as a murder, then they said he died of “natural causes”.

I’m still unable to get past the pesticide in Woolmer’s body and in the nightcap on the dresser. Doesn’t sound too “natural” to me.

The inquest is continuing in Jamaica.

Further Reading…

AFP: Money topic of testimony in Woolmer inquest testimony

BFP: Was Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Murdered?


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New Prison Can’t Be Used Yet – Because Government Didn’t Pass Required Law


Is Attorney General Dale Marshall (Or Anyone) Really In Charge?

No one knows how much our new prison costs, and it is unlikely that taxpayers will ever know the truth. Considering that the prison was built by the corrupt VECO Corporation as contracted with the corrupt Owen Arthur government, we should be thankful that a prison even exists.

Only one problem: we can’t house any prisoners there because the Government of Barbados neglected to pass a law declaring the place an official prison.

Can’t this gang of idiots get anything right?

Yup. More of the same old, same old…

Legal hold up preventing prisoners from moving to Dodds

Two weeks after the official opening of the new prison at Dodds in St. Philip the cells are still empty.

Mike Goddard says this is because a legal hold up is preventing the transfer of prisoners to the new facility.

Attorney General Dale Marshall says government needs to change the 100 year old Prisons Act which defines prison as Glendairy.

He expected that the House of Assembly would approve the amendment today and that the Senate would do the same tomorrow paving the way for the transfer of prisoners. Mr. Marshall says the administrative staff has moved-in and all the officers have been trained to run the ultra-modern jail.

He has denied that prisoners are already at Dodds explaining that they have been involved in facilitating the move.

Mr. Marshall is not saying exactly when the final move will be made to Dodds but has indicated that it will be as soon as possible. He is also assuring the families of inmates that they will soon be able to visit their relatives at Dodds.

… read the original article at the CBC (link here)

Read the Nation News take on the story here: A-G’s Word


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Calling Ian Bourne! We Need Your Assistance…


Stink! Stink! Stink!

From a reader, printed as received…

This skip is like this every monday morning. Stink stink stink, compliments of the NCC.

Last week there was a fridge beside it. This week its a Microwave oven in it – sometimes dead dogs and chickens. This is the Garbage dump for the village by Darrel’s Road and some citizens out of St Philip.


All on our beautiful Garrison where not too far is the litter free sign. What hypocrisy and contradiction we have around us.

There are two more like this: one is by the Esplanade new parking area and the other by the new facilities on Bay street.

Ian Bourne, what say you??

Editor’s note: When Ian Bourne isn’t writing his Bajan Reporter blog, he and his friends at the SSA are doing their best to keep the island clean, healthy and beautiful. I wonder if it is time for the SSA to put up an official blog/website where folks can complain directly and send photos of places that need to be looked at more carefully? 


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More Road Deaths Than Murders: Yet Barbados Still Does Not Have Breathalyzer Laws Or Technology


Commissioner Dottin Pulls His Punches So As Not To Embarrass His Government Masters

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin told an awards ceremony audience last Saturday that more Bajans are killed in road accidents than are murdered each year. That sobering fact doesn’t even consider the devastating injuries sustained in the dozens more serious accidents that cripple people for life and destroy faces, families and livelihoods.

“We must bring an end to this carnage on our roads,” said Commissioner Dottin. (See The Nation News: Dottin Concerned About Road Deaths)

We at BFP agree that road safety through prevention and enforcement must continue to be a priority of the Royal Barbados Police Force – but we also believe that the police administration should have enough courage and sense of duty to Barbados to occasionally say what needs to be said: even if doing so would put the police in the position of revealing a failure of government. (Frankly, it would be healthy to see the police criticize government once in a while ’bout here. At least then the police wouldn’t always come across as private agents of the government rather than agents of the people and the rule of law. Ha… not to mention the police being unethically used to collect private debts as in the case of Ronjan Juman! – Juman story link here)

Commissioner Dottin’s Lie Of Omission

What was unsaid in the Commissioner’s speech is that the Royal Barbados Police Force lacks even the basic tools of breathalyser laws and equipment that professional policing organizations in most other jurisdictions take for granted.

The fact that the Commissioner of Police did not mention the lack of breathalyser laws and technology in a speech about road carnage means that he was being considerate of his political masters – to not offend the government or provide any sort of basis for their criticism. In this lie of omission, Commissioner Dottin once again showed that his loyalty is to the government first, and to the people of Barbados and policing second.

Barbados Has No Breathalyzer Laws – No Way Of Knowing How Much A Driver In A Fatal Crash Had Been Drinking

This year has been a terrible one for road mass casualties road accidents. Six dead at the Joes River tour bus crash, four more dead in the Emancipation Day crash and others. But in these and other serious crashes, aside from an autopsy, Barbados Police have no way of proving how much an involved driver has been drinking.

That is because our government has been negligent in providing the legal structure and the equipment that the police need to protect us all.

Back on July 25, 2006, Barbados Free Press reviewed the aborted Road Traffic Act that the government was to introduce the next day. We said that the government could put a breathalyzer law and equipment in place in six months. That was almost a year and a half ago…

Drinking and Driving Still Not Effectively Addressed

All of this is a good start, but unfortunately doesn’t address the problem of drinking and driving – which is a concern on Barbados.

Unless there is something about the new legislation that the newspapers haven’t covered, Barbados still lacks an effective drinking and driving law.

If we are really concerned about public safety, we must have effective drinking-driving laws in place and equip the police with modern breathalizers and train enough officers as technicians to ensure 24/7 coverage.

So while we are pleased with the Government’s initiative as far as it goes, we can only give it a “B-Minus” or even “C-Plus” grade in terms of overall road safety performance.

How long would it take to get an effective drunk driving law and testing equipment & personnel in place? Six months if we started today?

How about it MPs? Can you make it happen in six months?

… from the July 26, 2006 BFP article Barbados Government To Ban Cell Phones While Driving

Government Continues What It Does Best: Promises That Fade Into Oblivion…

Then in August of this year – in the wake of the mass deaths and with an election in the air – Minister of Transport Gline Clarke announced that the government was going to “study” breathalyzers.

What a sad joke.

Here is what Barbados Free Press said at the time, and it still applies. Perhaps Commissioner of Police Dottin will remember where he put his courage and sense of duty if he reads it…

“Committee To Study Breathalyzers” – Who Does Gline Clarke Think He Is Fooling?

Civilized jurisdictions all over the world have amassed tens thousands of legal cases, trials, reports, and committees to develop modern laws, training and operational standards for the police and the courts. The breathaliser technology itself is now computerised, mass produced, more accurate and cheaper than it has ever been. Roadside screening units for uniform patrol officers can be had for a few hundred dollars. The laws in British common law countries are decades old… been through the Supreme Courts and back again.


What’s your problem, Minister Clarke?

What have you been doing for the past year? What has your government been doing for the past 13 years of slaughter?

Your so-called “committee” and press conference is too little. Too late.

And worst of all – you only mentioned the word “breathaliser” because it is politically expedient to do so because of the upcoming election, the recent road slaughter and your government’s pathetic performance.

If you need some legally-proven legislation, I suggest you try Britain or Canada or the United States or Australia for a template. It has all been done. The technology, laws, training and operational experience are yours for a few phone calls.

Just stop pretending that you and your government really care and are actually capable of implementing breathalisers within our lifetime.

… from the BFP August 13, 2007 article Minister of Transport Gline Clarke Finally “Talking” About Driver Breathaliser Tests – As First Suggested By By Barbados Free Press Over A Year Ago


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It Is A Darn Shame That Adrian Loveridge Is Of The White Race

When it comes to making a success of tourism, perhaps the most knowledgeable person on the island is hotelier and journalist Adrian Loveridge. We watched over the years as Adrian’s knowledge and organisational talents were initially embraced by the “official” government tourism sectors and the local media – only to be cast aside when he started to ask “difficult” questions that highlighted not only government incompetence but outright lies by the Minister of Tourism and others.

(For a typical Adrian Loveridge question, see today’s Barbados Underground article What Is A Reasonable Time To Wait For A Government Department To Respond?)

For the offense of telling the truth and being more competent than many government tourism officials, Adrian Loveridge was tossed off government committees, fired as a journalist and in the end threatened with death and the destruction of his hotel by government BLP supporters. The latest threats against Adrian made by BLP supporters using the comments sections of this and other blogs center upon Adrian’s white race…

“Kill the WHITE bitch!” say the BLP government supporters, “Chop off he rasshole head. Kill he f*cking wife. Burn down he hotel.”

Nice folks, some of those BLP government types.


But open racial prejudice is nothing new for our BLP government that frequently stirs up old racial wounds when politically convenient – or as an alternative to addressing the veracity of reasoned criticism.

As mentioned in past BFP’s articles, this racial prejudice comes right from the top government leadership: the Prime Minister regularly uses racial slurs in public speech (see here), the Minister of the Environment said during a debate on national television that no “Caucasian male” should dare to tell a member of the government what to do (see here) and the government’s BLP party website shows only one race of Barbadian – and only darker skin tones of that race. No Indians, no whites, no orientals, no mixed race folks. (see here)

The Barbados Government continues its support of Ikael Tafari, the Prime Minister’s appointed Director of the Commission for Pan-African Affairs, who time and time again has spouted racist positions. (see here)


Even David Thompson, the leader of the Opposition is often characterised as “white” by his opponents as the worst thing they can think to say about him. (See BFP’s Barbados Government BLP Agent Plays Race Card. Calls Opposition Leader “White”, Equates With British Slave Owners)

It is one of the dubious talents of the present Barbados Government that Ministers they can smile and shake the hands of white and asian investors in the afternoon and then curse them for their race at a political rally in the evening.

If the outside world only knew!

But that is the reality at this moment in Barbados, and the BLP government does its best to fan those old flames of racism every time an election comes around.

Adrian Loveridge is unelectable in 2007 Barbados because of his white race – and that is a shame because it is Barbados’ loss and not Adrian’s loss.

Unlike so many of the government’s “experts”, Mr. Loveridge has actually proven for decades that he is a success in the tourism industry. His Peach and Quiet Hotel is consistently highly rated by such respected organisations as Trip Advisor and is often featured in foreign travel publications – for free we might add. No multi-million dollar advertising budget for Peach and Quiet, yet his hotel handily outperforms the larger government subsidized operations every season.

As pointed out today on Keltruth Blog, Adrian’s Peach and Quiet Hotel has just been declared a top pick by the New York Times. (See Keltruth Blog’s New York Times picks Peach and Quiet and Sea-U!)

It is truly a shame that under the present government, talented people like Adrian Loveridge are often excluded because of their race. Perhaps that would change under a new government, perhaps not. There is much history and some very bad history that we all have to live with – but we as a nation must be wary of those who seek to keep the wounds open for their narrow and selfish political purposes.


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Barbados Cost Of Living Just Keeps On Climbing – Hidden Factors Are Killers…


Just when Owing is paying lip service speaking about lowering the cost of living, then you get emails like this that blows his rants thru the window.

All these increased charges directly affect the cost of living very much like in the way he stuck the CESS TAX did he not realize that it would increase the cost of living and even when it was removed it made no difference to our living cost.

It is a sad reflection of what we have for a government…


Good Day,

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. wishes to advise that there will be an increase in the bunker surcharge for both our Seaboard Marine Line (SML) and Europe West Indies Line (EWL). The bunker increase for SML will take effect on November 4th. EWL’s bunker increase will take effect on November 1st.

Kindly note the attached notices (Please open with the Microsoft Word Application).

Please let us know should you have any further questions.

Thank you and best regards

Karol Kirton

Sales/Marketing Coordinator
Eric Hassell & Son Ltd.


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Scotland District: 50 Years Of Instability, Landslides and Soil Erosion – What A Great Place For A Garbage Dump!

With the Government Soil Conservation Unit is celebrating its 50th anniversary, it would be good to pause to consider why that unit was formed in the first place, and then why Barbados is putting a dump at Greenland of all places.

Assuming what we are hearing is true, it appears that no engineer wants to sign off on the Greenland dump leachate pond liner because it is likely to fail due to the instability of the soil.

How many tens of millions of dollars spent so far on creating an environmental nightmare?

Who knows!

Unit to mark 50 years
Published on: 10/27/07.

GOVERNMENT’S Soil Conservation Unit will celebrate its 50th anniversary starting tomorrow with a thanksgiving service at St Andrew’s Parish Church.

The unit was established primarily to stabilise the Scotland District in light of the increased incidence of soil erosion and landslides, as well as an overall decline in agricultural production.

The celebrations will also be used to highlight its contribution to Barbados’ small business development and tourism.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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Prime Minister Arthur Pledges New Anti-Corruption Law, To “Eradicate Corruption, Promote Integrity In Public Life”…. OK Sir, What About That $750k Cheque?


UPDATE: Promises By Thompson And Arthur Are Worth Nothing – Bajans Demand Real Actions

We don’t believe that either Prime Minister Owen Arthur or Opposition Leader David Thompson are serious about introducing integrity legislation.

We call upon the respective leaders and parties to do the following – which is well within their capabilities…

BLP Government

1/ Formally announce that no election will be held until at least three months AFTER integrity legislation is passed by the current Barbados Government.

2/ On December 3, 2007, introduce integrity legislation – including Conflict of Interest and Freedom of Information provisions – in Parliament and by publishing the legislation in full on the web and in local newspapers and expeditiously proceed with implementing the same.

3/ Immediately bind the BLP government members and candidates to the legislation, whether it has yet been proclaimed into law or not.

DLP Opposition

1/ Formally announce that, if elected, a DLP Government would introduce integrity legislation in Parliament within 30 days and expeditiously proceed with implementing the same.

2/ On December 3, 2007, present the proposed DLP integrity legislation – including Conflict of Interest and Freedom of Information provisions – to the public by publishing the proposed legislation in full on the web and in local newspapers

3/ Immediately bind the DLP members and candidates to the legislation, whether it has yet been proclaimed into law or not.

Original Article…

The Prime Minister was shoveling the horse-poop fast and high on the weekend. Faced with a never-ending public litany of corruption that is seriously threatening his fourth term, Owen Arthur and the BLP have promised yet again to introduce “anti-corruption” legislation.

Later. You know – like after he is elected again.

“Just elect us again and we really promise to introduce anti-corruption legislation this time. Really. Honest.”

Bajans seem to be so willing to be lied to. Whether it is David Thompson or Owen Arthur promising integrity legislation, many folks are willing to say “See… that proves they are serious. They are promising to introduce integrity legislation.”

What is that old saying about a promise being a comfort to a fool?

Both Parties Have Promised Integrity Legislation In Years Gone By

Both Parties Could Have Crafted Integrity Legislation In The Past Year And Presented It To The Public

Barbados Free Press readers are free to believe whatever they want to, but both the DLP and the BLP are johnny-come-lately to the issue of integrity legislation. Both are only mentioning the words “integrity legislation” because there is an election on the way and they know that the public has had enough of corruption.

What a sad state of affairs. Bajans are faced with electing greedy piggies who have been gorging themselves for the last 14 years or thin, hungry piggies who can’t wait for their turn to sink their snouts into the slops.

I don’t believe Owen Arthur.

I don’t believe David Thompson.

Neither have introduced a thing in writing when both could have had legislation all set to go during the past year.

Won’t get fooled again.

If you really must read the Prime Minister’s latest pile of horse dung lie – The Nation News: Prime Minister Knocks Thompson On Hardwood Issue


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Barbados Apartment Collapse Deaths: New Blog Asks Why Official Time Of Death Is Days AFTER Officials Declared The “Rescue” Was Now A “Recovery Effort”


Time Of Death Was AFTER Rescue Called Off

A new blog called Truth In Barbados is demanding a full inquest into the deaths of the Codrington family. The blog is obviously run by family members of Donavere Codrington, who perished with most of his family after their rented apartment collapsed into a known cave in the early hours of Sunday, August 26, 2007.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the remaining family and friends of the Codringtons. Frankly, we had been reluctant to report on the story that many folks believe that at least some of the trapped family died two days after officials announced that the “rescue” was now a “recovery”. This is based upon the Coroner’s certificate of death and the fact that Donavere was heard by several witnesses calling for help in the hours following the initial collapse.

Barbados Free Press and many others continue to demand a full and wide-ranging inquest into this tragedy to ensure that it never happens again.

Now that the story is having some exposure due to the Codrington family itself, Barbados Free Press will link to Truth In Barbados blog and report the details as painful as they may be.

Once again, our hearts and our prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims.

Truth In Barbados Blog 


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The Deaths of Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer and Barbados Prime Minister Tom Adams – Some Common Circumstances?

NOTE ABOUT TIMING: There has been quite a debate going on in the comments section of this article. Richard Goddard wrote that David Simmons was a member of the Cabinet at the time or shortly after Adams was Prime Minister. Several readers contest this, and in the likelihood that Simmons was not a cabinet member, we call upon Richard Goddard to explain how Simmons could have been involved in the situation immediately following Adams’ death.


The sudden death of J.M.G.M. Tom Adams, 55 years, Prime Minister of Barbados in 1985, and Bob Woolmer, 58, the English born Pakistan cricket coach, in 2007 have a common thread. Both were V.I.P.s, and the deaths must under law, be carefully and thoroughly investigated by senior and experienced police officers, with post mortems and toxicological tests on body specimens. The crime scene, that is the room in which the body was found, and the whole building and grounds should be tested, while forensics carry out their examinations. The room in which the body was found should also be carefully photographed.

In Adams’ death, Dr Cato, Acting Governor-General, and senior BLP supporter, was the first doctor on the scene. He pronounced Adams dead, but refused to sign the death certificate. Dr Hassell was the second doctor to see Adams’ body, and he also refused to sign the death certificate. Dr William StJohn, cousin of H.B. StJohn, the next Prime Minister, signed the death certificate, and no post mortem was performed. Because Adams was a V.I.P., and in the interest of transparency, the post mortem should have been performed, and toxicological tests carried out.

Was anything found at the crime scene which had caused Adams’ sudden death, and which was subsequently destroyed, as it was not politically expedient to show the true cause of death? The cause given on the death certificate is similar to someone who has died of a cocaine overdose which causes the heart to fibrillate, but only a toxicological test on body fluids would confirm this. If over-strength cocaine was voluntarily snorted, it would cause fibrillations of the heart and result in death. In the drug world it is common to make examples by giving overstrength cocaine to addicts, who then unwittingly overdose.


Was Our Current Barbados Chief Justice Involved In Any Way With The Aftermath Of Adams’ Death? *

Adams’ death was NOT recorded in the District ‘A’ Police Station diary, where policy dictates that all sudden deaths taking place at home are to be recorded, with the name of the investigating officer. The only authority to stop a post mortem and the correct investigation could come from the top of the political ladder, and that is the Cabinet, one of the then members of which, David Simmons, is the Chief Justice of Barbados today. (SEE NOTE BELOW About Timing)

Bob Woolmer’s Body Was Conveniently Cremated Prior To The Toxicology Evidence Being Presented *

Bob Woolmer, 58, and who weighed about 250 lbs., was found unconscious in his Pegasus Hotel room in Jamaica, and there is no record of him speaking. The room was disarranged, with furniture over-turned and blood and faeces around. The chief investigating officer was Assistant Commissioner Shields, a senior and experienced police officer from the London Metropolitan Police, on contract with the Jamaica police. Forensics carried out examination of the crime scene, i.e. the hotel room. A post mortem was carried out by Dr Ere Sheshiah, an Indian, who was the senior government pathologist, who had worked in Jamaica for over 15 years with plenty of post mortem experience. (There are over 1,650 murders in Jamaica each year.)

Dr Sheshiah found abnormal activity in the right side hyold bone, suggesting manual strangulation. Dr Sheshiah was the only pathologist to perform an autopsy on the body. We now find three pathologists, from Canada, England and South Africa challenging his findings. Mrs Dunbar who worked 26 years in the Forensic Laboratory in Jamaica and is very experienced, carried out tests on blood and urine and found Cypermethrin in Woolmer’s blood and urine, and the tranquiliser Chloropazine in his stomach. Alchohol was also found in blood specimens. The cause of death as natural, was announced on 12th June, while the toxicological results showing evidence of the pesticide came out on the 21st June, which is a classic example of the cart before the horse. Woolmer’s body was cremated in South Africa before these results were made known.


How Could A Deadly Pesticide Have Accidentally Appeared In Woolmer’s Drink And Body? *

Cypermethrin is a pesticide easily obtained from any garden shop and is sold under the brand name AMBUSH. It is an ant and roach killer, and is a powder soluble in alcohol, and has a light colour. On tests on rats it shows signs of tremors, seizures, rigours and salivation. These were the signs found where Woolmer’s body was found in the room.

Is this another attempt at a cover up to save World Cup Cricket? The Barbados Advocate and the Nation would do cricket a service by carrying the evidence in the Coroner’s Court in Jamaica, as the Jamaica Gleaner reports. There is big money in World Cup Cricket, with many hands in the piggy bank. Gambling in cricket is big business, especially in India and Pakistan, and in recent years cricketers have been identified as working with bookmakers to throw matches in exchange for money.

Any further attempt to cover up Murder will make the case more confusing, and the public has a right to the facts, and hopefully the truth can be established.

Richard Goddard

* NOTE: The question about the Chief Justice and the titles of the article were added by Barbados Free Press. Certain grammatical and spelling changes were also made by BFP.

NOTE ABOUT TIMING: There has been quite a debate going on in the comments section of this article. Richard Goddard wrote that David Simmons was a member of the Cabinet at the time or shortly after Adams was Prime Minister. Several readers contest this, and in the likelihood that Simmons was not a cabinet member, we call upon Richard Goddard to explain how he could have been involved in the situation immediately following Adams’ death.


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Was Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Murdered?


Twenty years from now, no one will remember much about Cricket World Cup 2007 except for one event: the strange death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer in his hotel room in Jamaica.

More evidence of possible foul play surfaced last Friday during the inquest being held in Jamaica. The pesticide cypermethrin were found in Woolmer’s blood and urine as well as in a “straw coloured” liquid found near his bed. Woolmer had been drinking that evening and “somehow” the pesticide found its way into his drink and his body.

While there might be explanations for the fast-acting neurotoxin insecticide in Woolmer’s nightcap, it is sounding more and more like murder to this observer.

From the Jamaica Gleaner…

Woolmer Poison Theory Resurfaces

A QUIRK by Director of Public Prosecutions Kent Pantry left some persons attending yesterday’s coroner’s inquest into the death of Pakistan cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, puzzled.

Mr. Pantry, who has figured in several aggressive exchanges since the start of the inquest, asked Marcia Dunbar, a forensic analyst at the Government Forensic Science Laboratory, about the level of cypermethrin found in the former England player’s system.

But after a brief break for coroner Patrick Murphy to take notes, Mr. Pantry posed another question.

Cypermethrin is a pesticide government pathologist Dr. Ere Seshaiah believes caused the 58-year-old Woolmer’s death on March 18. Yesterday, Ms. Dunbar testified that the substance was found in blood and urine taken from the coach, as well as ‘straw-coloured’ liquid found near the bed in his room at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Ms. Dunbar, who has worked at the forensic laboratory for 26 years, told the court that cypermethrin was found in one of three blood samples provided by the police. When questioned by the International Cricket Council’s attorney Jermaine Spence if this was unique, she responded, “I’m not sure.”

Ms. Dunbar said she analysed several items from the hotel room between March 19 and June 4. These included medication and personals, believed to belong to Woolmer.

She said there were traces of the tranquilliser, chloropromazine, in samples from his stomach with a fair amount of alcohol in his system. Ms. Dunbar said the level of alcohol was within the legal limit.

… read the entire story online (link here)


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DLP Supporter All Upset At Barbados Free Press Over Hardwood Housing and Lawyers – So, Let’s Hear Them Out…

A DLP supporter sent us the following – which we will print in full as received. The letter contains some comments from the DLP supporter taking Barbados Free Press to task for failing to cover the Hardwood Housing scandal as much as, or with the emphasis that the DLP supporter would have liked.

The letter also contains a “cut and paste” of an excellent article on Hardwood Housing by our friends over at Barbados Underground blog. We urge our readers to attend at BU to read the original, and we hope that David at BU will forgive us for posting the entire article here, but the DLP supporter included the article in their letter and we’d like to not change a word.

We’ll respond later to what our reader says.

Take it away, disgruntled DLP Supporter…

Letter to Barbados Free Press

For those that did not make it to Deacons road for that massive political meeting here is the recording of it for you, enjoy it the facts are there for all to see..

First link

Second link 

Since I believe the people at BFP are bright people I would assume that they know that continually harping on the fact that the PM and Thompson and the Judge have the same lawyer is really not the point. We have to look at if really any of the alleged breaches of equity are true and can be up-held in the courts. Whom they have representing them is really not that important.

The fact that they have the same lawyer should indicate to even the least initiated at BFP that all these persons are being sued in their official capacities – that is that it is their offices that are being sued not them personally. In other words the plaintiffs are claiming an abridgement of their rights by these persons acting
in their official capacities. Now sure it is not a secret that the offices of Judge, Prime Minister and Minister of the Crown (under which i assume David Thompson is being named – when he was Minister of Finance) are all constitutionally provided for and so any representation of those offices would have to be by the same
lawyer(s) since they will represent the government of Barbados and its constitutional creatures as listed above. So who then does BFP expect to pay the bill for these fees accept the tax payers of Barbados. After all its their officers that are being sued not David Thompson or Owen Arthur the private citizens. Tell me what is so hard to understand about that. The people at BFP need to think before they write.


Surely BFP cannot be serious listing those wishy washy stories as any real investigation into the Hardwood story.

Imagine that here it is that a company headed by a man who claims he built 500 houses in 6 months in Grenada gets 2 million dollars of the taxpayers money and completely licks it out and BFP has little to say. The company with the backing of Clyde Mascoll says it will build 30 houses in a month and gets a golden handshake from government but almost a year later has only build 7 for UDC which it overcharged by $238,000 for and BFP has nothing to say.

The company get more that 50,000 to buy equipment which the owner Mr. Murrel takes and then goes to Simpson Motors and Consolidated Finance and leases (not buys) and rents back the equipment to Hardwood who already gave him money to Buy (not lease) the same equipment. Yet BFP is worrying about which lawyer is representing Thompson and Arthur.

More still. The Man Murrel even though he is rent the equipment back to Hardwood is not paying the lease payments and mounting up arrears which Hardwood who gave him the money to buy (not lease) is having to pay on his behalf to stop the finance companies from taking up the equipment. And Mascoll in his response to Thompson’s letter to the PM says that it was his idea for Murrel to get the equipment and that it was saving Hardwood 44,000 a month. WOW. Oh, did I mention that Hardwood was also maintaining and paying for fuel Murrel’s equipment which they gave him money to buy (not lease) and which they pay to rent?

What says BFP Oh! sorry they are worried about a law suit in Canada. Continue reading


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David Thompson In Toronto Canada To Open New DLP Branch Office

The Democratic Labour Party is opening a “branch office” in Toronto, Canada.

This is not surprising considering that Bajans sending money back home is heading for 10 percent of our gross national product. Both the DLP and the BLP are tapping into this revenue stream after the “effective government” on the island pretty well doubled the price of groceries in the last little while.

Bottom line: Bajans have been squeezed so much lately that both major political parties are going abroad to secure funds from the island’s diaspora.

From the Nation News…

DLP Leader In Canada

OPPOSITION LEADER DAVID THOMPSON will deliver the keynote address at the official opening of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) branch office in Toronto, Canada.

The event takes place tomorrow at Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre, 6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, starting at 5:30 p.m.
Reynold Austin, president of the interim board of DLP Barbados (Canada), said the dinner would also raise funds for donation to the Brittons Hill tragedy relief fund.

He explained that DLP Barbados (Canada) was founded last summer by a group of Barbadians living in Ontario, to provide a vehicle by which Barbadians residing in Canada might support Barbados and the DLP, by providing financial, human and physical resources.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Opposition Leader David Thompson, High Court Judge – All Represented By Same Lawyer In Land Fraud And Corruption Trial!


Would George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Share The Same Lawyer… With A Judge Of The US Supreme Court?

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but nowhere in history can we think of an example of a Prime Minister and Opposition Leader being sued for fraud and corruption: and then deciding to have the same lawyer represent them!

Folks, it would be like, I dunno (Americans please forgive me) George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton being sued and choosing the same lawyer. It just wouldn’t happen.

But it has happened in Barbados and some of us can’t figure it out. Or worse: we CAN figure it out…

Disturbing Backroom Alliances All About Valuable Barbados Land

We’ve always said that Thompson and Arthur were very much alike in their choice to avoid imposing conflict of interest, transparency and integrity standards upon their respective MPs and candidates, but this is ridiculous! It does prove that there is an “old boys’ club” operating behind the political and business scenes in Barbados that often supersedes democracy and elected government.

Owen Arthur, David Thompson, David Simmons, David Shorey (lotta Davids in there!) and all kinds of other Barbados business and political leaders are being sued in a Canadian court by a company called Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. over something called the Kingsland case. The Barbados media have been hiding the story (more on that later) but it is a major international lawsuit because at stake is about 1% of the land area of Barbados – valued at way over ONE BILLION US DOLLARS!!!!!!

Independence of Barbados Judiciary Again Shown To Be A Lie

And to make this even stranger – Elneth Kentish, a Barbados High Court Judge who is also being sued in the same fraud and corruption case, shares the same lawyer as the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and many others.

This is disgusting. Any damn fool judge should know that the appearance of independence is as important as the independence itself, but Judge Elneth Kentish has decided for whatever personal expediency, to cast aside the appearance of judicial independence. She should resign or be fired right away because like so many others in our corrupt judicial system she has now shown that she cares more about herself than the appearance of justice. Another Barbados judge who just doesn’t get it!

Who Is Paying The Legal Bill For This Bunch Of Scoundrels?

Somebody is paying for legal counsel for this gang of Barbados business and political big-ups and now that they have all thrown their lots in together, the public has a right to know who is the money behind this gang. Are tax dollars being used to defend against crimes that people committed before they were public officials or judges?

Some folks and companies being sued in the same case retained their own lawyers, but the bulk of the defendants are represented by the same counsel. This is astounding! A friend of ours in the legal profession says that ordinary folks might not realize how big a deal this is. The plaintiffs are accusing the defendants of being involved in a large corrupt conspiracy to commit fraud in relation to some land in Barbados. Our friend says that by choosing the same lawyer to defend them, the majority of the accused are practically ADMITTING that they are all in the same basket together!

Our lawyer friend says that somebody on the legal team didn’t have on their thinking cap when they let this happen.

What effective Leader of the Opposition would have the Prime Minister’s lawyer represent him in a lawsuit?

The question can now be reasonably asked: “Is David Thompson Stupid?”

What a victory for the Prime Minister of Barbados. The leader of the so-called Opposition doesn’t even have his own lawyer to represent him in a fraud and corruption case! He’s leaving it to the Prime Minister to choose and maybe pay for his lawyer!

What kind of stupidity is this?

Canadian Legal Case Starting To Reveal The Secrets Of Barbados Backroom Structures

Folks, I hope that by now you are starting to get what Barbados is all about. As this Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. Canadian legal case slowly winds it’s way through whatever long process will happen, Bajans should pay attention.

The evidence and turnings that come out of this case – now weekly it seems – are telling us more than we ever knew about the power structures, corruption and backroom dealings that happen every day in Barbados. Our legal friend calls the case a microcosm of Barbados society, politics and business. The list of accused certainly reads like a Who’s Who of Barbados.

Keltruth Blog Making Big Waves

We’ve done a few articles on the Kingsland case in the past, but thanks to a new and apparently well-connected blog that is now posting the legal documents of the case on the internet, we’re seeing things that we’ve never seen before. Although the BLP supporters continually claim that every new posted legal document is a fake etc etc etc, it is becoming obvious that something big is happening in public view for the first time.

The Barbados media remain silent about all this. Politicians in both the BLP and DLP remain silent about all this.

As an election draws near, you owe it to yourself, your children and Barbados to become interested in what is going to happen to 1% of the land mass of this tiny island we call home, and how the corrupt business and political power brokers of Barbados operate. This Canadian case is exposing many of the hidden alliances and their corrupt methods to the light of public scrutiny.

Head on over to Keltruth Blog (link here) to see written proof, court documents and many other facts behind a legal case that will soon explode onto the international news media.

Background Reading


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We Agree With ALMOST Everything Yardbroom Says… But What Does David Thompson Say About The Fatted Calf?

Our old friend Yardbroom posted the following…

Barbados is now a country that has lost its moral focus, people who should be respected because of their position or office, and as individuals – in their own right – find it difficult to gain respect.

Harold Hoyte a journalist of some note, in a recent Nation News article wrote, “integrity” was not an important character trait to be Prime Minister of Barbados. This statement demonstrates that people who should know better do not expect of elected officials – or say they don’t – what most people do. They see lack of integrity, and other similar character traits, as minor impediments, if integrity is not in the character of the individual, it does not matter which office he/she holds, they cannot be expected to act in a way, that reasonable people would expect.

How far is our moral decay? almost rock bottom, when decent living people, are taken to task for being decent, and roguishness becomes the order of main stream thinking, it is imperative for those left standing, to speak out before there is no one left with a listening ear.

I fear, if Jesus walked on water up the inner careenage of Barbados today, in our present moral bankrupt state, the movers and shakers would say, he is too nice and decent to lead us, or have anything of worth to say.

We see criminal activity in many forms, drugs, prostitution, violence, and corruption at many levels, by those who should know better, but the showing by example, by those who should be the bastions of our society is sadly lacking. As a result our young people – one is tempted to say with justification – take little notice of the telling of moral values, when the showing by example is not demonstrated.

There is no social responsibility left, only a free for all, do as you wish, nothing matters in this moraless environment, thuggery, vindictiveness, threats, surreptitious monitoring, all is grist to the mill.

There is one caveat, no opinion should be expressed unless it reinforces the rape and pillage of our country, you are free, but that freedom is dependent on you agreeing with us, “free indeed!” Oh, how free we are.

It needs a special person, to bring about dramatic change from the old order of doing things, a person with the qualities of “integrity” decency, and moral values, and I honestly believe that David Thompson of the DLP is the man for that challenge.

… posted by BFP reader Yardbroom on our article Harold Hoyte At Nation News: Integrity Not An Important Character Trait To Be Prime Minister Of Barbados (link here)


Barbados Free Press Replies…

Yardbroom, there is much wisdom in what you have written, but as fellow citizens we must respectfully disagree with your comment in red – thus far.

Our views on the DLP’s failure to act upon integrity rules, conflict of interest rules and transparency for their own MPs and candidates is well known and we won’t go into the whole issue again right now.

But if there is one thing that troubles us terribly, that remains foremost in our minds whenever we see or hear Mr. Thompson – it is his as-yet-unexplained “fatted calf” speech to the party faithful.

Mr. Thompson personally needs to publicly account for his fatted calf statement – to refute, clarify or even embrace his own words. Explanations from his representatives or party members are simply not good enough.

Mr. Thompson, Sir, this fatted calf speech of yours needs to be addressed publicly before we can consider anything else.

Background: See BFP’s article BLP Blog Publishes DLP Leader’s “Fatted Calf” Speech


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An Open Letter To Mr David Neilands Of SuperCentre


‘Make the Difference – Pledge to save Energy’

Sainsbury’s in the UK currently have a campaign supported by full page colour ‘ads’ in publications like The Times, where they are giving away 1 million Philips Energy Saving light bulbs.

You can see some of the media coverage simply by entering Sainsbury’s Make the Difference into GOOGLE news search. (BBC article: Sainsbury’s In Lightbulb Giveaway)

In the current climate of very high electricity costs it just seems like such a simple way to encourage people to save energy. I am still surprised by the number of buildings I see (including Government ones) who have chosen not to purchase or replace traditional light bulbs with lower energy alternatives.

I am not suggesting SuperCentre just distributes free lower energy bubs, but is there a way it could be aligned with a special promotion, where is a customer spends say $100 they get a LEB free?

I thought the Sainsbury’s idea was an excellent example of a responsible corporate response to a mounting concern over the cost of living. I know you and SuperCentre think along the same lines and I hope that you may consider such an initiative.

Best Regards,

Adrian Loveridge

Peach and Quiet
25 October 2007


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Virgin Atlantic Moves Barbados Flights To “Highly Prized” Heathrow Slots!

Good For Barbados, Not So Good For Jamaica…

We’re sorry there has to be a loser in this shift, but happy that Virgin Atlantic thinks enough of Barbados as a destination to move it’s Barbados flights from Gatwick to Heathrow.

This hasn’t been “formally” announced yet, but the Jamaica Observer is running the story on the first page, so it looks like a done-deal. Here are some excerpts (and thanks to a early-riser reader for the tip)…

Barbados Gets Air Jamaica’s Heathrow Slots

VIRGIN Atlantic has decided to move its Barbados flights from Gatwick to London’s Heathrow, in the slots controversially sold by Air Jamaica, impeccable Observer sources said yesterday.

The decision which means that the highly prized slots have gone to a competing Caribbean destination, comes a week before Virgin, the United Kingdom’s second largest carrier, launches its new twice-a-week Gatwick to Kingston flights under the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Air Jamaica in May this year.

And in what is bound to be viewed as another blow to Jamaica, the UK airline is also likely to reduce the number of flights from London to Jamaica – from four to three – in the summer of 2008, the Observer sources revealed.

Travel industry experts also expect Jamaica’s loss situation to worsen, saying that Jamaica-bound passengers on flights connecting through Heathrow from continental Europe, would find it more stressful getting to the island and may just vacation elsewhere.

Virgin has apparently not yet made a formal announcement of the decision to move its Barbados flights to Heathrow, and efforts to get comments from the airline proved futile yesterday.

But travel industry sources in London said last night that Virgin had always wanted to move its flights from Gatwick to Bridgetown, the Barbados capital, which is a very popular destination among Britons, on grounds that it would enjoy a greater advantage out of Heathrow.

This week, the airline finally decided to move the flights beginning December 11, 2007 and until March 17, 2008. At the same time, Virgin Atlantic is pressing ahead with its plans to launch its Gatwick-Kingston service on October 30, undaunted by signs that the new Jamaican government is frowning on the sell-off of the Heathrow slots.

… read the entire article at The Jamaica Observer (link here)


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