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Breaking News: Barbados Chief Justice Engaged In Illegal Activity, Must Step Down Or Be Impeached


Is David Simmons Unlawfully Occupying the Office of Chief Justice?

Friends, I have just read a well-researched article at the Keltruth Blog that has left me at a loss for words. It seems that there is an excellent case for the impeachment of Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons on more than one cause.

We’re going to write more about this after a staff meeting today, but meanwhile head over to Keltruth Blog and let us know what you think.

One Thing Is Certain

The serious and well-documented issues raised in the Keltruth Blog article cannot be ignored for long by either the Barbados Media or the government. They will have to say something!

Keltruth Blog: Is David Simmons Unlawfully Occupying the Office of Chief Justice?


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TotallyBarbados.com Wins Huge Award: Caribbean’s Leading Overall Travel Information Website


World Travel Awards Considered Most Prestigious In The Industry!

Our congratulations to Brett Callaghan and the staff at Totally Barbados.com upon their being voted “The Caribbean’s Leading Overall Travel Information Website” by 167,000 travel professionals. In December, the World Travel Awards will be carried on BBC television and many industry specific shows and publications.

Nice work Brett!

We’ve been meaning to do a little feature on Brett’s website, so this gives us some more incentive. Totally Barbados is much much more than a travel website. It is truly a window on our country and our cultures. Hey, what other travel website would be creative enough to feature an interview with a fish-gutter at the market?

So many interesting snapshots of Barbados life to be seen at Totally Barbados.com!

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William Duguid Is Alive! Speaks! Says Bajans Should Invest Their Money!

Our old friend and Member of Parliament William Duguid hasn’t been seen around Barbados Free Press in many months, but he is apparently alive and was recently quoted in the Nation saying that we should take all our savings out of the bank and invest them.

Hmmmmm…. but Doc, if I invest in Barbados property or a company that owns Barbados property, how do I know which property will be expropriated by the government and which won’t be?

Invest Your Money, Says Duguid

BARBADIANS would be better served taking their money off the bank and investing it.

Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, Dr William Duguid, made this assessment yesterday in the House of Assembly.

With banks having “great liquidity” (a lot of money on their hands) and the interest to depositors increasing only at a rate of 3/4 per cent, now was not a time to put money on the bank, Duguid said.

“I encourage more people to take their money out of the bank and invest it . . . ,” he said.

He suggested investment in properties, real estate and businesses.

“Follow that dream of investing your money, rather than leave it in the bank,” he recommended to people having “this vast quantity of money” in the banking system. Such persons were now losing because of the “negative interest” their money was attracting, Duguid argued.

He made the remarks during debate on proposed amendments to the Co-operative Societies Act.

… read the original article at the Nation News (link here)


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