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Mercedes-Driving Corrupt Public Works Minister Chides Barbadians To “Watch Your Spending!”


They say it is “not fairly to shoot de bird when he be sitting on de ground”, but Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke makes himself such an easy target.


“BARBADIANS MUST LEARN how to manage their money better.”

This chiding statement comes from Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke to the tens of thousands of Bajans who are struggling just to put enough on the table. To the single mothers who cry at night for their children’s hunger. To the fathers who work two jobs and stand looking at the price of milk, knowing that this week bad choices have to be made to keep the family mortgage paid.

This statement to me that I should “watch my spending” when this week there are shoes to buy for a growing son, but there will be no new shoes. He will be wearing hand-me-down shoes from his cousin.

This chiding from a man who has two houses and drives a Mercedes! This statement from a man who pays “cash cash cash” for certain things so there will be no record. (More on that later. Some people are tired of hearing “cash, cash, cash” from Mr. Clarke)

This chiding statement to “watch spending” from a man who built a house for one of his women on land that he expropriated as a member of the government “for public housing” !!!


Price of food in Barbados “Not that expensive”.

Where has Mr. Clarke been living lately? In an interview in the Nation News he says that food is “not that expensive” in Barbados. Why, the price of food and fuel is comparable to North America, he says! Perhaps Mister Two Homes should acquaint himself with the average salaries in Barbados and the USA and then talk about things being equal.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… call the election, Mr. Prime Minister. Just call the election.

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