Mottley: Government Will Hold A Referendum On Becoming A Republic, But The Details Of What We Will Be Voting For Are Secret!

Mottley Says “Just Vote YES, Then We’ll Tell You What You Are Voting For!”

The Barbados Government has announced that Bajans will vote in the next election for or against becoming a republic – but the details of how the Barbados Republic will be organised and run have been kept secret by the government for the past two years!

“Just Trust Us”, Says Mottley

Oh yes, Your Swindleness, of course we’ll give you and your government a blank cheque to do as you please!

Ca dear!

Read all about this fraud in progress in the Nation News article: Still A Voice


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45 responses to “Mottley: Government Will Hold A Referendum On Becoming A Republic, But The Details Of What We Will Be Voting For Are Secret!

  1. Anonymous

    Can you READ at all?

    Stupid BFP r,.a,.s,.s,.h,.o.,l.,e.

  2. Hants

    A Referendum on “Republic” should not be part of a General election to save money.

    It should be a seperate issue.

    It should be debated publicly for a reasonable period of time so that every citizen can understand what they are voting for.

    Ontario just had a referendum with their provincial elections and it was a failure.

    They are baffled by the fact that more people voted on the referendum ballot than voted for candidates.

    There are now “learned” opinions that a referendum should be seperate from a general election.

  3. yatinkinkiteasy

    Sounds just like what Chavez is doing now in Venezuela…In early Dec, “the people” will vote SI or No for changes to the constitution (making it a copy of Cuba`s Constitution), which has ALREADY been approved by the National Assembly , and surveys show that more than 80% of the population dont know what it is they are voting for.
    In a Democratic Government, The People must Know what they are voting for ….otherwise we are just another Banana Republic(without the bananas).

  4. Adrian Hinds

    November 26, 2007 at 4:21 pm
    A Referendum on “Republic” should not be part of a General election to save money.

    It should be a seperate issue.

    It should be debated publicly for a reasonable period of time so that every citizen can understand what they are voting for.

    Ontario just had a referendum with their provincial elections and it was a failure.

    They are baffled by the fact that more people voted on the referendum ballot than voted for candidates.

    There are now “learned” opinions that a referendum should be seperate from a general election.
    When it comes to doing the right thing cost is always the obsitcle. Cost is never an issue when we continue to waste at greenland, Warrens, the prison and many other places. The reason we did away with local government and why we have not seen it fit to return to some form of decentralize government as the people made known, ….is? you got it Cost.

    Think about Hant. two positives for the current government fighting it’s unpopularity, a massive wish for change and to keep several of it’s sitting members out of prison, The referendum for republic status was well recieved, a vote for it could translate into a good feel vote for the BLP, or simply this new Ballot will result in confusion and lead to unintended votes for the BLP, or a spoil vote which will not count. Low turn out or votes cast is more likely to benefit the BLP.

    1: we have changes to the constituency bounderies
    2: we are to expect a change to the Ballot paper that can lead to confusion in the BLP’s favour.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    SSC Rest, Relax, Your day in court is coming and when it comes you will be charged and found guilty and sentenced to time at your new prison have no fear you crook.

  6. reality check

    MIA ( missing in action )

    New President for Life of the Banana Republic!

    Lets throw an emotional vote into the mix on election date just to confuse everyone because we would never get elected on our record of “tiefing” and incompetency.

    Never mind that we have really been independent for 40 years or more and that Republic is only a name. The Constitution will be what we make up from day to day. The stupid people will have no rights.

    Our voters are real idiots so we should talk about being independent and not tied in any way to that stinking dirty English motherland that sends us two planeloads of tourists every day.

    Folks if you don’t think you are in complete control of your destiny now, think how much control you will have by giving Owen and gang another 5 years? You will be guaranteed to be a lot poorer except for the elite.

    We will back to our slave roots and we won’t have to read about Owens historical reminiscings from Nigeria at Christmas time. Owen will be our new king and Mia our new Queen.

    Free at last!

  7. Let us hear her actual words, as reported, in all their windy evasiveness:

    “In the circumstances, we will in fact, therefore, AT THE TIMING of the next election have “a ballot” on whether or not Barbados should become a republic and give Barbadians the opportunity to make that judgment individually as we promised to do.”

    What arrogance! Her Royal Highness deigns to let the electorate have a say on the matter. Marie Antoinetter was more down-to-earth when she said “Let them (the masses) eat cake.”

    If we look carefully on our voting slips it may say in small print, “P.S. -A vote for BLP is a vote for THE REPUBLIC.”

    She clearly intends to make it a package issue, rather than a separate serious referendum the way changing our style of dictatorship should demand.

    Can you just not see her strutting around in a mannish military uniform with her ghoulish gat-toothed grin at her minions! Her pouter bosom will be resplendent with medals to mark her achievements; Glendairy Prison Fire, Tobago Fishing Victory, CWC Fiasco, etc.

    Let’s just pray our voting sheep, careening around in their “never-had-it-so good” SUVs come to their senses in time to throw these bandits out who have crippled our country with their spendthrift

  8. Wishing in Vain

    There is no way that I could support the combination of the two things in an election vote, that is nonsense.

    As far as the call to do it this way to save money is concerned, funny how they are concerned about saving money now on this score when they are trying to confuse the electorate with this vote but they have no concerns with the cost overruns on every project that they have tampered with for the past 14 years!!

    This past term alone the prison and roadworks project have been responsible for US $ 202 million US dollars in cost overruns.

    Please advise me the expected date by which the minister of WUK for WUK Clarke will address the nation about the rapidily increasing cost of this road project, I remember ASSCOLL stating in the call in show that Clarke would address the issue on his return to office and he ASSCOLL could not delve to deeply into the matter but that Clarke would be back that week and that he would address the matter, My recall is that later that week was at least 3 months ago and yet we have heard not a whimper out of WUK for WUK Clarke, this is just another case of gross misconduct in public office.

  9. yatinkinkiteasy

    Do Barbadians know that by becoming a Republic, a Visa will be required to enter Canada? We wont be just hopping on a plane to Toronto, ticket in hand, no questions asked…we will have to endure a US embassy like procedure to get a visa, even for a holiday…dont believe it? Ask any Trini…

  10. Adrian Hinds

    November 26, 2007 at 9:26 pm
    Do Barbadians know that by becoming a Republic, a Visa will be required to enter Canada? We wont be just hopping on a plane to Toronto, ticket in hand, no questions asked…we will have to endure a US embassy like procedure to get a visa, even for a holiday…dont believe it? Ask any Trini…
    Canada too cold anyway? 😀 you are right i think, Canada does have a no visa requirement for most British Commonwealth nations.

    I have questions

    1: Is Trinidad while being a republic not also a member of the British Commonwealth?

    2:Guyana is also a republic and two thirds of native born Guyanese now live in North America, 😀 did they all require visa?, claim refugee status, etc?

    3: Jamaica is still a commonwealth nation yet a visa is required by it’s citizens to travel to Canada… No?

    4: Could it be that Trinidad is still a member of the British commonwealth, but there is some visa stipulation that the Canadian government has instituted on Trini’s?

  11. Anonymous

    The BLP is using the Republic thing as a diversion from the real issue. They want to mount a platform with a focus on what they will theme ‘taking Barbados to the next level’ and hope that the people’s attention will focus on such things and not on the thiefing BLP politcians.

  12. What difference will Republican status make in our lives. I am more interested in freedom from the BLP than any bogus relationship with the UK.

    Get real Mia. Tell me about health care reforms, about making our Education system more relevant, about the declining morals in our society; about the rising cost of living, etc…

    Address these issues an then we can talk about a Referendum.

    And please do not put it on my ballot paper.

  13. Sargeant

    Citizens of Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica require visas to enter Canada. There is no visa requirement for Barbadian citizens for entry to Canada at this time. The visa requirements were instituted by the C’dian govt because of abuse by citizens of the three countries above e.g staying in Canada and living “underground” beyond their alloted time. Citizens of B’dos tended to return home after they concluded their business in Canada. Who knows what will happen in future? If Bajans abuse the entry policy you can bet that the C’dian gov’t will apply a similar policy to them. The bottom line a Barbados passport is a very important document

  14. Adrian Hinds

    November 26, 2007 at 10:12 pm
    The BLP is using the Republic thing as a diversion from the real issue. They want to mount a platform with a focus on what they will theme ‘taking Barbados to the next level’ and hope that the people’s attention will focus on such things and not on the thiefing BLP politcians.
    ha ha ha ha ha i wanted to call into the programme under the pretext of seeking information for my son’s school project on what are the times that Barbadians traditionally fly kites. I would have then ask for more specifics on this propose doubling of a referendum vote with and actual vote. i.e. how is the Ballot to be presented, will there be bipartisan consultation in parliament on the best way to approach this never before done process? etc. Remember kite flying is pasttime of Mia’s like the Homosexual debate, and the discovery of land in Guyana.

  15. banned

    This whole thing was vented in public on the call ins years ago and for me the issue (similar to what obtained in Australia at about the time we were debating it) was not so much the Republican status but the power of the PM and the deepening and widening of the Democratic process before any consideration is given to head of state. In fact my view was that if you must change the HOS let him/her be a Caribbean national as opposed to just a Barbadian… for any number of reasons.

  16. Runnin' Scared

    The Referendum question at the time of the General Election like it has the Dems real nervous. Not to worry Wishing when you lose you will have an excuse so you can still claim your fat consultancy fee.

  17. KA

    I recall that in 2005/6, a lot of voiced concern over a Republic was a reflection of what was taking place in Zimbabwe (and still is!).

    However, let us now look at the Constitutional abuses that are taking place in Venezuela and Russia where the Presidents amend the Constitution to suit their ambitions to stay in power.

    The desire to switch to a Republic is more ominous than being a craftsman of our fate.

    I recall from when the proposed Constitution was printed in the newspaper that the President would be exempt from legal action while in office or after leaving office. NISE…

  18. KA

    I see the BLP trying to confuse the election issue intentionally:

    A vote for the BLP is a vote for the Republic.

  19. OMG

    Why dont the government poll the thousands of Barbadians who are long time ………..extended ………temporary workers and see if the want the promised appointments or not?

  20. Adrian Hinds

    Once again the Barbados forum is the repository of then pertinent discussions on going republic. A few nation articles are missing, but a good read to come up to speed on what the republican discussion was all about. Then, as is now, it was perceived as a kite flying exercise.

  21. Wishing in Vain

    Based on the present trend who knows if the Constitution may not have already been tampered with by this moraless gang of crooks.

    Maybe we are already a Republic and the masters have just not told us yet???

    This is just another smoke screen and glitz and glamour to offset the Barbadian public into a path to take the sting out of the tail of all the things that they have done so wrong and so dishonestly, let us all not forget the US $ 202 million they have already funnelled off in merely two projects, that is one big swipe to enhance their bank accounts not our bank accounts or the pensioners bank accounts.

  22. Lianne

    Since WHEN has she been so concerned about the price of anything and the burden on the taxpayers?? Do you really think that they didnt have a referendum because they had so many other things to pay for?

    We pay out of our ASSES every DAY for things in this country. It hasnt been going on only for the last few months. Why wasnt it addressed earlier? When the PM had the opportunity to address it, he essentially said that Bajans are going to alot of they are spending money on the wrong things. I wonder by whom THAT particular example was set??!!

    So to say that they are sparing the taxpayers is a big joke. They never cared before. Why now?

    I just hope ppl arent as stupid as this Government obviously things we are.

    By the way BFP, what ever became of that FBI report of a few years back, the results of which the PM so dramatically said on a televised debate that, “there will be no cover up!”

    That is something that should come back to haunt their tails.

    So sick of them. Honestly.

  23. theNickster

    If we really look at this, we never actually voted Owen in-charge that was a decision by his peers. So essentially they are finding ways to have a republic without trimming any fat off the bloated BLP base. Can’t toss their trusted bench warmers out into the political street with out some kind of cushion. If this system was fair all those jokers would have to fight for their place at the table and the “president” (or el presidente) would be voted in by population majority not inner circle majority. This new republic sure smells like what we have now only more opaque (so much for your transparency!).

    Oh what did ever happen with that whole Thompson no confidence thing? will this repub thing mess with the campaign slogans? no hardwood in neo-Barbados or something like that.

  24. yatinkinkiteasy

    Seargant…thanks for clearing up the Canadian Visa issue for Caribbean nations…it does seem Barbados is favoured by Canada…we also get a lot more Canadisn visitors than the other islands, and have always had some sort of special relationship with Canada. Lets hope it continues.

  25. rebranded

    Shame on the Barbados Labour Party using this republic idea as a carrot and stick ploy to woo emotional and not so sensible voters in its direction election after election.
    This generates a lot of discussion on call-in programmes and the like, distracts people from what they really ought to be concerned about, like how close to a billion dollars remains to be accounted for in overruns while politicians become overnight millionaires.
    Then after the election is over and the ploy has worked, the carrot goes on the backburner where it becomes toast until the next election when a new carrot is pulled from Owen\’s vegetable garden and dangled invitingly in front of the masses who can see the carrot, but not the stick.
    If this disdainful and disrespectful, also insulting to people\’s intelligence ploy works again, Barbadians will be proven to be generally stupid though educated persons, and this country will slip further towards anarchy.

  26. Hants

    Barbados is one of Canada’s first trading partners and continues with a significant offshore buisness industry.

    I don’t think you will see a Visa requirement if Barbados becomes a Republic.

  27. reality check


    “I don’t think you will see a Visa requirement if Barbados becomes a Republic.”

    When the economy is run into the ground by “tiefing” and incompetency. When the debt bomb has to be dealt with, and when the IMF medicine has to be faced, crime will inevitably go up.

    Don’t bet on the Canadians wanting to continue this charade of a special democracy worthy of no visa requirement.

  28. The risk of becoming just another nonentity Banana Republic is far more important than whether a visa will be needed for Canada.

    Barbadians are a people proud of their traditions, particularly having one of the oldest democratically elected governments in the British Commonwealth, going back to the 17th Century.

    What is the argument for throwing our Proud Heritage down the drain? Merely to be able to say we have a native head of state? Our Governor General is a harmless figurehead, which is just fine by me. The Queen is a decorative symbol of our stability, pleasnt to have and no danger to our true independence.

    Rather a Governor General than open up the door for power-hungry Presidents, writing their own constitution to make sure they can dominate affairs indefintely.

    The situation of abuse of power and disregard for our laws is bad enough right now under BLP who see themselves as our permanent overlords. But think how much worse it will be when they write their ticket for authority on a permanent basis.

  29. Adrian Loveridge

    A question or two, perhaps for Dr. Peter Wickham or Dr. (Professor) Don Marshall.

    Is, including the possibility of voting for or against a Republic at the same time as casting your vote in a general election likely to increase voter turn-out?

    If it increases voter turn-out, is that good for the ruling party or bad?

    Come on Gentlemen, give us ordinary people YOUR opinion.

  30. Wishing in Vain

    Knowing how Owing loves the limelight it is funny how he has chosen to not attend the Commonwealth heads of state conference in Africa.

    Is this a sign of the times?

    What with him cursing out his female election worker a few weekends ago and now missing the grand stage to have his pictures taken at, surely it must mean elections are around the corner, and there is no way that Mr Thompson will allow him the opportunity to sneek one in while people are focusing on Christmas shopping etc, hence the delaying of the motion well done to the DLP for being about a dozen steps ahead of the blp on this big foot move to kidnap the country.

    No Owing we are not voting to elect our representatives to the house and on a republican status at the same time we do not intend to be confused by your underhand nasty, slime moves.

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Mr Thompson can bring the motion whenever he cares to bring it my friend, he has told mottley that he does not intend for her to dictate the pace to him nor should he allow her in her bullfrog manner to do so.

    It is also more about timing, If you are watching and listening you may have picked up that there was a move afoot to throw a surprise December election just when people would be distracted with the getting ready for Christmas period but by holding the motion out a little while longer it will have to fall into the new year period, every month that goes by is another few hundred votes in his coffin.

    The blp do not want to go into an election with a no confidence motion over their heads (neither do they really want the negative publicity that it will generate either) so that explains the grandstanding that mottley displayed today, the sad thing is they are so preoccupied with Mr Thompson they now seem to have forgotten the peoples business.

    As I said earlier today Round 2 to Mr David Thompson, for some reason he is walking so far ahead of them in recent times it is unbelievable, they seem at a lost to read his plans.

    Good for him!!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Pathetic BFP a.s.s.ho.l.e.s.

    Especially that wh.i.te_sh.i.te Adrian Loveridge.

  33. Grunts

    Just heard the sweet news.

    Adrian Loveridge shot and KILLED by armed robbers during apparent robbery attempt at Peach and Quiet.




  34. You people real scared of the truth, yes? Pathetic…

  35. frankology

    Please check and remove Grunts submission, this will do the blog no good.

  36. Peter Piper

    Look how we blacks get side tracked with frivolous matters such as the colour of Loveridge’s skin or his country of birth. The fact is that Barbadians are indeed beginning to smell hell under this BLP.

    At least Loveridge speaks out. There are several blacks I know who sy not one word but have tremendous influence over the same BLP that some of you are cussing Loveridge about.

    Keep up the good work Adrian Loveridge. Do not be intimidated.

    We will get rid of Arthur and his forty thieves.

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  38. Rumplestilskin

    Rihanna for President!

    At least alla (or most of) de young men (and some wimmin 😉 )will bow and obey her command…as opposed to not giving a hoot about what current ‘leaders’ say.

    Who for vice-pres?

    Dat ‘chocolate’ calendar girl?

    And no, I have NOT been drinking…..

  39. Wishing in Vain

    “I also wanted to say [I look forward], with the keenest possible anticipation, to welcome you again the same time, same place next year to celebrate the Independence of this country.”

    How sick does one get to plead with those invited to an official gathering to vote for this rapist of our treasury to permit him the opportunity to return to office to rape us again even more.

    Reports reaching me state that both events held by the ruling party were rather low keyed events with little or no flair and style but the event held at Wildey House last night by the DLP to celebrate Independence with their party loyals and members was a resounding success, a massive turnout was recorded in the thousands, with great music, food, drink and a great speech delivered by the leader of the great party the leader of the Opposition Mr David Thompson.

    If by a show of numbers alone it clearly suggest to me that we are on the verge of a great moment, when finally we can extract ourselves from the mire that this blp admistration has driven us into with no way of getting us back out of it.

    To get back on track we need new and fresh thinking to get ahead and this new and fresh thinking cannot and will not come fromn this present clan, they are too preoccupied with filling their bank accounts and corruption and having to try to cover their tracks this in itself is a full time job based the extent of their stealing and their fraud.

  40. Mooze


    Ease off de Mount Gay.

  41. Wishing in Vain

    Prosecution wants max for Kott
    10 TO 121/2 YEARS: Defense is seeking less than three years in prison.


    Published: December 1, 2007
    Last Modified: December 1, 2007 at 03:24 AM

    Prosecutors want to put former House Speaker Pete Kott away — for more than 10 years.

    The defense says less than three years is plenty.

    A federal jury convicted Kott in September of three felony charges: conspiracy, bribery and extortion. He was acquitted of wire fraud. Jurors found that he was bribed by executives with oil field services company Veco Corp. to push a version of an oil tax favored by North Slope oil producers.

    Kott’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Dec. 7, and prosecutors filed their recommendation to the judge on Friday. Defense lawyer Jim Wendt said his recommendation should be filed today. He expected to ask for a range of 33 to 41 months.

    “It’s an adversarial system. They argue for as much as they think they can possibly get. The defense argues for the minimum amount. Everybody knows that,” Wendt said.

    A decision will be up to U.S. District Judge John Sedwick, who is presiding over all the corruption cases so far.

    Kott, 58 and Republican, represented Eagle River in the Legislature for seven terms, including one as House speaker. He now lives with his girlfriend in Juneau.

    During his trial, prosecutors played dozens of secretly made recordings for jurors. On many, Kott came across as a heavy-drinking ally of Veco. But the defense claimed he was just a hard-working blue collar Republican, a man who got on his knees laying hardwood floors for a living, someone who didn’t ask for handouts.

    Prosecutors are seeking double the sentence handed down to convicted former state Rep. Tom Anderson, who reports to federal prison Monday. And their recommendation is far above the four to six years they initially estimated Kott might face.

    Now they say Kott should get about 10 to 12 1/2 years, several more than what a U.S. probation officer suggested. They argued to the judge in a memorandum that he deserves more time because he took multiple bribes and was an organizer of a criminal conspiracy.

    As the government sees it, Kott in effect took three bribes: a promised job as a Veco lobbyist or consultant, talked about in 2006 and earlier; a $5,000 payment in 2004 that Kott testified was a truck loan still unpaid; and three other benefits that Kott received in 2006, which prosecutors count as one bribe for sentencing purposes. That last item includes $1,000 cash, a political poll for Kott that cost Veco $2,750, and an inflated flooring invoice for $7,993.

    What’s more, prosecutors say, Kott was “a critical organizer and manager within the larger conspiracy.” Then-Veco chief executive Bill Allen, who has pleaded guilty to bribery and testified against his old friend Kott, placed high value on Kott’s role, they say.

    That’s clear, they say, from a June 6, 2006, secretly recorded telephone call between Allen and Jim Bowles, president of Conoco Phillips Alaska. Allen told Bowles that he was using Kott and then-Senate President Ben Stevens to kill the tax bill, which at that point was too high for the industry.

    Beyond that, prosecutors say, “Kott attempted to evade responsibility for his crimes by blatantly lying to the jury about his actions down to the very last vote he took as a legislator.”

    They go on:

    “It cannot be disputed that Kott’s crimes, particularly given his past leadership role as Speaker of the Alaska State House and his long tenure in that body, have struck a severe blow to the public’s faith in the Alaska State Legislature and their elected leaders.”

    The government also is seeking a $16,473 fine, which totals the amount of the corrupt payments, and three years probation.

    So far, in the multi-pronged federal corruption investigation, three former legislators have been convicted by juries, two Veco Corp. executives and a former lobbyist in Anchorage have pleaded guilty; a fourth legislator is awaiting trial while the government appeals a ruling on evidence. The investigation is continuing.

  42. Wishing in Vain

    Rene // December 2, 2007 at 12:02 am

    I think or country and region is at a stage where lots of change and reforms are in the works.. I’m not sure if it’s the best time for use to change skippers, and even more so having a crew which I think in my eyes come to the table short of experience and know how.

    My reply is as follows,

    I totally disagree with your comments with regard to the ability of the DLP to form the gov’t, this view is one generated by the spin doctors of the blp very much like the days that Adams saw Haynes as a threat to his base of power and proceeded to label him a communist, let us understand that in so doing it attempts to safe guard themselves for being throw out of office and being investigated for stealing and corruption in office.

    The DLP party has the countries best at heart , more than we can say for this current bunch of crooks, they are talented and an educated group of persons, ready, willing and able to serve and are deserving of the opportunity to form the gov’t surely they can do no worst than this crop of misfits in office.

    They must however on assuming office set about to investigate the extent of dishonesty, stealing and corruption and must proceed to put measures in place to bring those that are responsible to justice as quickly as it is possible to do so, even if it results in a jail sentences for many of those that were involved including the PM, the new prison should have section declared as a ” political prisoners section ” reserved for ones such as the PM and his gang of crooks.

    I listened with astonishment today when a former member of the BLP know to many, sat around today and set about delivering a broadside attack on Owings character and his reputation, vowing to never vote for he nor the party again, this was after his admission that in one election when working as an agent for the blp he voted three times in the same election, once for man from St.James that he had some similarity in looks to but this person was not a voter and he voted on this man’s behalf, provided an ID by an agent of gov’t, the second voting he did was as a cousin from St.Peter who had left the island sometime before but here again he was provided with an ID card and proceeded to vote in favour of the blp.

    This is a sad explanation of just what levels Owing and company will stoop to maintain power and control over your thinking, I beg the DLP to be aware, alert and ready to confront these actions with a swift compelling response.

    In the meanwhile we eagerly await replies to the following questions.

    Let us hear more about that cheque that Owing collected and put towards his personal bank account?
    He seemed very shocked, stunned and dumbfounded when confronted by the announcement in the house.

    Tell us about the perceived corruption with the awarding of the PRISON project and how VECO was awarded this contract when locals quoted US $ 67 million and your awardee did it for US $ 142 million is there also any truth to the rumour making the rounds that the local group was asked to pay an agent of the gov’t the same one who collects a commission on each vehicle imported into the island for the gov’t, not sure why this is but it is.

    Tell us more about how that BATH became such an expensive bath?

    Tell us when that building will be completed at NEWTON?

    Tell us what is the real plan for GREENLAND and how much more you intend to throw away in one project?

    Tell us why you are so closely connected to known and proven Fraudster DANOS in the 3 S ROAD WORKS project?

    Tell us why you have chosen to corrupt the reputation of the blp even further by bringing ASSCOLL on board?

    Tell us why we are to be happy with you allowing ASSCOLL a free hand to divert public funds to a sickly and abused venture called HARDWOOD HOUSING?

    Tell us why should we be happy with a Deputy Prime Minister that is devoid of morals?

  43. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘VOTE OFF’
    Chris Gollop
    Sunday Sun 2 December 2007

    Yet ANOTHER issue that has not be thought through.

    Throw a press conference, make bold statements on a popular call-in programme and THEN think about it?

    Did Mia Motley and her huge support team even call Philip Serrao, the Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chairman, and say Phil, what are the practicalities or having a referendum at the same time as a general election?

    Is this good governance?

    And to insult the Barbadian population by saying that it was being done to achieve a ‘significant cost saving’!

    Perhaps the same consideration could have been givens to GEMS, Warrens, Greenland, Hardwood Housing Factory Inc, Newton, the ABC highway, The Royal St. Dodds Golf and Country Club etc, etc, etc, etc.

  44. Wishing in Vain

    You are so right Adrian, this thing mottley has to be the single largest source of the generation of massive amounts of hot air ever.

    That is why my call for it to be fired this just cannot be acceptable manner and style of government this is a disgraceful act of share stupidity.

  45. Lianne

    Bless you Mr. Loveridge.