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Moses Wood, Tuk And The Barbados Landship


The Barbados Landship – Preserving the Ship and Its Engine

Never Mind De Boss: When you have a spare 27 minutes today, head over to Google Videos and watch a wonderful documentary film about our Barbados Landship.

You have probably seen parts of the Barbados Landship documentary that was released earlier this year on DVD, but you really owe it to yourself and your children to watch the entire film from start to finish. It is truly a masterful production that explores the history and contemporary activities of this uniquely Bajan organisation. (Although not as unique in history as you might believe! The film also goes into our historical connections to the larger black maritime traditions.)

Go ahead – take a long lunch today…

Online Video: Preserving the Ship and its Engine

The Barbados Landship: website here


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Barbados – US Dollar Ties: A Life Vest Becomes A Rock As U.S. Currency Sinks


India Tourist Sites No Longer Accept U.S. Dollar!

Who would have thought that the dollar of the United States of America would not be welcome at the Taj Mahal? The government of India has stopped the practice of taking US dollars for admission at 120 historical sites as the currency’s downward spiral was costing big money. (Taj Mahal US Dollar story here)

This follows several high-profile stories of other businesses discontinuing their US currency rates. Even the world’s richest super model, Gisele B√ľndchen, now writes her deals in Euros. (BBC story here)

As our friend Amit at Pull! Push! blog always says “I am not an economist”, but the continued weakness in the US dollar will probably impact our little island in ways we can’t yet imagine.

In my opinion, the United States is still a strong country economically, but the war in Iraq is sucking their lifeblood not only in direct cost, but in diverting national energy and attention away from the home fires – not to mention that the US dollar has been under strategic attack for some time by China and other hostile nations.

Where will it end? How will it impact Barbados and my family?

I don’t know… but I do know that their are still many Kingfish in the sea and our night tree expeditions are always rewarded! As long as the family works hard and prays daily, we will never have too much on the table, but we will always have enough.


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Barbados Prime Minister In Nigeria For Christmas – Nigerian Media Report


Prime Minister’s Visit Affirms Commitment Of Barbados Government To Expanding African Ties

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Prime Minister Owen Arthur will lead a delegation from Barbados to take part in Nigeria’s annual Calabar Christmas Carnival. Cross River State Governor Liyel Imoke (shown above) and his state government have been working hard to build up the festival and for the first time there will be two official days of celebration.

A Word Of Caution

In this writer’s opinion, the expanding ties between Barbados and Nigeria are natural given the cultural heritage of the majority of Bajan citizens – but this government’s interest in expanded economic and business dealings with a world-renowned corrupt banking system like Nigeria’s is suspect. Many of the traditional money-laundering venues used by corrupt Barbados politicians have been severely limited by post-9/11 security measures. Nigeria is assuming new importance as a money-laundering center and will no doubt attract many of our corrupt government officials.

Don’t forget your passbook, Mr. Prime Minister!

Further Reading

Nigerian Tribune: Calabar Carnival: How Far Can Imoke Go?


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Karel McIntosh Talks About 3rd Party Politics In The Recent T&T Election


An End To Tribal Politics?

Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention as I should have, but I didn’t realise that although the new C.O.P. party didn’t take a single seat in the recent T&T elections, they took 25% of the popular vote.

Our old friend Karel McIntosh at Caribbean Public Relations Blog has the story and some thoughts about what the C.O.P. 25% could mean the next time around.

Well worth your time, and especially if you think that a 3rd party might have a role to play in Bajan politics in the future.

Caribbean Public Relations Blog: “Old politics” vs “New politics” – The communications challenge


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