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Barbados BLP Government Hurls The Worst It Can Think Of At The Opposition – “More Whites Like The DLP”

Government Getting Desperate As Election Options Tighten

You can taste the desperation in the latest government BLP rant published in The Nation News. You can smell the fear as the government finds itself getting backed into a corner with election time coming.

This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. Cricket World Cup was supposed to have been a feel-good springboard into an election: a triumph on the international stage with a thousand yachts offshore and every home on the island transformed into a full-house bed and breakfast.

Instead of a showpiece, the BLP government proved it couldn’t even erect lights at Kensington with two year’s notice. We’ll not recap the entire CWC disaster here except to say that the Prime Minister and everyone else wishes they’d never heard of Cricket World Cup.

Then there were the traffic and cave-in deaths. Although the deaths cannot be laid directly at the feet of government, they highlighted various government failings and unfulfilled promises over the years. No feel-good election springboard there.

No “Feel-Good” Election Mood On The Horizon

One PR disaster followed another all year: Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch’s guilty indignation at being asked a simple question on Brass Tacks radio, the Hardwood Housing scandal, cost overruns for the prison and flyovers, hiring contractors who have been accused of kickbacks to politicians, police beating journalists, the hospital scandals and on and on and on.

Hardly a “feel-good” foundation for calling an election.

Yet… the time is getting shorter and the government can’t seem to catch its breath with new corruption revelations surfacing every week. That’s not even considering that the FBI’s charges against prison builder VECO are proceeding in the USA with all those Barbados connections that Owen knows about but we don’t yet.

Nope, things aren’t going to get “feel good” anytime soon!

BLP Government Plays The Racist “Whitey Likes The DLP” Card

So what’s the worst that the BLP can think of to say against the Opposition DLP?

Whites are moving their support from the BLP to the DLP – according to the BLP’s latest rant at the Nation BLP COLUMN: Thompson’s Sorry State

That, today, under Thompson, the DLP’s Afro (black) support continues to fall while its Anglo (white) support spirals upwards is testimony to the extent to which the political makeup of the DLP is changing.

As shown in the last poll, the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) Afro support stood at 90 per cent, while its Anglo support stood at 1.5 per cent. Conversely, the DLP’s Afro (black) support stands at 87.0 per cent while its Anglo (white) support stands at 2.2 per cent. These statistics speak volumes and may well explain why the working-class Barbadians like Mr Mascoll, Hamilton Lashley and others for whom Barrow built the DLP can no longer feel at home at George Street.. .

… from the Nation News article BLP COLUMN: Thompson’s Sorry State

Is White Support As A Group Shifting To The DLP?

Whether its true or not almost doesn’t matter. The fact that the BLP would crawl so low as to paint “whites” as the enemy of the people, the enemy of Barbados, is despicable.

But standard fare for a party that won’t even put a photo of any lighter-skinned Bajan on its website.


Maybe The White Business Class Is Keeping Options Open?

Owen and the gang have been happily doing business all these years with the white business class – accepting “campaign donations” and all the other benefits that have made most of the cabinet members into millionaires while in “public service”.

Which is why it is so outrageous for the BLP to now start beating the anti-white drums.

Does the Prime Minister look like he’s unhappy with the white business class?

It might be true though that the white business class IS shifting its support from the BLP to the DLP…

No one ever said that our business leaders – white or black – are stupid. Business would rather back a winner than a loser.

So the BLP article might be telling the truth about the shift in white support – but the shift isn’t about ideological issues…

The white business class thinks that David Thompson just might be the next Prime Minister of Barbados.


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