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Satellite John Plots Recent Barbados Earthquakes


Recent Earthquake reports from USGS

It is interesting to plot the earthquakes in the area close to Barbados going back to the Brittons Hill tragedy earlier this year. USGS will provide notification by email of any earthquake it registers, anywhere in the world. The red balloons mark the approximate locations and give the date of their occurrence. The numbers 5 and 7 relate to the sizes of the earthquakes.

There was a large one of size 7.4 just off the north coast of Martinique on 29th November 2007 and a smaller one the day after nearby. However, there have been three others around Martinique, since September, two of them occurring in November, one the day before the big one on the 29th of November which was felt right here in Barbados.

Geologists tell us that the islands shown in the Google Earth screen capture above were literally lifted out of the water by a process of subduction of the Atlantic plate under the Caribbean plate. This process gives rise to earthquakes and created the volcanoes associated with the islands to the west of Barbados.

It would be interesting to look at the locations of earthquakes prior to Brittons Hill and locate them on the map above. The incident in Ellerton where part of a house disappeared into the earth on the 29th November may very well give us additional clues as to why the incident at Brittons Hill occurred.

Perhaps Mont Pelee will soon start acting up.


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Barbados Earthquake Damages Greenland Dump Site – Cracks In Leachate Liner

Preliminary Damage Assessment To Take Place This Weekend

New Cracks And Fissures Visible At Dump!

The controversial Barbados Greenland Dump construction site was damaged during Thursday’s lengthy earthquake.

A source who is known personally to one of the Barbados Free Press staff informs us that “much shifting” took place and that “new fissures and cracks” are visible in several key areas of the site – including the locations of several berms and the leachate liner.

The construction engineer was not on the site at the time of the earthquake and did not arrive before dark, so a preliminary damage assessment will probably not take place until Saturday. (Or even Sunday as some of the staff are Saturday church-goers.)

Our source fears that there will be those who wish to fill in the new cracks and fissures at Greenland prior to a proper engineering damage assessment – for reasons of “money and politics”.

A New Independent Environmental And Engineering Assessment Is Necessary

The appearance of new fissures, cracks and evidence of soil shifting at Greenland after an earthquake is no surprise given the area’s history of landslips, roadway fissures and unstable substrate.

Opponents of the new landfill site at Greenland have long stated that their primary objection to the project is the highly unstable nature of the soil in the region – which causes doubts about the project’s safety and the longterm risk to the surrounding environment when (not if) the soil under the leachate holding ponds cracks or shifts.

Now that the “retrofit” at Greenland is exhibiting visible damage after the earthquake, it is imperative that an independent engineering assessment be made to determine the extent of the damage and whether or not repairs are possible.

Can the damage be properly repaired or is the landfill site now requiring another full rebuild?

Can we trust the government or the construction contractors to perform a proper and unbiased assessment of the damage and possibility of proper repairs?

Or will construction workers be filling in the fissures in the morning?

Stay tuned!

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We’re Back!

Barbados Free Press editors are back online after losing our ability to post articles or moderate comments for over ten hours due to the earthquake. For obvious reasons, we can’t provide many more details than that, but Shona had a particularly long day and will be sharing some of her experiences on the blog tomorrow.

G’night all.


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