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Investor Nightmare: Barbados Decides To Nationalise Corporate Waterfront Property In Pierhead Area


If this government’s long record of corruptly expropriating land for the personal profit and convenience of party members and supporters isn’t enough to strike terror in the hearts of new foreign investors, then Prime Minister Arthur’s recent statement on the Bridgetown Pierhead Project should do the trick.

The Prime Minister has just told the owner of one of the most desirable pieces of land in Barbados “You only thought you owned that land that you’ve been paying taxes on for all these decades. Now that it is so valuable, we declare that our previous contract to develop the area is null and void. Barbados will now own the majority of the asset. And bye the way… Try to find financial backers for your project now that we have announced this, suckers!”

As we have seen many times in the past, Barbados Government land expropriations are always a murky swamp of unanswered questions. It is nothing for a piece of land to be expropriated and then find some time later that a Cabinet Minister has built a home upon it or that the land has been rented out to another business!

Even former Barbados Chief Town Planner Leonard St. Hill confirms that the government often takes land without legal process and without paying the owners anything! (See BFP’s Foreign Investors Watching Barbados – As Former Chief Town Planner Tells The Truth About Government Land Thefts)

The government’s lapdog newspaper The Nation is again spinning the story without asking a single question. The PM vilifies B.S. & T., the owners of the property, tells them the existing contract is null and void and then tells them to find new financial backers. Sure, Mr. Prime Minister: those statements should attract all kinds of stupid international investors willing to sink big money into the project without knowing whether or not the government will take their investment.

By saying what he did and in the manner he said it, the Prime Minister of Barbados just publicly devalued B.S. & T.’s asset – all the better for government to pick it up for a fraction of the real value.

All of this is cloaked in the National Flag of “it is best for the country” while the Government’s friends, supporters and family members move into place for a piece of the action. With no transparency, integrity laws or conflict of interest rules – it is legal for elected and appointed government officials to personally profit from the decisions they make while in office.

International investors aren’t blind to this type of happening, and lately its been happening frequently in Barbados.

Oh… one more thing: the “team” that the PM has appointed to deal with this includes “Instant Millionaire” Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch. Hmmm… I guess we’ll be hearing lots of radio interviews about the project then… (Or maybe not… see Barbados Tourism Minister Storms Off Radio Show – Audio Now Available!)

Here is the article from The Nation News. Pay attention to the tone of the article because it is a masterful piece of propaganda…

Pierhead Push

GOVERNMENT WILL COMPULSORILY acquire the property to begin the Pierhead Development Project if it has to come to that.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur, speaking at the opening of the Clico Corporate Centre yesterday, said Government had made a decision to become the principal partner in the project and had informed Barbados Shipping & Trading (BS&T) that it intended to develop a new partnership arrangement.

Arthur told the gathering Government had enacted in Parliament the Pierhead Development Act to show the great role the project would play in the development of Bridgetown and Barbados’ economy.

He said Government was often accused of being slow and the private sector fast, but Government had transformed the Old Spirit Bond, the Old Harbour Police Station, and the Boardwalk to make the Pierhead project work while all that had happened on the other
end was that different financial partners had been brought to the table.

Arthur said the conglomerate had assets which were valuable to Barbados.

“Barbados Shipping & Trading owns assets that can be of tremendous strategic importance in the future transformation of the Barbadian society. We will not succeed in taking our country to the next level of development unless we carry out the transformation of our capital City.”

He said Government had worked assiduously with BS&T to see the best beach in Barbados pressed into service and this was one of the reasons for relocating the Coast Guard.

The Prime Minister also said Barbados was being bypassed by yachts because there was no marina in that location.

The company had a right to manage its interest, he said, adding that Government could not remain mum on this issue.

“We have seen this project move from one potential partner to another to another, but what remains constant is its strategic significance to the transformation of Bridgetown . . . within the context of the transformation of the Barbados economy,” said the Prime Minister.

He said Government was making positive steps to address the relationship with BS&T to ensure the project came to fruition.

“We have been seeking to be part of a broader arrangement where Barbados Shipping and Trading will be the lesser partner, and they can go ahead to raise the money.

“Today, Government made a fundamental decision to become the principal partner and if they want to come in they can do so.

“I met with them and indicated that I had appointed a team led by the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados and including the Senior Minister from The City, the Attorney-General, the Minister of Tourism to see how we can move from where we are, to where we want to be, where that project can come alive to the benefit of The City,” said Arthur.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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Prime Minister’s Co-Accused Iain Deane Surfaces After Keltruth Blog Story

Back on October 16, 2007, we told you about a development with the lawsuit where a Canadian company is suing many high profile Barbadians including Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, the Attorney General and others. In BFP’s Source: Chief Justice Simmons Hiding Witness, Deliberately Obstructing Court Case!, it was revealed that the Canadian court had ordered that advertisements be placed in Barbados newspapers to notify co-accused Iain Deane of the court case.

Mr. Deane, it seemed, was so difficult to find that even his own lawyer couldn’t locate him.

So the Canadian court ordered the notices be published in the Barbados papers.

Strange Notices In Barbados Newspapers

Notices that didn’t mention the name of the case or the other co-accused like Owen Arthur, David Simmons, David Shorey and a host of other big-ups.

Notices that were obviously censored to avoid embarrassing the big-ups because the old Barbados print and broadcast media has never reported to the citizens that their Prime Minister and others have been named in a Fraud and Corruption court case in Canada!

And What Happened When The Notices Were Published?

Nothing. Mr. Deane still remained invisible after the newspaper advertisments.

But then Keltruth Blog published the court order on the internet and – wonder of wonders – Ian Deane’s Toronto lawyer contacted the courts just two days after!

What a coincidence!

Afterwards, Ian Deane showed up at Keltruth Blog (link here) and said its all nonsense. He said he’s a FAMOUS actor and producer and anybody should have been able to locate him! (Ha… famous. Ya. Right. Google “Iain Deane” and see what you get!)

Corrupt VECO Corporation’s Barbados Connection

Folks, there is obviously more to this Canadian lawsuit than has been revealed in public so far. The corrupt VECO Corporation that built the new Barbados prison is also being sued with the Prime Minister and all the rest.

THAT is something.

What will be revealed during the Canadian trial? Are the FBI secret wiretaps part of the Canadian case? Did the FBI’s investigation of VECO’s bribery of politicians uncover any Barbados connections?

If there is a VECO bribery – Barbados – FBI investigation connection, Keltruth Blog will probably be the place where we first learn about it.

Keltruth Blog appears to be publishing new court documents as they are being released – and they also have a few things to say about Barbados in general.

Not only do we think Keltruth Blog will stick around, we believe that they have something worthwhile to tell Barbados. We have no doubt that Owen Arthur and the gang are reading Keltruth Blog every day.

What is Arthur’s latest worry?

Keltruth Blog


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