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Jamaica’s $69 Lightbulbs: The Lesson For Barbados

Jamaican Lightbulb Scandal Shows How Government Corruption Works

In 2006 Cuba gave four million free lightbulbs to Jamaica.

A few weeks ago, Clive Mullings, the current Minister of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications, told the nation that the previous PNP government had spent $276.5 million dollars to “distribute” the lightbulbs.

That is $69 per “free” light bulb for “distribution” costs!!!

Further, investigations by the newly elected Jamaican government show that a private company that had been formed to assist in distributing the lightbulbs had been paid $49.7 million tax dollars for the “transportation stipend and accommodation” of the assisting Cubans.

But that $49.7 million shouldn’t have been paid because the Cuban government already paid those transportation and accommodation costs!

Who owns Universal Management and Development Company Ltd. that was paid $49.7 million dollars when it shouldn’t have received one dollar? Perhaps the former Jamaican Minister of State will tell…


Caught Like The Thieves They Are!

Kern Spencer, the former Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Technology, Energy and Commerce (MITEC), who had direct responsibility for the project, wept as the extent of the fraud became known.

The Jamaican media is piling on this outrageous example of fraud by elected government officials – and common sense tells us that this is only the first revelation of the corrupt activities of the previous PNP government.

Lesson For Barbados: Private Companies Are Used To Facilitate Government Corruption

Citizens of Barbados should pay close attention to this latest Jamaican government scandal because the techniques used to steal tax dollars are regularly practiced by our own corrupt Barbados government officials.

Barbados Government contracts are regularly issued without an open bidding process to private companies owned by friends and relatives of government officials. This can be a simple as the government paying a certain supplier three times the normal price for shipment of copier paper (hey, nice Christmas bonus for a relative!) to the sophisticated scams practiced by VECO Corporation – the builders of our new way-over-budget jail.

Recent trials in Alaska revealed that VECO corruptly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in “consulting fees” to the relatives of US politicians who awarded government contracts to the company.

You would have to be totally stupid to think that VECO never gave any consulting fees out in relation Barbados projects like the new jail or the oil terminal.

Our Prediction If DLP Wins The Coming Election

Should the DLP win the coming election it won’t be long before the details of corruption start pouring forth. Citizens will be horrified to know the extent of the thiefing that has gone on in the last five years of Arthur government.

But that will take a few months, and during those first few months many defeated BLP government members will quietly move off Barbados. The majority of their assets are already long gone into foreign bank accounts. Most of the corruption money never even saw Barbados but was paid directly into offshore accounts by corrupt companies like Veco.

Which is why some members of the current government are worried sick about what is yet to come in the ongoing VECO corruption trials in the USA.

Sweet dreams, Ministers!


Jamaica Gleaner: Kern wept – Former State Minister jolted by Cuban bulb saga


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