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Barbados Opposition Leader Thompson “Hardwood Housing Interfering With Government’s Election Timing”

Received From An Unknown Source…

Opposition Leader David Thompson urged yesterday (ed: Monday) for the Government to come clean on the issue of its impatience with the timing of the Hardwood Housing scandal debate, saying “it is clear that this issue is interfering with their election calling timetable”.

Mr. Thompson charged that Hardwood and the issue of cost of living could not have come at worse times for the Barbados Labour Party administration, as, originally, all systems were “go” for the calling of a mid December general election, but these had now to be shelved.

“The Prime Minister and his Deputy should come clean with the people of Barbados. Their concern is that they do not want to carry this election too far into the New Year, but they cannot go to the polls with two such major issues unresolved and still hanging over their heads. Thus the need for them to throw every possible solution at resolving these two particular issues before the end of this month,” Thompson insisted.

He said the threat by Leader of the House, Mia Mottley to “bring a counter no confidence motion through the back door” was laughable, as such was never on the cards “given that for them to bring a motion on Hardwood, would have made it impossible for the Leader of the Opposition to do the same a few days later and my motion is the motion that goes to the heart of the matter. If they want to hurry this process and dissolve Parliament before debating Hardwood, that’s a matter for them. But I warn that they will have to answer a series of questions from the public platforms”.

Thompson revealed to the Daily Nation that while Ms. Mottley was accusing him of not being ready with his motion, he had “long given a copy of the Motion of No Confidence and the resolution calling for Integrity Legislation, Asset Declaration, Freedom of Information and amendments to the Defamation Act to the Clerk of Parliament”. Thus, as far as he was concerned, the stage is now set for debate “on these crucial issues”.

The Leader of the Opposition insisted that the No Confidence Motion was deliberately tied to the accompanying resolution, because “we do not just want to discipline, we also want to set forth to the Parliament and to the people of this country how we, as a government in waiting, will go about repairing the damage that has been done to image of politics and the issue of governance in Barbados”.

“But, again this will not be done in their time. I have already given notice that I will be out of the island on private family business towards the end of this week, so it really made no sense for the Leader of the House to have adjourned proceedings until Friday. The motion that I have tabled in Parliament will not be debated on Friday. It’s as simple as that,” Thompson declared.

He insisted that the “colorful adjectives and superlatives” used by the Prime Minister over the weekend, was a reflection of his anxiety and desperation to clean the “things to do tray”, so as to pave the way for the calling of elections.

“He recognized that they are scuttling the Cost of Living issue. He had absolutely no intention of tackling cost of living before the elections, but now that it has been brought into play, he is agitated because he knows that this will force him to choose between the interest of the people of Barbados and the interests of his financial masters. That is why we insist that that 20 per cent price reduction initiative is a farce that will not last, if ever it comes into operation”.

Editor’s Note

The forgoing was received from an anonymous source but went into our spam filter so we didn’t open it until now. BFP night crew… remember the spam filters!

We see that the Nation News reported part of Thompson’s statements – Nation News article Not A Word


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Barbados Government To Suspend The Constitution Again – Owen Arthur Considers It Only A Means To An End

How Many Times Can A Government Change The Constitution In One Year?

A Barbados Free Press Reader Says…

“Could someone please explain for me the proposed amendments to the Public Services Act, that would see a “suspension” in the Constitution to allow appointment of temporary workers?

I”m a little concerned at the ease with which Government can institute “temporary” changes to the highest law in the land to enact appointments, even if the action is indeed a good one that deserves merit.”

BFP Replies…

Members of the Owen Arthur government have shown time and time again that they view the Constitution of Barbados and all laws as an inconvenience or a tool to be used, depending upon the circumstances, rather than as the foundation of an orderly society.

Laws – and especially the Constitution as our highest law – should not be ignored or changed with the winds of every new political idea or government. Yet back in March of this year our government cavalierly changed the Constitution to allow armed foreign troops and police on Bajan soil. This change was done with zero notice, no public debate and no public release of the proposed changes! (See BFP’s article at the time link here)

Then the government changed our Constitution again – this time to hide the immense debt that hangs over each citizen’s head like the Sword of Damocles. (see BFP’s series of articles here, here and here)

In September, the government secretly suspended the Constitution via an Order In Council to allow their agents to listen to Bajan’s conversations and read their mail and email without a judge’s warrant. (BFP story: Secret Order In Council Cancels Privacy Rights)

Now the Government wants to again “suspend” our Constitution so they can do what they want. This power is becoming habit-forming.

“Suspending all or part of the Constitution takes a country into dangerous territory.”

… from the Keltruth Blog article “Leave The Constitution

Once again our friends at Keltruth Blog have put together a solid article that relies upon sections of the Barbados Constitution and brings in other commentary from Bajans. No hype, little opinion – just plainly stated facts that totally destroy the ability of our corrupt government to operate secretly.

Much like the accurately-researched and damning articles produced by Barbados Underground (and occasionally by us when we’re at our best) Keltruth’s articles are impossible for the government to refute – because they rely upon the government’s own information.

No wonder Owen Arthur and his gang fear a Freedom of Information law in Barbados.

Head on over to Keltruth Blog to discover what nefarious business the government is up to now.


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Opera Interactive Crook Gary Corbett Has Made A Personal Fortune


Does Crime Pay? You Bet!

Bloggers here and at Barbados Underground have been closely following the twists and turns of the Opera Interactive scandal for months. The short story: Ordinary Bajans have been picked clean by a company that has advertised a “buy in” contest with few or no winners. The company is essentially running a lottery and splitting the take with government and advertisers (which include CBC).

In an atmosphere of lawlessness and greed, the government of Barbados and the executive of CBC allowed this fraud to continue because they didn’t want to lose their cuts. Once again the so-called “Leadership” of Barbados has chosen money over morality and the general good. This is the same thinking that has produced a wonderful new cricket stadium (without lights) while old women continue to haul water in buckets as their slave ancestors did.

Take a look at Opera Interactive’s boss above. Gary Corbett is 46 years old and has made US$153 million dollars on his scams. He has all the toys: mansion, cars and private golf course – thanks in good measure to ordinary folks in Barbados who believed his lies – and the co-operation of our government and media.

Further Reading

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