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What Books Are On Your Night Stand?

I Need A Break From Politics And Corruption…

A week ago Shona was reading our old friend BIM’s blog (Is There Anybody Out There) and discovered that she had missed a little GEM of a post back in May where BIM reveals what she is reading at night before she falls asleep. She also revealed that she has painted her old bedroom purple (!) 😉

As everyone at Barbados Free Press is a voracious reader – with the exception of George – Shona decided to take a survey of the BFP team to see who is reading what.

The results were somewhat predictable, but there were a few surprises – so we’re going to list what books are on our night stands and maybe our readers will share what they have been reading at night.

First, here’s what BIM has been reading…

On BIM’s Night Stand…

At my mother’s insistance, I’ve further stressed my night stand. Now on top of Vonnegut’s Bagombo Snuff Box, Eliade’s Myths, Dreams and Mysteries, An Encyclopedia of Mythology, the NRSV Bible with Apocrypha, A book about the Hebrew Goddess, the autobiography of Malcolm X and the Oxford Dictionary (yes, I read the dictionary), I’ve added Tales from the Arabian Nights. I’m keeping it on top not because I prefer it but because the colour is purple and since my discombobulation (see I told you I read the dictionary), it matches the new paint job I gave my-once bed, now romper- room…

… from the blog Is There Anybody Out There? (link)


Cliverton’s Night Stand…

Caribbean Slavery in the Atlantic World – A Student Reader (Verene Shepperd, Hilary McD. Beckles)

Cell (Stephen King)

The Dark Tower VII (Stephen King)

Mi Moto Fidel (Christopher P. Baker)

Robert’s Night Stand

Fromer’s Mexico Guide

Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior and Wasp Maintenance Manual

747: Creating The World’s First Jumbo Jet And Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation (Joe Sutter)

Aviation News (magazine)

Shona’s Night Lamp Table

The NIV Bible

The Savvy Sistahs (Brenda Jackson)

The Seduction Of Christianity (David Hunt & T.A. McMahon)

Infidel (Ayann Hirsi Ali)

Second Chance (Danielle Steel)


Auntie Moses’ Bed Table

E.G. White Notes Adults Bible Study (Nampa)

I’d Like To Ask Sister White (Ellen G. White)

Philip’s Modern School Atlas

Marcus’ Lamp Table

People Of The Lie, The Hope For Healing Human Evil (Dr. M. Scott Peck)

KJRV Bible

For Valour (Douglas Reeman)


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