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Barbados Free Press 2nd Print Edition Hits The Streets!


Hard-Hitting Paper Edition Is Distributed By BFP Readers

How does a blog publish a paper edition throughout the country and the world? Easy! We publish the print edition online as two .jpg files that our readers can print at home or work.

Hand them out to your classmates. Put them in the toilet stalls at work. Leave a few on the ZR seat when you reach your destination. When no one is looking, put one on the restaurant table next to yours – then watch the fun!

… or, as one very creative BFP reader did last time – insert the BFP print edition into each Nation News or Barbados Advocate stacked at the store counter!

Chief Justice & Director of Public Prosecutions Featured In Print Edition

This issue we feature two important stories that Bajans have never heard mentioned by the government-controlled Barbados media.

Chief Justice David Simmons In Hot Water Over Land Fraud

Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock Corruptly Uses Police To Collect Back Rent

Barbados Free Press readers are familiar with these two important news stories that are supported by court documents posted on the internet at Barbados Free Press and Keltruth Blog.

The truth about political corruption and abuse of position by Bajan big-ups needs to be told, and if the Barbados news media won’t tell the stories out of fear or complicity with the government, then ordinary citizens will tell other citizens about the goings on.

The Barbados Government & News Media Are Stunned About Their Loss Of Control Over The News

If each one of our readers prints and distributes just five copies today, we can have 25,000 to 35,000 BFP news flyers on the streets by tomorrow night. If we all did that each day this week, over half the population would have a copy in their hand by Sunday.

So fire up those inkjets folks! Last time we received an email from a Ministry staffer who loaded up the laser printer when the boss went for a three hour lunch. Now that’s what we call initiative!

Here Is Our 2nd Printable Barbados Free Press Flyer

Page 1 – bfp_nov_07a1.jpg

Page 2 – bfp_nov_07a2.jpg

Just what you need to create a one page flyer printed front and back.

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Goodbye Steve – Court Asked To Declare Steve Fossett Dead

Three Months Since Aviator Disappeared

Steve Fossett’s wife Peggy has asked a court to declare the missing aviator as dead. Fossett went missing on Monday September 3, 2007 over the rugged mountains of Nevada while on a pleasure flight.

When Fossett first went missing, we speculated…

“Fossett will either be found alive but hungry after a couple of days or it will be the worst. There’s very little in-between when an aircraft goes down in the mountains because injured people don’t survive long in the cold at high altitudes.”

No matter how much the aviation industry tries to enhance safety, nothing can change the fact that flying is inherently dangerous. And every so often when a superb pilot like Steve Fossett goes down we become a little sharper with the checklists, and a little more focused on risk mitigation when we fly.

For a time.

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