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Monkey Business Expected: Location of Town Hall Meeting For Barbados Waterpark Still Unknown


Water Park Developer Won’t Reveal Meeting Location Until Last Minute

The developer of the Caribbean Splash Water Park in Barbados has not yet announced the location for the Town Hall meeting that they promised to hold on Monday, July 10, 2006.

This is the same stunt they pulled last time – when they cancelled the previously scheduled June 7, 2006 community meeting at the last moment – after failing to set a location.

Caribbean Splash Inc. has had months to set and announce the meeting location, so it seems obvious that they are trying to make things as inconvenient as possible for citizens who want to attend.

Unethical Behaviour, Faked Survey, Attempts To Limit Debate

As we reported in our previous article Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Faked Survey, Spin Control and Other Monkey Business -local residents are charging that the developers of a proposed water park in Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados, faked the results of a published survey and are using unethical methods to control information and to limit public debate.

This latest seems to be more of the same.

Does Anyone Know Where The Meeting Will Be Held?

Attention: Caribbean Splash Inc.,

If we are wrong here, just let us know. Has an ad appeared in a newspaper? Was a media release given to television and radio stations? The latest Nation Newspaper article mentions nothing about the July 10th meeting.

Please let us know where, when and how you published the location for the upcoming Town Hall meeting. Better yet – send us a copy of the ad and we will post it here at no charge.


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Who Stole Sherman Davis Jr.’s Ashes In Barbados?

What did the thief think was in the box?

From Boston Globe newspaper…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados –A family has been left puzzled and traumatized after a box with the ashes of a New Hampshire man was stolen from their villa before they had a chance to scatter them.

Before his death, Sherman Davis Jr. of Nashua, N.H., had requested that his ashes be scattered at three of his favorite spots around the Caribbean island. But 12 hours after the family members arrived, they discovered the box had been stolen on Sunday. “We left home to go to dinner at seven and when we got back at nine o’clock and the box was gone,” said Davis’ widow, Jean. “We all cried. It was incredulous.”

Boston Globe article link here.

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1000 Barbados Water Authority Employees Walk Out Over Non-Payment Of Wages


Barbados Government Out Of Cash?

This is the fifth time this year that we have heard reports of cashflow problems with the Government of Barbados. Just last Wednesday June 21st, Barbados Forum posted that sources are claiming that “…the GoB is currently experiencing an acute cashflow problem on Current Account…” (See Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?)

More indications of cashflow problems surfaced yesterday when 1000 employees of the Barbados Water Authority walked off the job over the government’s failure to pay back wages as previously agreed.


Have We Overspent on the Cricket World Cup, Mr. Prime Minister?

Watch you wallets, folks… Somebody has to pay the piper, and that somebody is going to be each one of us!

Excerpt from the CBC report (link here)…

Workers at the Barbados Water Authority walked off the job and they only returned after management agreed to start paying new wages and salaries from this week.

The near one thousand workers say the BWA had promised to start payment from last month, but nothing has happened.

This morning they refused to drive a stroke telling management that they would stay off the job until an agreement on when they will be paid was reached…

Early last month, the Barbados Workers Union and the BWA agreed to the new rates, which cleared the way for the workers to collect over 10 million dollars in back pay.

At that time, it was said that payments would start at the beginning of May, but this has not happened.


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How Do Bajans Know Who Is Absent From Barbados Legislature?

The Barbados Labour Party Blog made a few good points last Saturday – but one point (we are sure) was completely unintended… Citizens of Barbados are routinely denied even basic information about daily Legislative activities because the government is more comfortable operating without public transparency.

Transparency equals accountability, and we all know that Prime Minister Arthur won’t be having any of that nonsense, thank you!

Here is our brief analysis of the BLP Blog article Politics of Complacency

The article alleges*…

1/ The DLP is Divided

2/ The DLP is Not Ready To Govern

3/ DLP Members are Habitually Late and/or Absent from the Legislature.

How Are Citizens To Know Who Is Absent Or Late For The Legislature?

The BLP Blog charges that members of the Opposition are habitually late or absent for Legislative sittings, and that they arrive unprepared.

While that may or may not be the case, it is true that ordinary citizens have no method of confirming the attendance of elected representatives.

Why should this be? We are routinely denied even the most basic information about Legislative activities – despite the fact that the technology to bring transparency to the Legislature has existed for over a decade. The government could publish each day’s attendance on the internet if it chose to – but it does not, so how are we to know which members are habitually late or absent?

Transcripts of debates are often not available for six or seven MONTHS, so how are we to know who is prepared for debate and who is not?

The government is content to make claims about what is going on in the Legislature, yet refuses to put in place those simple mechanisms that would allow citizens to have first-hand knowledge of their elected representatives and their activities.

This is not rocket science. Even a first year computer student could set up a camera and microphones to live broadcast all parliamentary and committee debates on the internet. Many governments routinely post transcripts of debates online, and even stream live broadcasts of the nation’s business – not only in debates, but also in committee meetings. As an example, check out the website of the Parliament of Canada here.

If the Barbados Labour Party wants to complain about poor attendance by members of the Opposition – that is just fine with us. But for the government to complain about Opposition attendance and then not post the records for all members is dishonest.

We call upon the Government of Barbados to immediately do the following…

1/ Publish on the internet for all to see, attendance records for all members for the past two years, and then update the online record weekly.

2/ Publish on the internet for all to see, transcripts of debates for the past two years, and then continue to place previous years’ archives on the internet for the last ten years.

3/ Direct that transcripts of all new debates and business be finished and posted online within a week of the date recorded.

4/ Broadcast debates and other legislative business live on the internet at the time they are happening, and also put archival broadcast files on the internet for all to see.

5/ Publish legislative and debates schedules in advance on the internet so that interested citizens might observe the business of the nation.

We demand transparency and accountability from all our elected representatives – both government and opposition. We grow tired of an elitist elected body that hides behind closed doors – when simple technologies would allow citizens to know on a timely basis what is happening with the running their own nation.

* Note: As with any summary, it is important to see the original context. We urge our readers to follow the BLP Blog link and to read the original BLP article for themselves.

Also… (can’t help it!)…

We note that the June 24, 2006 BLP Blog article ends with the phrase “Stay tuned Barbadians”.

Marcus points out that the phrase “Stay tuned” has been part of his writing style for years, and can be found in two BFP articles in June alone – Barbados Free Press Takes Advice From Rupert Murdock (June 23, 2006) and Piggies in Barbados: Readers Hammer BLP Blog For Misleading Partial Quote” (June 11, 2006).

Marcus is pleased that the BLP Blog thinks so much of his wordsmithing. Plagiarism is the most sincere form of compliment.



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Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?


Bendedknees at Barbados Forum posts…

Sources have intimated that the GoB is currently experiencing an acute cashflow problem on Current Account this is being manifested in the holding of a large number of refund cheques at Inland Revenue and the non payment of monies owed to several GoB employees for a variety of services rendered i.e. workers who worked tirelessly on the temporary prison.

Barbados Forum post Cashflow Problem At GoB, Fact or Fiction?

Barbados Free Press speculated on this a few months ago in our articles…

Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem – Tip of the Iceberg?

Barbados Free Press Readers Comment on “Is Barbados Bankrupt?”

Any other red flags out there, folks?


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