Barbados Free Press Readers Comment On “Is Barbados Bankrupt?”

The writers of the Barbados Free Press often cruise over to Barbados Forum to engage in some lively chats with Bajans from around the world. Nothing like some spirited talk at 2am on a Saturday morning! Here are a few comments from the forum about our recent article “Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem – Tip of the Iceberg?”

From “Bajans”…

Marcus, Barbados may not yet be bankrupt, but I was sure about two years ago that it was not for from it. Just look at the way the government has been going. How it lets COW overrun the island with gated enclaves for the rich and famous, how it lets these same people block the beaches so the natives have no access, how the roads to the exclusive developments on the West Coast and from the Airport to these are always in good repair, and finally, Owen Arthur’s own admission when he moved the sod at the Apes Hill Development.

What did he say in his economic statement – that the road for him and his government was to bring more foreigners to the island and building more villas, golf courses and polo fields. Why? Barbados needs the foreign exchange to build up its reserves.

What he fails to realize is that this is near sighted and short term. There is only so much land and only so much beach front. When that runs out and the dollars stop flowing, what then? Is this the only way to acquire foreign currency? Selling off the country and depending on tourists? Barbados is so expensive the tourists are flocking to cheaper destinations. When they come in package deals, they do very little spending on the island. I cringe to think of where the island is going. Something has to give and I am afraid the bubble may burst sooner rather than later.

And from “Beep Beep” …

Barbados is far from bankrupt. But come the end of 2007 we surely will be, and at that same time this island will see a substantial increase in the number of residents joining the status of Millionaires, maybe even before then.

Barbados Free Press Comments…

The issue of COW (C.O. Williams Construction company) running over the island is a good point that we haven’t mentioned here at Barbados Free Press. COW (as it called on the island… think “cash cow”) seems to have fingers everywhere, and the obvious love affair between COW and the government reeks of cheap perfume and too much makeup to be legitimate. (That line was from Shona… thanks honey!)

With zero accountability coming from this government, it is no wonder that Bajans are becoming cynical about government ministers who came from nothing – and now drive Mercedes automobiles or live in seaside villas only a few years after being elected.

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