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The Jamaican Observer Questions Barbados Airport Screening Capacity

Great. Just Great.

Barbados hosts the annual conference of the Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean. Hundreds of professionals from all over attend the conference, and one chap returns to Jamaica and spills the beans that the Barbados Airport Security Emperor has no clothes – and probably won't be dressed in time for Cricket World Cup 2007.

And… worst of all, we at Barbados Free Press have a nagging little feeling that he might be proven correct in his observations. From the Jamaica Observer, Dennis Chung article "CSME Success Requires Vision"

…On departing Barbados, and waiting to be checked in, I noticed that the line was moving at a very slow pace. There were three persons who were inspecting every single piece of luggage that was to be checked on.

When my turn came I asked the questions, (1) do you not have an electronic machine to check the luggage; and (2) how are you going to check every piece of luggage next year during World Cup Cricket?

The answer to the first question was yes, but they were told that they still had to manually check every piece of luggage. The answer to the second question was that they would deal with that problem when World Cup cricket comes.

These responses not only tell us of the lack of progressive thinking by the people responsible, but also that there is no vision or strategic thinking taking place. At least this is one area that Barbados does not have an edge over Jamaica, as the authorities in both cases equally lack the gift of logical thought…

Read the entire article at The Jamaica Observer

It may be that the security people were hand searching the luggage due to a specific tip, but even then, there should be enough personnel on call that passengers will not be kept waiting for an unreasonable period.

What is an unreasonable period? When one of the passengers who is not a professional writer is impacted enough that he writes a newspaper article… that is an unreasonable period.


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