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A Third of a Billion Dollars For Cricket World Cup Barbados – But St. Lucy Out Of Water For One Week

No Water Barbados.jpg

A Third of a Billion Dollars For Cricket World Cup…

YES SIR! Cricket World Cup 2007 will bring the world to Barbados.

"We will be ready!" declares Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

…But Will The Toilets Flush?

In St. Lucy, residents are also anxious for Cricket World Cup to propel Barbados into the light of world attention. Some comments from St. Lucy as taken from the local media…

"All the money spent on Cricket World Cup. Maybe then the toilet will be working, but probably not."

"No water in a week, and the water truck doan come."

"We've been out of water for about five days and it's the first time I'm seeing the truck, so I'm very thankful…"

"This is disgusting…"

"Since Sunday they told us we would be getting water in 48 hours, but this is the longest 48 hours I have seen. How do you think I feel, a big man like me, having to wipe off with a cloth and then go into work and get a bath?"

But the most telling quote is to be found in The Nation News

"…people should consider themselves lucky they weren't over in Africa, where a cup of water would have to be enough to suffice."

While we admire the woman who said this for her optimistic disposition, if this is how Bajans are now judging their circumstances, perhaps we should spend a little bit more money on clean water and a little less on cricket circuses for the masses.

If Liz Thompson, Mia Mottley, Gline Clarke, Jerome Walcott or any Government Ministers turned on the tap and got nothing, oh how the yelling would start! Would they be without water for seven days?

Never happen.

photo "Hauling Water In St. Lucy, Barbados" courtesy of The Nation Newspaper. (fair trade for earlier Nation story taken from Barbados Free Press)


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