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Bathsheba Backlash – Citizens Organizing To Resist Imposed Development

Citizens Say Stop The Sewage From Running Into The Ocean Before Talking About Anything Else

From the Barbados Advocate (link here)

Is this really a Democratic society we live in? I really have to question this when Government can push forward plans to develop an area without input from the residents.

Less than a month ago, a town hall meeting was called to discuss the proposed development in Bathsheba.

Unfortunately, most of us who attended that meeting knew nothing of this proposed development and came away from the meeting extremely agitated and concerned. Hasty meetings were called, and a Committee was set-up to try and stop this process until further input could be collected from the community at large. As a starting point, the committee put forward a petition, and in just two days over 250 signatures were collected. More continue to arrive daily via e-mail, from both locals across the Island and visitors from overseas. Does that not tell you something?

… read the rest of the article by Sandra Jackson in The Barbados Advocate.

Muttered Threats To Sabotage Construction Machines

As we stated in an earlier post (link here) about the "town hall meeting" (or as some of the residents called it "the dog and pony show for children") the level of anger is high in Bathsheba. Some residents at the meeting were muttering threats to sabotage any construction machinery and were quite vocal with Attorney General Dale Marshall that nothing should be done until the government stops sewage from flowing into the ocean.

Various comments from the floor included…

Dey (government) think dey can do whatever dey want here. This meeting is a farce. Dey are not listenin"

"What the h*ll is 'Amerindian Museum' going to be but cheap trinkets and more bus loads of tourists in an out in half an hour? This is not quality tourism. It will not benefit Bathsheba."

"You got sewage into the ocean now. Why doan you fix that first?" said to Attorney General Dale Marshall by a resident. (Marshall's answer… "We are working on it.")

"This is not over. We are just starting to organize"

As Sandra Jackson points out…

"If Government wants to help the people of Bathsheba through development, ask the people what they want! Develop and fix what is already there! Fix the sewage problems, put in sidewalks or proper bike/walking paths, widen the roads and put in road bumps to slow down the traffic, set-up a spade/neuter program to deal with the unclaimed dogs and cats that dig up the garbage and give us a lifeguard station.

There are plenty of ways to develop the community … but please, just ask us first!!"

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Why Is China Giving Money To Barbados?

A few excerpts from a report by PINR

China's forays into Latin America are part of its grand strategy to acquire "comprehensive national power" to become a "global great power that is second to none."

… Nonetheless, Beijing's relations with the region are neither too cozy nor frictionless. For Latin America and the Caribbean countries, China is an enviable competitor and rival, potential investor, customer, economic partner, a great power friend and counterweight to the United States, and, above all, a global power, much like the United States, that needs to be handled with care.

The report concludes…

China's influence in Latin America cannot supersede that of the United States. U.S. trade and investment in Latin America not only dwarfs that of China, but its economic engagement is also qualitatively different from that of China — as a provider of high-tech and knowledge-based goods and services. The enormous power asymmetry between China and the United States, and Beijing's domestic development priorities, ensure that the Chinese leadership will continue to steer clear of direct confrontation with Washington.

Read the entire report here.


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India’s Dalits: Black Or Not?

What is Black? What is African?

In today's post, Shay at Booker Rising addresses the question of Who Is Black?

Interesting reading here

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