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Warren Buffett Giving Away 42 Billion – How Much To Barbados Abortion Advocates?


Abortion advocates throughout the world are smiling tonight as the world's second richest man just announced that he is giving away 85% of his fortune to "charity".

What is the connection?

Besides being filthy rich, Warren Buffett is a long-time serious supporter of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups – having given millions upon millions to abortion supporters over the years. The funds were primarily given through the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, a "charity" started by Buffett's deceased wife. According to a CNN article (link here), "This foundation has focused on reproductive health, family planning, and pro-choice causes, and on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons."

LifeSite News states…

The Buffett Foundation has "quietly, almost secretly," become one of the largest donors to organizations that promote abortion, population control and "reproductive health" (a code word for family planning and abortion).

In fact, Warren Buffet's business empire, the result of his life's work, gives 75% of all its charitable giving — $21 million in 2001 — to groups that promote the abortion culture. A review of public tax records shows that the foundation is devoted financially to the issue above any other cause.

… continue this article at LifeSite News. (Link here)

Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger – Negros as "Reckless Breeders"


Planned Parenthood was founded by members of the eugenics movement, including one of it's more famous (or infamous) founders, Margaret Sanger. Sanger is well on the published record as being in favour of compulsory sterilization for negros and other "reckless breeders" (Sanger's words).

We at Barbados Free Press haven't yet talked about abortion on the island, so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity – seeing as billions of dollars are now going to be available to the cause.

I wonder how much of Buffett's abortion support money will be heading for Barbados? I mean, we do fit the criteria of being a country of mostly dark-skinned people – so that certainly fits the Planned Parenthood / Margaret Sanger vision. Perhaps the government and some of the "private special clinics" on the island should apply for some of Buffett's money… (said tongue-in-cheek, of course)

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CNN Money: How Buffett's giveaway will work.

Diane Dew: Black Genocide: Planned Parenthood's Evil Roots

Diane Dew: Margaret Sanger In Her Own Words


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Barbados Culture and Heritage – Liz Thompson Speaks The Truth

Minister of the Environment Liz Thompson made some excellent points last Wednesday evening while addressing the annual meeting of the Barbados National Trust (BNT website here).

Here are some of the Minister's statements as taken from a Nation News article (link)…

"In the redevelopment of Bridgetown, there has been an unwarranted influx of new designs, which reeks of 'architectural uglification'…"

"(There is a conflict in Barbados between tradition, culture and custom) and the mimicry and adoption of cultural expression, building practices, language and behaviour which are more reflective of developed countries…"

"(Barbados had lost much of its cultural heritage) by the elimination of many true icons…"

"We have, especially amongst younger generations, relegated cou-cou, flying fish and pone to the back-burner in preference of foreign fast food."

…Barbados Minister of The Environment Elizabeth Thompson, speaking at Barbados National Trust annual meeting.

Minister Thompson is saying what many of us are thinking – our history and culture are slipping away faster and faster every day. Some will say that merely talking does not solve this crisis in culture, and that is true. But it is also true that identification of any problem must be the first step.

In our rush to modernize our small island, we as individuals and as a country, must not forget where we come from.

Give Liz full marks for her speech.

A Bit of Barbados History – Can You Identify This Home…?


No prize offered except the opportunity to be made famous by Barbados Free Press. 🙂


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Barbados Nation News Sets Trap for DLP – Democratic Labour Party

An editorial in The Nation News claims that the Prime Minister will not call a general election in Barbados anytime soon – and calls upon the opposition DLP to relax and "take its lead on timing from the BLP…"

Would A Friend Ever Give Such Advice?

Perhaps the Nation News is just trying to stimulate some conversation with the editorial (link here) – because any fool knows that the Dems are in total disarray, The DLP won't stand a chance unless they pick their candidates now and allow time for new faces to develop a presence in their communities.

The timing for the election may well be as the Nation News predicts – just after the Cricket World Cup – or it could be a snap election this fall, which makes more sense to some.

But whatever the timing of the next election, the DLP had better keep the throttle at full steam ahead and try to work harder and smarter.

After all – the DLP can't even get a simple website together after a year of "under construction". With organizational skills like that, the DLP gang had better not "relax" too much.

Official DLP Website here (such as it is)

The Nation News Editorial: The Essence of Timing


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Barbados Government Owned Hotel Serves Mauritius Sugar – Packaged In Florida

Most Bajans will read our headline and say, "We knew that. How is that news?"

The operative point is – people from other countries look at the same headline and are shocked that a Government-owned hotel in a sugar-producing country does have their own sugar on the table.

The Stabroek News thinks that the story is newsworthy and so do we.

Just chalk it up as one more embarrassment when the Cricket World Cup circus hits town next year.

From the Stabroek News article "The View From Europe – Caribbean governments need to be more aware of national branding" by David Jessop…

Ten days ago I was having breakfast at a hotel – government owned – in Barbados. On the table was a plain brown packet of sugar. Astonishingly, in large letters it identified its contents as, "A natural cane Demerara sugar from Mauritius in the Indian Ocean" and then noted in much smaller type that it had been packaged by a Florida based company.

A few days later I was in Martinique. There the sugar on the breakfast table had the words "Mémoire d'une culture, Sucre de canne de la Martinique." Elsewhere it made clear its origin was with a local sugar factory and to complete the image of sugar as a part of the island's culture, linked the past to the present, with a simple line-drawing of a traditionally dressed worker cutting cane.

I make this point not to indicate the absurdity of importing sugar from the Indian Ocean via the US to a country with a cane sugar industry that wishes to add value by branding local cane products. Nor do I make these observations to be critical of a tourism industry that seems not to see value in enhancing the Barbadian experience through the offering of local product. Rather I do so to make the point that there is a pressing need for the anglophone Caribbean to seize control of its own identity and culture and use this as a tool to create a branded national environment, as have the French in Martinique…

Read the rest in Stabroek News (link here)

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Royal Barbados Police Force Paying Paupers’ Wages – Government Wonders Why Not Enough Recruits

UPDATED: August 8, 2011

Pay Police Officers a fair wage!

This article was published over five years ago here at Barbados Free Press. Can anyone tell me what has changed since then?

Original article published June 25, 2006…

Exodus From Police Force is Driven By Low Wages

Barbados needs an immediate 130 new Police Officers, but few Bajans are applying for employment with the RBPF.

I can’t blame young people for not wanting to jump into a generally thankless policing career – especially a “career” that pays about the same as a garbage-truck driver.

Memo to Prime Minister Arthur:

According to a Nation News article, so few Bajans want to join such a low-paying job as the Royal Barbados Police Force that we are considering hiring non-Bajans to police our country.

Do you see anything wrong with this situation, Mr. Prime Minister?

Try this potential solution, Mr. Prime Minister: Spend less on cricket circuses for the elites – instead pay police officers a fair wage.


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Will God Keep Barbados Safe From Hurricanes In 2006?

According to the Nation Newspaper, the Royal Barbados Police Force is conducting four days of hurricane simulation exercises next week. Shona's Auntie Moses read the story in the paper and advised all at the table last night that if we all pray hard enough and often enough, God will keep Barbados safe from hurricanes. She also said that over the years, Barbados has seen fewer hurricanes than many other places in the Caribbean because so many Bajans pray.

Auntie Moses, that is probably as good an explanation as any as to why Barbados doesn't get hit as often as some other countries – and we will pray every day…

… but we are also filling up those water jugs and making sure the torches have fresh batteries.


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