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Gone Night Tree Fishing In Barbados


Updated – We Are Back – Scroll Down

Up so early and out we go into the night – so no posting today. Maybe late Friday evening if we are not too tired when we get home. I hope those bad charter boys will leave us alone.

Any of our friends care to tell the folks what is “night tree fishing” ?


Update: Tree Fishing

So nobody took us up on Tree Fishing… but then I suspect that the penetration of the internet is greater with those who make their life on land as opposed to the sea.

Tree Fishing is a Bajan south-coast term for a technique known in Trinidad as “Table Fishing” or “Log Fishing”. Whatever the name, coastal fisherfolk know that if you go to sea at night, and then toss a large log or tree into the water, you will get fish. A more refined technique has a 5 or 6 foot wooden table top put into the sea. A float is tied on so it can be seen from a distance.

Then, the fisherfolk wait for sunrise. When Mr. Sun comes up, the small fish will stay under the table as protection from the sun, instead of heading to the bottom as they normally do in the daytime.

Stupid fish.

The bigger predators start to come around and viola! … the feeding cycle is artificially raised from the bottom to the surface. Now, the fish gather in one spot near the surface, an they be hungry! Drag your line by the table top and you pickup Kingfish by the dozen – 3 feet, 4 feet, sometimes almost 5 footers.

A good technique – but the fisherfolk hate it when they have been out all night setting up a tree, and then those bad old charter fishing boats come out of Bridgetown and just drag by to steal the fish. Some bad blood and words happen over that.

Theft. Nothing but theft from people who already can make $1000 in one day.

And that is all I will say about them today.


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