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Pakistan Dictator May Be Coming To Barbados For Cricket World Cup

Oh Joy!

Musharraf has been the target of numerous assassination attempts by Muslim terrorists. This should make our security chaps exceedingly happy…

Musharraf keen to watch World Cup in West Indies

NEW DELHI: President General Pervez Musharraf wishes to watch the cricket World Cup semi-final and final matches to be held in April next year in the West Indies, a World Cup organiser said on Sunday. “President Musharraf has already evinced keen interest in watching the two semi-finals in Jamaica and St Lucia and the final in Barbados. One of his representatives has told us that Musharraf would like to watch the matches,” said a top West Indies official.

“So far, Musharraf is the only head of a state who has shown interest in the World Cup, though more dignitaries are expected to contact us for the matches” he said. The 2007 Cricket World Cup will be held during March-April in eight island countries across the Caribbean. The semi-finals will be played in Jamaica and St Lucia while the final will be staged in Barbados on April 28. Musharraf watched an India-Pakistan one-day international in Abu Dhabi in April and in Pakistan during January-February. He also hosted receptions for the Indian cricket team on their 2004 and 2006 tours to Pakistan.

From Pakistan Link


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Storm Threat Downgraded – But Keep An Eye On The Sky Anyway


Bridgetown, Barbados, July 31, 2006 – Oil rigs off mayaro in Trinidad and Tobago have evacuated and meteorological offices in the Eastern Caribbean are forecasting thunderstorms today as a vigiorous tropical wave approahces.

The immediate threat of the system becoming a tropical depression has diminished but the National Hurricane Centre said that the potential still exists and so a US air force reconnaissance aircraft has been scheduled to investigate the system this afternoon…

Read the rest at

Water? Lights/Batteries? Food? Storm Shutters/Panels? Portable Radio?

It is well into that time of year, folks.

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Chris de Caires – Barbados Kensington Oval Will Be Ready Only 60 Days Before Cricket World Cup

According to “India’s National Newspaper” The Hindu, Chris De Caires has just told a reporter that Barbados Kensington Oval will be ready for the Cricket World Cup only 60 days prior to the games…

CHENNAI: Construction work at the venue for the final of the 2007 Cricket World Cup — Kensington Oval at Bridgetown, Barbados — is scheduled to finish just two months before the biggest ever one-day tournament commences, but officials are confident of things falling in place.

Speaking at a meeting in The Hindu office on Wednesday, Chris de Caires, chairman, World Cup Barbados Inc., said though logistics for transport and accommodation during the event were a challenge, there was nothing he saw that concerned him.

Kensington Oval, which will host four warm-up matches, six Super Eight matches, and the final on April 28, was demolished last year. Refurbishment, in conjunction with L&T, an India-based construction company, was undertaken to increase seating capacity from 16,000 to 28,000.

“The test practice matches will be held in September,” said de Caires. “They were initially scheduled for July, but our construction got re-scheduled. The facility is on schedule, well perhaps a stand or two may be a week behind, but that really isn’t much.” The facility is expected to be ready by January 2007…

Read the entire article at The Hindu here.

We say… Don’t Worry Children….

The Kensington Oval will be ready in time. We are confident of this because, while the Government of Barbados may not be able to effectively plan, budget or project manage, they can throw oodles of public money at any project at the last minute.

Failing that, there is always their old trick of re-defining “substantial completion”, and declaring that any unfinished parts of a project are additional work not covered in the original contract.

See? That way, any project can be completed on time and under budget!

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New US Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman “Cute, Blonde” …and Hot


And Her Hubby Gave Almost Half A Million Bucks $US to George Bush Republicans…

From the Washington Post article Next Stop Barbados!

She’s cute, she’s blond, she’s Texan, and yep, it’s finally official: Mary Ourisman is going to be the ambassador to Barbados.

The wife of car tycoon Mandy Ourisman is a high-profile figure on Washington’s social and cultural scene; Laura Bush attended her 60th-birthday party in February. The White House formally announced the nomination last week, months after word leaked out that President Bush had tapped her for the job. The Caribbean postings are often reserved for political appointees with ties to the Republican Party — the Ourismans have donated $443,620 to GOP candidates and committees since 1999.

Like a good nominee, Ourisman is keeping mum until confirmed, but her husband says, “She’s on cloud nine — she’s very honored. And I’ll be supporting her and going with her.” They’ll be leaving homes in Washington, Palm Beach, and Jamaica for the ambassador’s residence on the west coast of the laid-back island nation, where their pals will undoubtedly pour serious bucks into the tourism industry. “Remember, in Barbados the prime minister walks down Broad Street and pushes his own trolley in the market — without security,” says Roy Morris, editor at Barbados’s Daily Nation newspaper.

If confirmed, Ourisman will become not only “Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary” to Barbados (population 265,000) but will also represent the United States in St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Lots of drinks with little umbrellas in her future!

She Is How Old? !!! 

The Washington Post article says she be 60 years old… ‘an dat be a 2005 photo from Washington Life magazine! (link here)

Do all them Texan womanys look like that at 60? Get me ma travel agent on de phone now!


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Barbados Labour Party Says Roads Are Improving – DLP Says… Well, Nothing Really….



The Barbados Labour Party Blog proclaims “Improved Roads For Our People”.

On the DLP Website, we find the comment “Under Construction” – Perhaps a cryptic message about the state of Barbados roads? 😉

Those who travel the northwest will no doubt recognize this bridge that has been in this state for at least ten years. And as a special treat, if you lean over and have a look in the gully below, there are three rusted auto wrecks that could be yours for the taking!

BFP photos by Shona


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Barbados Blog: Is There Anybody Out There? …BIM Threatens To Burn Her Bra

It has been a few weeks since I stopped by the Barbados blog Is There Anybody Out There?, so I was rather unprepared for how prolific our friend BIM has been recently. Here are a few of her recent passionate (or vicious!) posts…

Push Dey Suh One Time

BIM discovers her lifetime happiness while waiting in line for hours at the Licensing Authority in The Pine.


BIM threatens to burn her bra and draws parallels between the Government’s forced “development” at Bathsheba and the debate over the Caribbean Splash Waterpark.

Sweet Sixteen Part 2

Feminine Strength

BIM is having a crisis as she approaches 30! Poor darlin’ actually wrote this…

At 28, this I know. The feminine aspect of God is Wrath. The moon can turn very cold. The waves can become exceedingly cruel. Dicks and Stones, Tanks and Guns, none can escape the fall into the belly of mother earth when she opens her jaws to receive them…

All of us should stop by Is There Anybody Out There? and let BIM know that we still care.

Shona…. Marcus says you are forbidden to read BIM’s blog. Way too Amazon! 😉

(How to get your friend into really bad trouble!) 🙂


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All Our Financial Worries Solved!





Fabulous, Dr. Zongo…or should I call you Dr. Swindle?

Amazing that people are still responding to these types of frauds after all these years…

… Then again, Barbados always believes it when told that the economy will grow fast enough to cover decades of deficit spending…

Maybe Dr. Zongo isn’t such an unusual character, after all?


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Barbados Government Dumping RAMSAR Commitment?

Is the Government of Barbados Intending To Back Out Of RAMSAR Treaty?

One of our readers posted this comment at the BFP article Graeme Hall National Park – Watershed Management Plan

At the meeting of Concerned Residents prior to the Town Hall meeting at Christchurch parich hall, a member of the audience who appeared to be directly concerned with the Nature Sanctuary observed that, as Barbados was a signatory to RAMSAR, it could not back out of its commitment to protect the Graeme Hall watershed. In response a speaker on the podium, possibly Mr Paul, pointed out that although Barbados had signed its intention to be committed to RAMSAR, this had never been followed up with implementing legislation.

This means that it was not technically committed to the pact. In other words, the government of Barbados was not under any obligation to protect the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and its surrounding ecosystem. This hypocrisy seems to have been forgotten among all the other hot issues raised about Caribbean Splash Inc. It is time it was revived to see whether Barbados will honour its declared intention or back out.

Another BFP reader contributes the following (link here)…

Vol. 17 No. 20
Thursday, 10 November 2005



Noting that few Caribbean countries are currently Parties to the Ramsar Convention, BARBADOS expressed its intention to become a Contracting Party in the near future.

A list of current parties to Ramsar is shown HERE

Barbados is NOT on the list.

The following URL is from the Nation article on 18 December 2005 wherein Minister of the Environment, Elizabeth Thompson, indicated the governments intentions as of that moment in time. (Link Here)

This URL for the Coastal Zone Management Unit indicates the same. (Link Here)

Does anyone have more current information?


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Barbados Issues Policy Supporting Communist Domination Of Democratic Taiwan

The headline pretty well says it all.

Communist China says “Issue this joint communique” and Barbados says, “Yes Massa”

BEIJING, China: Ten Caribbean countries that have diplomatic relations with China signed a joint communique on Wednesday reiterating their firm commitment to the one-China policy and support for the efforts of the Chinese government and the people to realize national reunification.

The third round of consultations between the Foreign Ministry of China and the Foreign Affairs ministries of Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago,is ongoing in Beijing. It will last from Tuesday to Saturday.

Read all about it at Caribbean Net News (link here)

And don’t forget to read our past BFP articles on China’s use of slave labour, why China is giving money to Barbados and other interesting subjects…  (link here

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Barbados South Coast Horseshoe Lobster


Today, weather permitting, we will be free-diving for horseshoe lobster at “The Hole”. I don’t know the real name for the lobster we call the “horseshoe”, but the meat is so much sweeter than the normal lobster. I’ll post a photo if we are lucky, and maybe someone can tell me the true name for what some call “fat boy” lobster with no claws.

If any of our surfing readers know the location of the place on the South Coast called “The Hole”, come on out and join us. We’d love to meet you!

photo by Shona of “The Hole” 


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BFP Trying Some New Themes – This Is “Rubic” – Like This One Or Not?

Hi Folks

We will be trying some new layouts this week and we will put this survey at the top of the page when we do.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you like and don’t. Also… PLEASE let us know what browser you are using if you experience problems.




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Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Cut Back On Spending After Cricket World Cup!

Financial Analysts Believe PM’s Words

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Owen Arthur delighted the financial analysts in New York with his traveling dog and pony show. According to Standard and Poor’s spokesperson Richard Francis, the firm revised it’s outlook for Barbados from “negative” to “stable” – primarily on the basis of the Prime Minister’s words. (Nation News article here.)

What did Mr. Arthur say?

The PM said the government “planned to cut back on capital expenditure after the World Cup”.

Good idea, Mr. Prime Minister…

Yup… I also “cut back on capital expenditures” when I’ve blown my entire paycheque on women and beer and there’s no money left for food. Darn right I cut back!

The trouble is, the wallet is now empty and the bills keep on coming long after the pleasure of a few beer and a couple of cuddles is forgotten.

I wonder how long we will still be paying for Cricket World Cup after the last television camera is turned off?



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Whitewater West Monsoon Mountain Injured 3 Children – Brain Trauma – Metal Fell From Structure


Yet Another Incident: Metal Fatigue, Structural Failure & Installation Woes Cited In Law Suit

Three children were injured by a water attraction made by the same company that has been retained to design and build the controversial Caribbean Splash Waterpark in Barbados.

A lawsuit has just been filed on June 30, 2006 by the family of one of the children – alleging that the girl suffered serious brain and nerve injuries at an Illinois water park on June 27, 2005.

According to the Collinsville Herald, the WhiteWater West Industries “Monsoon Mountain” has a bucket that dumps 700 gallons of water onto the children playing below, but a 15 pound piece of metal also came down onto three of the children enjoying the day at Splash City Family Water Park in Collinsville, Illinois.

This story by Chad Morelli appeared in the Collinsville Herald…

Investigators will take a close look this week at Splash City’s Monsoon Mountain, after a piece of the roof came off and injured three children standing below.

The Splash City Family Water Park closed the attraction Monday afternoon immediately following the accident. Usually, guests are able to enjoy the Monsoon Mountain area, where a 700-gallon bucket dumps water onto those below.

The attraction will be closed for at least a week while investigators try to find out why a large piece of metal on the roof became dislodged and fell to the ground below, hitting a number of children, park officials said.

“This is the first time anything like this has ever happened at the park, and so we are taking it extremely seriously,” said the Executive Director of the Collinsville Area Recreation District Mark Badasch, “We won’t re-open that area until we are 100 percent certain that it’s safe.”

The park, owned and operated by the recreation district, opened in 1998 and has an impeccable safety record, Badasch said. The park is still open to the public and will operate normally through the rest of the summer, he said.

Investigators will be combing through every inch of Monsoon Mountain this week in hopes of discovering why the piece of metal came off the roof. That piece weighed roughly 15 pounds and measured about 1-foot-by-5-feet, Badasch said.

“At this point, it would be irresponsible to even hazard a guess as to why that piece fell off,” Badasch said. “We’ll leave it up to the investigators.”

WhiteWater West Industries of British Columbia manufactures the Monsoon Mountain attraction and the company will be sending down investigators to take a look at the structure, Badasch said. In addition, those who installed the attraction in July of 2003 may also be asked to examine the area.

Of the three children who were injured, two suffered minor wounds while the third was cut badly on the head by the falling metal. Badasch said he didn’t know if the families involved had hired lawyers and he wasn’t sure if there would be a lawsuit.

“Even if there was, I wouldn’t be able to comment on it,” Badasch said. “Right now, our main focus is trying to figure out why that piece came off the roof and making sure that it never happens again.”

A more recent story in the Madison Record tells of the law suit and futher describes the incident. Excerpts from the Madison Record article…

Splash City Sued By Injured Girl’s Father

The father of a girl who was injured at Splash City Family Water Park in Collinsville filed a personal injury suit in Madison County Circuit Court.

…Tim Wyrostek claims his daughter Aliza suffered a head wound and trauma to her brain and nerve tissue while at the park on June 27, 2005.

She was on the Monsoon Mountain water slide when a five-foot section of metal crashed down on his daughter without warning, according to the complaint…

Wyrostek claims Splash City allowed people to use the structure when it knew of the dangerous condition and engaged in willful and wanton conduct by demonstrating a reckless disregard for the safety of others by failing to prevent harm after knowledge of an impeding danger.

According to Wyrostek, Splash City knew or should have known of the potential failure of nuts and bolts holding into place metal sheets above the patrons…

Wyrostek also claims co-defendant Schaefeges Brothers improperly installed Monsoon Mountain while allowing Splash City to assume it was safe and failed to inform Slash City of the danger of the structure’s design regarding the fatigue to anchoring nuts and bolts leading to a dangerous condition.

He also claims Schaefeges Brothers intentionally disregarded taking the necessary steps in the installation of Monsoon Mountain to ensure the safety of those using it…

read the entire article here.

The above information was sent in by “Rosa” – a Bajan expat and BFP reader from Missouri who stated, “Do some Google searches on WhiteWater West Industries. You could do an article a day for the next month on water park problems and safety…”

Thanks Rosa. We’ll look into the issues in a little more detail… but it might have to wait a bit until our real life doesn’t get in the way.

photo of Splash City Family Waterpark, Collinsville, Illinois taken from the Madison, St. Clair Record. Fair trade for the link.

Recent BFP Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark Articles…

WhiteWater West Waterslides “Problematic, Cracking” Kansas

Two Weeks Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Caribbean Splash Designers On A Bad Day – 1 Dead, 34 Injured

Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Laments Barbados Town Hall Meeting

All Previous BFP Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark Articles…

For the complete listing of Barbados Free Press water park articles, click here.


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Tony Blair Heading For A Barbados Holiday

We don’t know where Britain’s Prime Minister is going to stay, but Clive says the spare room is available. Failing that, maybe Mr. Loveridge can find Tony and his lady a bed by the pool at Peach and Quiet.


MINISTERS put out 98 statements in the last three days of Parliament to let MPs start their 76-day summer break on time. Tory Peter Bone accused them of an “abuse of power”. Tony Blair is off to Barbados, Gordon Brown is head in for Scotland…

Read the rest in the U.K. Mirror here.

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Look Out Barbados! – Carson Cadogan Starts Blog

The Barbados King of Letters to the Editor, Mr. Carson Cadogan, has started a blog. One of Carson’s first articles concerns the poor state of the boyhood home of our famous son, Sir Frank Worrell.

An excerpt from the post Sir Frank Worrell…


The Barbados Government estimates that it will spend in the region of $135 million Barbados Dollars on the redevelopment of Kensington Oval, the Mecca of Cricket here in Barbados. This is all taxpayers dollars.

A couple of miles away right next door to the Empire Cricket ground is the dilapidated boyhood home of Sir Frank Worrell. Sir Frank Worrell one the greatest cricketers the world has known. In any country other than Barbados his home would be a shrine for all the world to see. His great skill with the bat was largely responsible for putting Barbados on the Cricket map. Even today long after his death he is still highly regarded in places like England, India and Australia to name a few places.

It is a national disgrace that this house is in this state of disrepair. The Barbados Cricket Association is doing nothing about the situation. Its President can be heard almost daily on the call-in programnes being an expert on everything. However he has not lift a single finger to help in the restoration of this very important home. What a shame!

Read the full article at Carson Cadogan’s My Turn Blog

photo by Carson Cadogan


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Barbados Canadian Writes – Toronto “Afri-centric Curriculum” Is Anti-Black, Anti-Police

From our friend Jdid of Doan Mind Me Blog, we learn of the fascination of some educators with “Afri-centric Curriculum”.

Jdid seems to have had no problem with the general principle of such a curriculum, until he looked closer…

Excerpt from Afri-Centric at Doan Mind Me Blog…

…Now I’ll be honest my first thoughts when I hear about these special programs for Black students is why is all of this necessary? Its probably definitely a bias on my part since I figure hey I grew up learning more British history than Caribbean history and it didn’t negatively affect me why can’t these black kids here deal with the teaching system and just put their best foot forward and do what they can do.

But then I realize like I said its a bias on my part. I haven’t been through this Canadian school system so I can’t shouldn’t make direct comparisons. Plus from the statistics offered it just seems as if there is something lacking here as too many of our black youth are falling by the wayside. Of course this could be due to attitudes, systems, parents, teachers, society and a host of other factors but hey we need to get these kids back on track and we need to start somewhere. I guess if Afri-centric programs can save some of them then hey I say more power to them and lets get it going full speed.

The part of the article that threw me for a loop though was this section:

“And we’re looking at a data-management unit that would use statistics about police and racial profiling”

A who with a what? Ok is this only disturbing to me? I don’t know about y’all but to me this just sounds like the draft for a bad Chappell show skit. I’m all for the Africentric curriculum but ummm just leave the race stats and police profiling out of math class please. I’m just imagining questions like “Over the past 5 weeks Lil Johnny has been harassed by Po Po 8, 10,5, 3 and 12 times. What is the likelihood that Lil Johnny will be harassed by Po Po more than 6 times this week?”…

Read the entire piece at Doan Mind Me (link here)

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Reclaiming Land in Barbados… Why Not?

Carl Moore writes some ideas in the Nation News…

* Reclaim land and make Barbados’ land mass bigger. The Japanese do it all the time. We did it almost 50 years ago when we built the deep-water harbour and filled in 90 acres right out to Pelican Island.

Why not create more Barbados land from the sea? If our land is so valuable, sure.

Read the entire article at The Nation Post (link here


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Barbados Government To Ban Cell Phones While Driving

We see this in the Barbados Labour Party Blog this morning…

Government will be introducing legislation to parliament to ban the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.

This practice has been found to be a major hazard as holding and using the phone presents a major distraction to motorists. However the “handsfree” variety will still be allowed.

This brings us inline with many metropolitan cities as they have recognised the inherent danger and taken action.

We would like to hear from the bloggers on this issue.

BLP Blog link here.

Our Comments

Banning cell phone use while driving is a no-brainer – with many jurisdictions either imposing an outright ban, or requiring the use of voice-dialing and hands-free kits (Our choice and the Government’s initiative).

According to The Nation News, the government will also be presenting the following highway law changes today…

To allow for the traffic ticket to be used as a summons to facilitate the effective administration of the ticketing system;

Ensuring drivers of certain vehicles be requested to obtain special licences in order to drive those vehicles;

Adjustments to the speed limits for various categories of vehicles;

The introduction of controls for the transport of hazardous materials; and

The restriction of the use of cellphones by motorists except the hands-free sets and communication devices fitted to the helmets of the police and other emergency personnel.

Drinking and Driving Still Not Effectively Addressed

All of this is a good start, but unfortunately doesn’t address the problem of drinking and driving – which is a concern on Barbados.

Unless there is something about the new legislation that the newspapers haven’t covered, Barbados still lacks an effective drinking and driving law.

If we are really concerned about public safety, we must have effective drinking-driving laws in place and equip the police with modern breathalizers and train enough officers as technicians to ensure 24/7 coverage.

So while we are pleased with the Government’s initiative as far as it goes, we can only give it a “B-Minus” or even “C-Plus” grade in terms of overall road safety performance.

How long would it take to get an effective drunk driving law and testing equipment & personnel in place? Six months if we started today?

How about it MPs? Can you make it happen in six months?


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