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Barbados Citizens To Be Fingerprinted For New Driver’s Licence

Government Also Orders Facial Recognition Technology


Can a National Identity Card With Fingerprinting Be Far Behind?

Liska Biometry of Dover, New Hampshire, has announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Barbados to produce a new driver's licence.

Charles Benz, Chairman and CEO of Liska, stated that the company's proprietary fingerprint BIN technology would be integrated into the new Barbados driver's licence.

Liska Biometry Fingerprint Technology

The company website explains that the "BIN" (Biometric Identifier Number) is generated from a fingerprint image. In other words, in order to have a new Barbados driver's licence, you must have your fingerprint "imaged" (read "photographed") on at least one finger.

The Big Question… Is the photograph of the fingerprint kept on file after the "BIN" number is generated? If so, then Barbados will be making fingerprinting a pre-condition for driving, and will be retaining that fingerprint.

Liska Technology Also Includes "Automatic Face-Tracking"

With Liska's technology, once your facial photograph is also taken for your driver's licence, it can be used in a system to automatically spot your face when you are seen by surveilance cameras.

Such fingerprinting and facial-recognition technology has far-reaching implications for human rights and freedoms.

Hopefully, the government will clarify it's policies surrounding the use of this technology so citizens can decide whether or not we view the government to be acting in our individual best interests.

Times change, but we are seriously concerned with this move by government.


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