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BLP Blog Announces Live Online Chat With Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Barbados PM Owen Arthur Coming To Live Online Blog Chat

From Dr. Duguid at The Barbados Labour Party Blog

I hope to have a live comment session with the Prime Minister in the not too distant future. That should also be an excellent event and a first for Blogging in the Caribbean.

The BLP Blog also gives a word of thanks to the Barbados Free Press for technical help and… wait for it… "Inspiration In Getting The Blog Going"…

We also have to say thank you to the people at Barbados Free Press and although they were very critical and harsh about our website they have also given us alot of technical help and inspiration in getting the Blog going.

Hmmmm. Never thought we'd see the day that the Government would be thanking the Barbados Free Press for "Inspiration in getting the Blog going." It looks like Titilayo and Journalist Karen Walrond were correct in their analysis.

BLP Blog Conducts Poll, but…

And lastly, the BLP Blog is conducting an online poll. We are hesitating to respond to the poll ourselves as the technology places a "cookie" onto your computer. The "Privacy Policy" from the survey company (Makesurvey.Net) makes it clear that your movements on the net will then be tracked and your information will be collected – including your IP number – for ever and ever.

This theoretically could be used to identify the survey respondent and relies upon the good will and integrity of all involved to ensure that this will not be done, and that the information collected will not be misused by Makesurvey.net or "the client" (BLP Blog).

Presumably the little cookie gift from Makesurvey.Net calls home once in a while, but you could take the survey and then clear the cookie. You could also use a Proxy Server to conceal your true IP address. I guess.

If you want to take the BLP Blog survey, click here.

Editorial Comment

If Prime Minister Owen Arthur does conduct a live comment session at the BLP Blog – without controls, editing or censorship of comments from visitors – (taking the bad along with the good) – then the entire Barbados Free Press staff will sincerely raise a glass of Banks Beer to the PM at our next meeting.

Gutsy move, Prime Minister. After all, during a live online chat, you just never know which of your old friends might drop in to leave a word of encouragement…



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Water Expert Says Barbados Faces Serious Challenges In Maintaining A Quality Water Supply


Article Under Re-Write by Marcus

Re-write to go here.

Hi Folks… didn't get in from working all night at what is laughingly called "my day job" until Saturday morning 4:23am – and its now 5:11am and we are not finished as yet. So… we will grab a few hours sleep and continue in the morning.

Marcus & Robert



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Like Barbados, Mauritius Struggles To Leave Sugar Behind

The Mauritius Times examines the issues of land ownership, development and the death of the sugar economy – and looks towards Barbados and some other smaller nations for clues.

An excellent and well-supported article by Percy S. Mistry that can be read at Mauritus Times.

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