Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?


Bendedknees at Barbados Forum posts…

Sources have intimated that the GoB is currently experiencing an acute cashflow problem on Current Account this is being manifested in the holding of a large number of refund cheques at Inland Revenue and the non payment of monies owed to several GoB employees for a variety of services rendered i.e. workers who worked tirelessly on the temporary prison.

Barbados Forum post Cashflow Problem At GoB, Fact or Fiction?

Barbados Free Press speculated on this a few months ago in our articles…

Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem – Tip of the Iceberg?

Barbados Free Press Readers Comment on “Is Barbados Bankrupt?”

Any other red flags out there, folks?


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3 responses to “Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?


    i wonder just how far the introduction of retina scanning and the infamous ‘chip’ will be after the introduction of this technology . I think we all need to be vigilant and aware of the dubious side of technology supposedly intrduced for our safety and security .

  2. Ernest

    Is the delay in processing Inland Revenue refunds due to the lack of funds in Treasury, there are many who have not even received assessments so close to the October 31 deadline for the Inland Revenue to process.

    Is the Inland Revenue department just incompetent or has an instruction gone out to stop processing to save the Treasury money?

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    Still waiting over 2 years for various VAT refunds. $25,000 owed to small businesses does nothing help us stay in business.