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BWIA – Bwee Airlines Flight From Hell

Anyone who has traveled more than a few times has their own "Flight from Hell" stories.

Linda Thompkins has posted a pretty good one at My Barbados Blog. (Well, it is a pretty good one if you are reading about it, but not experiencing it.)

The tale is written by Cricket World Cup 2007 cricket operations director Michael Hall. Just the kind of advertising that Bwee Airlines needs in the runup to the Cup, I guess.

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Death Boat – Barbados Muslims Offer To Bury Bodies


Caribbean Net News is reporting that the Barbados Muslim community is offering to bury the as-yet-unidentified eleven bodies removed from the boat found drifting off the island after a disasterous voyage from Senegal. (C Net News link here)

In our opinion, that is a much appreciated offer from our Muslim friends, but we wondered, "How do we know what was the faith of each person?"

Perhaps there was evidence on board the boat, but in any event the CIA Factbook reports that the religious makeup of Senegal is 94% Muslim, 5% Christian and 1% Indigenous beliefs.

During a conversation at last night's prayer meeting, someone asked…

"Suppose some of the bodies are Christian and they were buried in a Muslim ceremony – then what?"

We had to smile at the answer given by Shona's Auntie Moses…

"I think Jesus will probably never no mind."


BFP photo by Shona: Bridgetown, Barbados. Crew members from charter fishing vessel "IOU" look at the death boat as they enter harbour. (IOU Charters website here)

Barbados Free Press – Death Boat Previous Stories…

May 2, 2006 – Death Boat Arrives In Barbados

May 8, 2006 – Barbados Death Boat Was Headed Senegal To Cape Verde Islands

May 15, 2006 – Barbados Death Boat May Have Held 37 People

May 30, 2006 – Barbados Death Boat – Senegal Connection – Global Voices Photos

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Jamaica: Consultants From Other CARICOM Countries will “Learn how to navigate a high-crime environment…”

You think we have a tough business environment on Barbados? Pity the poor hardworking business people who have to make their living in Jamaica!

The Institute of Management Consultants of Jamaica (IMCJ) held a recent seminar to help prepare their members for increased competition as consultants from other CARICOM countries become able to work freely in Jamaica.

One of the seminar messages: In order to penetrate the Jamaican market, other CARICOM business people will have to learn how to operate in a "high-crime environment".

That statement also illustrates why many businesses avoid the Jamaican markets entirely, despite the opportunities. If I wanted to expand my business, Jamaica would be the last place I would try to set up a satellite branch. Sometimes, the profits are not worth the physical dangers of Jamaica.

From "Leveraging Caribbean Business Waves" by Ilsa duVerney…

To (consultants from other CARICOM countries), Jamaica represents a tremendous untapped opportunity that is only tempered by the high levels of violent crime being reported. One could expect, over time, that that concern will be alleviated as they get over their fears and learn how to navigate a high-crime environment to get business done. It is only a matter of time before they show up in force in the management consulting market.

Read the full article at the Jamaica Gleaner (link here).


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Burst Shell Oil Pipeline – Oil Heading For Barbados Coast


From The Nation News…

Since 1995, farmers have complained that the seven-mile oil pipe from Oistins to Grantley Adams International Airport has burst on several occasions, spilling high-grade refined kerosene into the irrigation water of farmers in the area.

"The latest test that Shell has done has shown that the oil has been moving out of the agricultural area and into the coastal zone. So this is now a national issue where one of these days Barbadians may find out that they go down to Miami Beach and come out with oil on their bodies.

"The whole coral reef along the southern coast is also in danger. This is not just our struggle, it is a struggle for every householder who lives in Atlantic Shores and on the South Coast.

"Tests have shown that there are oil deposits half-mile from Gibbons Boggs."

Arrindel Evelyn – Spokesman for the 70-plus farmers affected by the oil leakage, as quoted in The Nation News.

The farmers were protesting the other day because they say that Shell Oil is stalling on agreeing to a monetary settlement. Whatever happens for the farmers and their settlement, it seems that the spilled oil is heading for the water table, the coast and the coral reefs offshore.

Our question… just what has the government done to protect the thousands of other citizens who will be impacted by the Shell Oil pipeline spills?


Shell has just released a response to the protest – but in so doing, they have confirmed that their spilled oil is in the ground. As far as Shell is concerned… there's no reason to worry about that spilled oil.

Saying his organisation was committed to the protection of the environment, he dismissed reports that the remaining oil was a threat to the coastlines. He continued, "We have carried out investigations in the Gibbons area, and contrary to the recent report carried in the Press, results have indicated that the remaining oil is not an imminent threat to the coastal zone."

… from Barbados Advocate article here.

I feel better already!

photo by Shona: Tanker at Oistins, Barbados.


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