David Comissiong gets it right about frivolity, entertainment and Barbados history

Remember our history – but do more than take grants and stage photos!

Photo courtesy of The Nation: Trevor Prescod at the monument in Golden Square. Prescod is probably remembering how his organisation’s carelessness and neglect destroyed thousands of irreplaceable historical documents last year.

I don’t know about you folks, but by this point in time I usually need a break from the constant late nights and too much drink. The big party seems to start earlier and end later every year – or it could be that I’m getting a little older and can’t handle it like I used to.

For whatever reason I was receptive to the message by David Comissiong in today’s Nation newspaper that we should stop the party when Emancipation Day rolls around.

Here’s what Mr. Comissiong had to say about Minister of Culture Steve Blackett’s comments that Crop-Over revelry should be stretched over to Emancipation Day…

“The spirit of Kadooment is not the spirit of Emancipation Day,” he complained. “It cannot be and (extending Crop-Over) shows a serious lack of vision; it shows a serious lack of commitment to the really sacred and important elements of our nationhood that we could treat a day like Emancipation Day so lightly and so flippantly that we decree it the second day of Kadooment.”

He told the gathering that if Barbados was to be a “genuine nation”, Barbadians had to build a unique culture and make “a unique contribution to world civilisation”.

“We can’t build a nation simply around the culture of Kadooment and frivolity and entertainment,” he added.

“We have to root our young people in something deeper and more profound than that. So we are saying to the authorities – please rethink these decisions.”

… David Comissiong in the Nation article No revelry for Emancipation!

This struck a chord too because Cliverton is putting together an article about what books your BFP gang is reading at the moment and Clive’s book is Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. He read pieces of the introduction to us last week and it is definitely thought provoking. Clive said the article would be ready yesterday, but you know Clive. 🙂


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10 responses to “David Comissiong gets it right about frivolity, entertainment and Barbados history

  1. Soon to Review for me?

    “Invictus” (Mandela & Springboks – basis for Eastwood film w/Morgan Freeman & Matt Damon)

    “Torturer’s Wife” by Thomas Glave

    “Sookie Stackhouse Series 5 & 6” by Charlaine Harris

    “Buxton Spice”/”Tide Turning” by Oonya Kempadoo

  2. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    How about you review (just a sentence or two) the last book you read or what you’re reading now – good or bad. Clive says he’ll post the article tomorrow or tonight and we’ll throw in your book too or link to your site if you review it there.

    Same goes for anyone else reading this. Review a book or just tell us what book is on your night table now and we’ll link up. Clive’s book by Neil Postman convinced us all to read more.

  3. West Side Davie

    How much public funding does Prescod receive for the Israel Lovell Foundation? Does the foundation publish public accounts? are they required to?

    So many little groups and foundations in Barbados and so little transparency.

  4. bajandave

    David Come-Along finally made a good point, but lest he forgets, the only reason we have an Emancipation Day holiday was to accommodate him and his cronies during the “politics of inclusion” days of the Arthur administration. In other words, no one’s heart was really in it in the first place.

  5. Cockhorse

    Slavery talk, political theatrics, racial bashing, wuk up and church on Sunday… some people just can’t get it – that the earth is round and not flat and time did not freeze in 1730…

    Yet we have same ole samie, same ole song, decade after decade…


    Is anyone going to sweep up the ashes?

    And by the way, ~ whither ‘education’ ?

  6. John

    July 27, 2010 at 6:46 pm David Come-Along finally made a good point, but lest he forgets, the only reason we have an Emancipation Day holiday was to accommodate him and his cronies during the “politics of inclusion” days of the Arthur administration. In other words, no one’s heart was really in it in the first place.


    … and the reason no ones heart was in it was possibly because emancipation day while being a significant event for many was not the over arching event it is made out to be.

    Slaves were given their freedom from earliest times and at emancipation, their descendants had created at least two classes with members who could claim a free lineage of in some cases up to 150 years.

  7. Re – Emancipation/Kadooment: many Facebook commenters think Come-Along is being ridiculous, that freeing slaves is celebration and this part of black heritage… Check ur FB networks and see for yourself?

    Book(s) on Nightstand – Thoroughly addicted to Sookie Stackhouse series at the moment, tv and book, each is correct in its own right and author Charlaine Harris loves the divergence created by HBO writer Alan Ball.

    Both series look at how Japanese created blood substitute so potent that Vampires come Out and vow not to attack humans anymore and the books/programme look at consequences of such a Revelation – Sookie, a young barmaid from Bon Temps in Louisiana, eventually discovers there really fairies and werewolves among other supernatural dangers.

    Just completed books 5 & 6. In the fifth installment – “Dead As A Doornail,” Sookie’s brother Jason is now a were-panther, but his fellow shifters consider him a Prime Suspect in a series of shootings where the victims are all shape-shifters, can Sookie find the killer before her brother becomes kitty litter?

    This as Eric tries to recall the “Witch War” episode (Book 4 – ‘Dead To The World’) where he was magicked into amnesia, will Sookie tell him of their brief yet passionate moments together? And the near tragedy which almost made it disappear forever?

    Meanwhile, Sookie is sought as a catalyst by Alcide Herveaux for selecting a new Packmaster for the Shreveport werewolves – she meets a mysterious referee called Quinn, who has trouble keeping his eye on the match after meeting the young telepathic waitress… Will Alcide’s father succeed in his bid to be leader of the pack?

    “Definitely Dead” is book six – the mysterious Quinn arrives at Merlotte’s Bar & Grill, where Sookie is usually rushed off her feet serving customers (when not dodging fangs or claws and other supernatural weaponry) he has two proposals for her – one personal and the other professional…

    He wants her to be a consultant with her psi-abilities for undead Sophie, the Queen of Louisiana in an upcoming conference. On a more human, for want of a better phrase, level? Quinn asks Sookie for a date and she accepts!

    What will Eric the 1,000 year old Viking do? Now he’s learned of their swift yet star-crossed moments? Will it be undead fang against raging striped-fur? Can you guess Quinn’s beast?

    Even as Sophie agrees to undertake the task for Louisiana’s vampiric leader, she has to recover a stolen object and find out who made a Werewolf into a vampire before the First Dance of the arranged wedding between Sophie and the King of Arkansas…

    As if poor Sookie did not have enough on her tray, she served this dreadful disclosure – Civil War vampire Bill, Sookie’s first lover, confesses as to how their relationship began and it’s not something she wanted to know, why?

    The whole series up to to Book 9 awaits you at Pages across the island my children of the night (Book 10 is in Trinidad but not here yet, it was released in May 2010). No, you may not pay for it with garlic nor wooden stakes – but you will have a howling good time of it!

  8. True, Bajan Dave

    Bajan Dave,

    The only reason Commissiong has a grouse is because he’s no longer riding the Gravy Trail aka POLITICS OF INCLUSION

    In any case, what he’s saying is nothing new. Everyone knows that there is too much partying.

    Sad that he couldn’t see it when he was “included”

  9. caribman

    David and Prescod are paying the price for rampant opportunism. Prescod sat at the well head and enjoyed all the goodies for the past ten years now he wants to come back as a radical black leaders. He has lived off the political system going back to the days of Don Blackman. David will do well to stick to real freedom fighters and for get the likes of Prescod, who was blind for the past decade and now wants to pretend he leading Blacks.

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