Barbados Prime Minister Holds His Tongue About Slavery, Torture, Imprisonment, Forced Abortions Of Chinese Christians

UPDATED: August 1, 2010 – Emancipation Day

Unlike Minister of Culture Steve Blackett who suggested that we mark Emancipation Day with drinking, dancing and wuking up, I refuse to “celebrate” Emancipation Day.

Instead of a celebration, I consider our family history and our country’s journey. I honour those who first made the day happen in 1834 and I honour those who continue the battle today to free the millions of slaves still in bondage.

With that in mind, we’re republishing an article written shortly after Emancipation Day in 2007.

The article is all true, my friends. You can choose to ignore China’s slave camps or to consider them on this Emancipation Day. Either way it won’t change the truth that China still maintains the world’s largest network of slave camps. And just like the slaves of Barbados, the slaves of China are an integral part of its economy.

Please think of your brothers and sisters in China on this Emancipation Day. FREE THE SLAVES

Original article as first published August 23, 2007…


Chinese Christians Arrested During Prime Minister Arthur’s Visit To China

When Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur visited China’s Shaanxi Province on Thursday, June 7, 2007, his Communist hosts were happy to announce their anticipation of “further friendly relations between the two countries through the cooperation between Barbados and Shaanxi”. Prime Minister Arthur responded with like happy words of never-ending friendship between China and Barbados.

Prime Minister Arthur never mentioned the long history of Chinese government torture, imprisonment and forced abortions of Christians in Shaanxi Province. Even during his stay, 12 Christians were arrested for the horrendous crime of distributing free bibles in the market square. (link here) Two other Shaaxi Christians were sentenced to two years prison hard labour for the offense of praying in a home. (link here)

Prime Minister Arthur never mentioned the arrest and disappearance for three months of Shaxxi human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng – who was under house arrest in Shaxxi during Arthur’s visit.

Prime Minister Arthur never mentioned the imprisonment of a blind man, Chen Guangcheng, who was taken away in the middle of the night for the crime of exposing forced abortions and forced sterilizations of pregnant women who are kidnapped off the streets by Chinese government thugs. (CNN story of China’s forced abortions here)

Arthur could care less that Chen Guangcheng and thousands of other prisoners of conscience in China are beaten, tortured and murdered by a ruthless communist regime.

Prime Minister Arthur never mentioned the well documented fact that the Chinese Government sells religious prisoners’ organs to feed a ghoulish body parts trade. (Another link here)


Who Are The Chinese Foreign Workers In Barbados?

Are They Part Of China’s Prisoner Economy?

Prime Minister Arthur has never publicly mentioned Laogai, the vast organisation of slave labour camps run by the Chinese Government. As an educated man, Owen Arthur would have to know that slave labour has been a fact in Communist China since the founding of the “Peoples Republic”. He would have to know that political and religious prisoners are worked to death and that almost seven million Chinese slaves are currently serving their Communist Massas in over 1,000 slave labour plantations camps. (A few links: here, here and here)

Are any of the Chinese workers in Barbados here against their will? Why aren’t many “allowed” to step outside their “compound” without their accompanying “escorts”?

Has the Prime Minister ever asked the obvious questions regarding the Chinese labour at the Four Seasons project? Why not?

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Once again, how do we know that the Chinese labourers at the Four Seasons Project are not part of China’s slave labour system?

Here’s little article on Chinese slave labour camps. It would be most appropriate if you would read it while Ikael Tafari and his government-sponsored cohorts are this week celebrating “the end of slavery“.

Excerpt from The High Cost Of China’s Laogai

Free and Endless Supply of Workers

China’s booming economy continues to increase through its use of slave labor or Laogai camps. Laogai means “reform through labor.” It’s a system of prison factories and detention centers set up by former Chinese leader Mao Zedong during the 1950’s as a means to re-educate through labor and increase economic gain for the People’s Republic of China. As of 1979, there were apparently only several thousand people being forced to work in the Laogai system. Today it has become an enormous source of free labor and financial profit for the Chinese government. According to estimates from the Laogai Research Foundation, there are 6.8 million people incarcerated in China’s 1,100 labor institutions.

For those incarcerated in these facilities, the reality they face is long hours of brutal treatment with little sleep or food to sustain themselves. Reports of 20-hour work days and violent oppression force some detainees to choose suicide instead of being beaten, starved, or worked to death according to a paper by Stephen D. Marshall, “Chinese Laogai: a hidden role in ‘Developing Tibet.” Others mutilate or injure themselves in an effort to avoid the work. Inmates who fall behind or refuse to work are shocked with electric batons, beaten, sexually assaulted, or thrown into solitary confinement. Among those that make up the population in these labor camps are criminals, political prisoners, and practitioners of the spiritual practice Falun Gong, who reportedly now make up to half of those detained in the Laogai labor system.

Who Uses Slave Labor?

Forced labor has become both a form a torture and a source of great profit for China. With the enormous amount of free labor that comes from Laogai, China has lured many overseas businesses into its profit-through-slave-labor system. With ridiculously cheap wholesale labor costs many cannot resist the bait and unknowingly come to support this illegal practice…

… read the entire article here


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36 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister Holds His Tongue About Slavery, Torture, Imprisonment, Forced Abortions Of Chinese Christians

  1. RRRicky

    Good question BFP. How do we know that none of the 4 seasons chinese workers are prisoner types? They weren’t checked for visas when they came.

    Do they all speak English? How would we know what the truth is when all the translators are Chinese government types?

  2. reality check

    The PM and buddies are on the Chinese payroll and benefit from the deal in Barbados directly or indirectly. Why else would he be silent and complicit. Where are our christian church leaders?

    Are they like the Vatican during the second World War, complicit and afraid of their own skins?

    We know the union leaders are complicit and silent.

  3. jamaicangirl2007

    I just wanted to make a general comment. Each day i try to pass through here to see what’s up in these parts…but man…when I say you guys are lethal, I don’t mean maybe! When i see the content of this blog I have to rate you! If I tried this level of “truth” in Jamaica…i may not be able to tell the tale. Just wondering if you folks are known around town and if so, are you sure your government has not blacklisted you from entering Barbados…if you should leave for a vacation? (smile). I have been meaning to express this point for a while and now it has finally come out.


    BFP Replies

    Thanks for your support Jamaican Girl. We are not “known” and (so far) we have been successful in keeping our identities to ourselves through the use of proxies and various technical means. We get your point. The police beat “real” journalists here just for snapping a photo of an accident victim being taken into the hospital. What they would do to us is anyone’s guess. Same with Barbados Underground.

    Sometimes we have some fun doing what we’re doing, but other times it kind of scares us. If the “real” Barbados news media would do their jobs we wouldn’t be necessary.

  4. Bimbro

    I rather suspect that the nice ‘Jamaican Girl’ is using this blog to hopefully, turn the eyes away of the Barbadians from the excesses of her own people and, sadly, the gullible Barbadians are falling for it!

  5. Anonymous

    Aaahh Jamaica done gone thru de eddoes.

  6. Rumplestilskin

    The simple fact is that Barbados has adopted the ‘Western’ philosophy that even though China’s human rights record is roughly the same, probably much worse than Cuba’s, ‘we’ nevertheless rate China as a valid trading partner.

    Maybe this has something to do with the massive Chinese market and potential for trade, such as that already being conducted by North America with China.

    So, in this great game of ‘political monopoly’ it appears that a ‘large market and business potential card’ out-trumps poor human rights activities.

    Probably one also needs a ‘card’ indicating a basically undefeatable population such as China has due to sheer size and technology and you have it made.

    I guess Chavez is missing Card No.2, although having said that, despite the verbal pseudo-diplomatic criticism, North America still buys his oil.

    Nice, huh?

  7. jamaicangirl2007

    Bimbro…I have no hidden agenda. I am simply someone who reads everything and anything and I have made a comment. I am simply applauding the BFP for being so scathing and truthful. No hidden agenda whatsoever. Your conclusions/assumptions are just that….yours.

  8. Hants

    China is a huge profit centre for North American Business.

    Cheaply manufactured products are sold at the same price as the better quality products.

    Human Rights can’t compete with Profit in North American culture.

  9. Getting BYE

    or our culture (as it has sadly become)

  10. Bimbro

    August 24th, 2007 at 12:49 pm
    Bimbro…I have no hidden agenda. I am simply someone who reads everything and anything and I have made a comment. I am simply applauding the BFP for being so scathing and truthful. No hidden agenda whatsoever. Your conclusions/assumptions are just that….yours.


    Intended or not, the diversionary tactic has worked. Well done, Miss Jamaican Girl! Maybe one day they’ll have the guts to address the issue I raised above but I’m not holding my breath!

  11. YUM YUM I like it

    Is Bimbo paranoid! The girl just gave BFP a compliment.

    Leave it with the taunting!

  12. Bimbro

    That’s the problem with you Bajans. You’re so easily flattered. One late day you’ll discover what is really important but by then you’ll have missed the boat. Sad people!

  13. Anonymous

    i agree bimbro and futher more the whole content of this post is garbage it absolutly sucks that bfp cant find some real news to post or report so they just post things for which they have no facts and accuse people left right and center with no proof bfp is an example of the sad state of affairs in this country

  14. Anonymous

    wat they do in china doesnt concern us wat they do in iran doesnt concern us

  15. Anonymous

    i could go on and on

  16. Straight talk

    You do Anonymous you do, on and on and on.

  17. passin thru

    Anonymous, what is this about “no facts”? Are you disputing that the Chinese don’t kidnap pregnant women and force them to have abortions? Are you disputing that the Chinese don’t have a slave labor camp system? Are you disputing that Prime Minister Arthur didn’t go to China while all these things are happening? Are you disputing that the Prime Minister of Barbados is unaware of China’s human rights abuses?

    What the hell are you talking about “no facts” ?

  18. renegade

    Are you people here for real? Apart from unsupported (poor supported) arguments about Communist China and the social and cultural paradigms therein you people sit here and not only create a conspiricy theory surrounding an arbitrary compliment paid to the BFP, but you go futher and entertain the silly conspiricy theory. Then to fit into the facade that this site promotes, you question the PM’s knowledge of, association with, and nonchalant attitude towards the happenings in China. After raising the question about the PM you offer nothing pass opinions and assumptions regarding the PM. To fully embrace the situation you bring up the Four Seasons Chinese labour force and the mystery of their incareration status, which brings to the forum a conspiricy theory……..sigh.
    The Barbados Advocate
    The Nation
    Caribbean Broadcasting Cooperation
    Barbados Free Press
    is there a difference here?
    Of course there is,but six of one and half a dozen of the next…..sigh

  19. passin thru

    Renegade, are you really disputing the Chinese slave labour camps? The forced abortions and sterilizations? The human rights violations? That they hold prisoners until they have sold their organs, then kill them and sell the organs?

    Man, you can’t dispute those things. Do a little research online. The Canadian Prime Minister mentioned China’s human rights violations, the persecution of religious minorities and the slave labour.

    As to Owen Arthur knowing about it, I suppose he could be stupid or willfully blind. Maybe he doesn’t read anything but The Nation and doesn’t know about Chinese human rights violations, but I think that he knows and he has made up his mind to say nothing because of money and China trade.

    BFP asked before whether he would care if the slaves were black, but he doesn’t care because they are Chinese, Christian or Falon gong.

  20. J. Payne

    “Two other Shaaxi Christians were sentenced to two years prison hard labour for the offense of praying in a home. (link here)”

    Just to play devil’s advocate. Wasn’t this the same BFP that was up in arms that the Saudis were giving away their text books to Islamic people in Barbados and wanting the Barbados Gov’t to do something about it?

  21. J. Payne

    The USA can’t bear to vexxx China. China is the one financing Bush’s War on Iraq. If China calls in their debt from the United States’ the US bubble will burst… Americans want to much but never want to pay taxes to cover it. They depend on the Chinese and Japanese Government’s to pay the US’ day to day bills.

  22. Straight talk

    And consequently, JP, the Chinese hold our own currency to ransom, tied as it is to the US$.

    Any time they choose they can cause severe panic on Wall Street, devaluing our own currency even more than it has done in the last six months.

  23. renegade

    No dispute about the camps, I was just saying that this farce of a forum is not doing sufficient. I am fully aware of the camps of China and their Human rights violations. I said that the claims here are poorly supported, and that the assumptions into what the PM does or doesn’t know is trivial. If you want to b taken seriously or credibly you have to properly support statements made, you have make direct points or ask questions that can be answered with research, not put open ended statements/ unanswreable rhetorical questions out there, because the latter two just create speculation which is not always neccessary. And conspiricy theory is formed from speculation and such theories are dangerous when planted in the minds of the public without credible, properly supported sources, a lot of which i see circulating this forum.
    Take bimbro’s reaction to the comment of the jamaican girl and the response from anonymous. Small example but representitive of how opinions of one person and a conspiricy theory created from that opinion(based on nothing substantial) can take a following.

  24. foolish

    bimbro is an idiot. y do people entertain him. ignore him and he might just go away. he turned a legitimate thread about china into a rant about jamaica. what a fool.

  25. Poonookdook

    Bimbro or bimbo or whateva just needs to listen to some nice reggae vibes and calm down. Jgirl is obviously another Caribbean blogger making a courtesy call.

  26. Bimbro

    August 26th, 2007 at 3:49 am
    Bimbro or bimbo or whateva just needs to listen to some nice reggae vibes and calm down. Jgirl is obviously another Caribbean blogger making a courtesy call.


    Anonymous, thanks for the support. Others, it’s easy to call anybody a fool. I don’t care. To a very large extent I’ve given up with Barbadians. I hardly know why I respond to these posts, sometimes. I guess that from time to time the ignorance of my Bajan people just seems so amazing that I just can’t help to post.

    It’s ok, Barbadians. Keep dreaming. I’ve given up, on you anyway!

  27. Bimbro

    August 24th, 2007 at 6:47 pm
    i agree bimbro and futher more the whole content of this post is garbage it absolutly sucks that bfp cant find some real news to post or report so they just post things for which they have no facts and accuse people left right and center with no proof bfp is an example of the sad state of affairs in this country.


    At the same time, I can understand ‘Anonymous” concern for BFP’s constant harping about the state of affairs in Bim. I’ve questioned BFP myself on this same subject in the past and they gave me a seemingly, convincing reply for why they have to. As I don’t live in Bim, anymore I’ve felt obliged to accept their assessment but I have requested some positive news about Bim from them which I’m still waiting to hear.

    Well, here’s a good news story which I came across this morning. I wonder if it’ll provoke a moment of praise from BFP???

    As far as the Jamaicans are concerned, it would seem to me that Barbadians prefer to observe a ‘blind-spot’! I really can’t bother with the Bajees too, much at all!

  28. all ears

    I am about to say a few words about bimshire my island home. I live in England where we are considered the ethnic minority a term which I loathe. I often wondered why this term does not apply to the whites in Bimshire who are clearly the minority. Is it due to their economic power? and if so have they not become rich off the backs of the black majority. I believe apartheid is alive and thriving in Barbados and furthermore is encouraged. Any comments from anyone?

  29. all ears

    by the way I have only just been told about this underground site and I love it …keep up the good work but if you have to go underground to voice your opinion doesnt that tell you something about democracy??

  30. Idealist

    all ears:
    No it tells us something about our system of government, and it ain’t democracy, it is tending towards a vindictive autocratic dictatorship.

  31. Idealist

    Apartheid thrived because the masses were cowed by economic and judicial practices.

    Is it alive and thriving in Barbados?

    Read all the blogs, all ears, let your judgement depend on everything you hear about Bim.

    We here may be too close to the grindstone to ascertain whether we are free or still slaves to the system.

    One thing I do know is that in the 40 years of independence, a black majority parliament has totally failed its people by way of economic advancement. The same old, same old systems are still in place and thriving.

    Take that as your starting point as you read Bajan blogs.

  32. renegade

    My one question to all of you is” How?”

    How do you think these things can be changed?
    Is it as simple as a change of Government?
    Can any of you bring a realistic proposition ?

    I see observations being made and a few rhetorical questions being asked, so I said I’ll make my own observation and ask a few questions of my own.

    Bimbro I hope you know that by turning your back on Barbadians, as you have claimed to have done though you still post here, you have not in anyway helped the problems you have blogged about.

  33. This is a website in Dr Ikael’s Memory – Please leave your kind words here THANKS

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  35. nevermind Kurt

    thankyou to bfp for reminding us that slavery didn’t end for everybody in the 1800’s.

  36. Puzzled

    Based on my observations, I am of the opinion that the Chinese workers here on construction sites are not here of their own free will. For a Chinese migrant– NYC yes, but Barbados definitely no, there (in NYC) the cost of living within established Chinese networks and resources is so low. I knew a vietnamese waiter in NYC, an electrical engineer before coming to NYC, who worked as a waiter for 15 years to save enough to return to vietnam to open his own company. Chinese workers in Barbados aren’t on that track.

    As for the Chinese *businesses* here such as restaurants, etc. I am still grappling with the reasons they are here– don’t get me wrong I like Chinese food- but is the opportunity here so great as a small proprietor running a a 10-15 table restaurant? It doesn’t add up to me.