GEMS Hotels Keep Sucking More And More Tax Dollars

You may have thought that the bleeding was all over by now. That Time Out At The Gap and the other cheap and dirty hotels run by that government sinkhole, Hotels and Resorts, were at least self-supporting if not making a profit?

Silly people.

And besides all that tax money that all of us have poured into these dogs, your money is still being used to subsidize them.

No accounting. No explanations. We’d be further ahead to burn the entire chain and at least stop the bleeding!

David and Adrian Loveridge have the latest figures over at Barbados Underground.


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9 responses to “GEMS Hotels Keep Sucking More And More Tax Dollars

  1. Bimsha Boy

    I stayed at Time Out at the gap in May and believe me it was one of the worse places I stayed since I was visiting Barbados. The majority of the staff is very snotty especially those at the service desk and the restaurant. No manners whatsoever, one can tell from their attitude that they are civil servants. Fact is that if they were employed by a privately owned company the would be fired.
    I can’t and would never recommend this place to anyone to stay.
    I had the experience of some sort of repairs going on in the evening long after 5:00 when one would have returned from a day touring the island and expect to have a rest before dinner time. Calling the front desk was fruitless and I was about to go and ask the carpenter to stop the banging above my head.

  2. PiedPiper

    How can a hotel possibley make a profit or even break even @ $419.00 per person for one week. Once US Airways takes their cut what is left? Is the hotel only being kept open in order to keep government employees employed?

  3. FamilyB

    You speak of Time Out at the Gap? A few months back one of my clients had a consultant visit, who opted to stay at the Savannah because of the proximity to the place of business. Chief among the complaints were, leaking room, mediocre service, and a lack of a functioning internet connection. Could these people really be serious about providing business standard accommodation (according to international standards)? Suffice it to say that this time around the Hilton was the hotel of choice.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    The answer is it cannot in the real world.
    But if there is no accountability, no up-to-date audited accounts, hundreds of millions of dollars lost, then they can do almost anything.

    The reality is that GEMS are destablising the private sector tourism industry on Barbados.
    49.7% per cent overall average occupancy in 2004
    across our hotels, apartments and guest houses.
    Or simply put 3,500 rooms stood empty EVERY single night of that year.

    The mission statement by the chairman of Hotels and Resorts Ltd, David Shorey, ‘was to raise the standard on the South Coast’.

    Recently, Vincent Vanderpool Wallace, the Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation suggested that hotel managers/owners used TripAdvisor as a guide to guage their guests satisfaction level.
    Over 16 million people visited Trip Advisor last week

    How does Time Out at the Gap rate?

    Out of 84 hotels rated, Time Out at the Gap is currently number 77.
    Read the comments and the overall rating is based on the of responses of 76 guest experiences.

    Respected tour operators like Hayes and Jarvis are starting to include the TripAdvisor ratings on all hotels listed in their brochures.
    If they feature a GEMS property, with these ratings it will help impact negatively on the destination.

    Not only are Hotels Resorts Ltd failing to attain their mission statement, but they are bringing the standard of the entire tourism industry DOWN on Barbados, while at the same time practicing predatory pricing which has had severe negative financial consequences.

    It is no coincidence that we have lost 25 hotels so far in the last 12 years.

  5. Pogo

    That sucking sound we hear is more and more our money being spent on consultants and friends of Shorey while they carry on stripping our tourist credibility down the toilet.

  6. skill set

    they may be complete incompetents but they have perfected the art of “tiefing” and we are the suckers for having given them our vote and the time to perfect their art.

  7. Green first.

    Barbados Tourism as it exists in the hands of this BLP Government is a royal MESS!
    That is plainly obvious to anyone with a smattering of logic and analytical capability!

  8. Wayne SR Sealy

    What the hell are you guys doing?

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Hotels and Resorts Limited owe $48 million in interest payments’.

    ‘SOME $48 million in interest payments are owed Government by Hotels and Resorts Ltd. This is according to the 2007 Report of the Auditor General which highlighted many areas of operations within the public service. The report said that the Government had loaned Hotels and Resorts Limited BDS$145.3 million in July 2002.
    The loan was made at the rate of 7.25 per cent over a period of 20 years in semi-annual installments payable on June 30 and December 31 each year.
    There was a moratorium on the interest.’

    Barbados Advocate
    page 7 Business Monday
    16th June 2008

    I wonder how anyone can think that the private sector can compete with these ‘special’ trading conditions?

    28 hotels lost. How many more?