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Zenga Zenga – Libyan dictator Gaddafi stars in world popular music video!


One mocking YouTube video goes viral in the Arab world

Musician Noy Alooshe took a clip of Colonel Qaddafi’s latest rant to hunt down protesters “inch by inch, house by house, home by home, alleyway by alleyway,” – and did a few edits. Then came some tweeking of Qaddafi’s voice and all of a sudden the world has a Qaddafi hit song with a bikini wearing blond dancing along.

Nothing more insulting to Gaddafi – that was until the Libyans discovered the clip is put together by a Jew, and the dancing girl is a Jew too. Now, that’s really mocking and insulting!

All I could think of was Owen Arthur

The ability to mock is probably one of the most powerful tools for political change. That’s why today’s Communists and Islamic Supremacists (and in the past the Nazis and British) and all totalitarian authorities, ruthlessly hunt down drawers of cartoons and singers of songs.

The power of mocking is also why the cartoons and songs keep coming around the world. Here at BFP we may have published a few cartoons ourselves, but oh if we only had the talent to take one of Owen Arthur’s speeches and give it the Zenga Zenga treatment!

So far the best we can offer are our favourite five cartoons – featuring Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Chief Justice SIR David Simmons (virgin, puppet or both?) and former Prime Minister David Thompson (God bless him) with his CLICO house-of-cards friend whatshisname? Oh ya, Leroy Parris. (click for large…)



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A little birdie told us…

… that Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson was “recently” chatting at an event with a couple of dozen people standing nearby when he was asked if he had seen the below BFP cartoon (First published in January 2010 and last published on April 28, 2010 as Turks & Caicos citizens question appointment of Barbados Chief Justice Simmons to head Integrity Commission)

PM Thompson is reputed to have smiled and said “I loved it.”

Truth? Fiction? Rumour but not quite accurate?

We believe our source, but we’d love to know someone else’s version because many folks were apparently nearby and laughed and the PM was a little embarrassed because he didn’t realise his response was loud enough to be heard.

Glad to know that we could provide the PM with a chuckle!

Prime Minister Thompson fires Chief Justice SIR David Simmons... and restores the independence of our courts.

Also see…

Barbados Prime Minister slams retiring Chief Justice David Simmons over the ethics of Simmons’ appointment.

Simmons, Arthur & Thompson cartoon becomes the most emailed article in Barbados Government service!

January 3, 2010: Barbados Labour Party finally loses control of Supreme Court – Chief Justice Simmons’ term not extended


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Thompson delivers the fatted calf while the BLP leadership fight each other…

Message to Shona

I saw this photo of a cow in a motorcycle sidecar and just had to insert the Prime Minister delivering the promised “fatted calf”. I’m not as good as you are, but I’d love to see Thompson driving by Owen and Mia having a fist fight on the side of the road. What do you think? Can you do it?

Can any of our readers think of another version or caption?




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Assessment Time In Barbados: Prime Minister Thompson’s First Year



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Barbados Free Press Political Cartoons

Hi folks,

One of our readers asked us to repost yesterday’s header with all the DLP Ministers saying they wouldn’t declare their assets, and that resulted in the new tab up at the top… Cartoons!

We’ll post our political cartoons every so often and sooner or later you’ll see some of your old favourites. We’ll add a few every week in no particular order.


Special thanks to BFP reader “David” for the inspiration.

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Robot Dog Is The Scariest Thing I’ve Seen Since Mia Mottley!


(click on photo to watch YouTube)

You Must Watch This Video!

Ok, ok… we stuck Mia’s head on the robot dog for a laugh, but we had to do something because you won’t believe this technology.

Funded by (who else?) the United States military, this Boston Dynamics project is truly unsettling.

I have seen the future, and I don’t like it one bit!

(But darn, I wish I had the software and knowledge to put Mia’s head on the real video and have the thing walk around with her talking. Oh baby, that would be too funny!)


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UPDATED: Reudon Eversley Says “Not So!” – We Love It When The Barbados Nation News Steals BFP’s Article Ideas Without Attribution

Reudon Eversley Says “Coincidence” – We Believe Him (But Ask A Question)

The former Communications Director for the DLP Election Campaign says he didn’t plagiarise our work – it was just a coincidence. OK, we not only accept that, we truly believe him.

We also believed Mr. Eversley when as Campaign Communications Director he sent us written promises by the DLP that they would do certain things upon being elected.

Here is Mr. Eversley’s comment about not stealing our work, and our response to him – followed by the original article as first published…

Reudon A Eversley
March 8, 2008 at 1:47 pm GMT

So BFP is accusing me of plagiarism. How interesting! As someone who has gone relatively far in the world of academia, it’s a most serious charge indeed and will not go unanswered. I have never been afraid to set the record straight on this site before and I certainly will not be on this occasion.

Today, Saturday, is the first time for this week that I really have had a chance to browse through BFP or any other Bajan blog for that matter. I’ve been out of town too busily engaged in other activities. However, I always check the NATION online first thing every morning when I am away and, reading Arthur’s fulminations last Monday, he immediately came across as behaving like Don Quixote. So I decided there and then that it would be the subject of my Nation column for this week. The article was drafted Monday night, finetuned on Tuesday, and submitted early on Wednesday to satisfy the deadline.

It just happens to be a coincidence that BFP also compared Arthur with Don Quixote. FYI (and the intention is not to boast), I can write with some authority about Don Quixote, as I read the Miguel Cervantes classic in the original Spanish. You see, I was a Spanish student who still speak the language and maintains an active interest in Spanish culture, especially in relation to Latin America.

You, therefore, are unknowingly — as opposed to maliciously which I would never you accuse you of — trying to make a mountain out of a molehill with this issue regarding the comparison with Don Quixote de la Mancha — the character’s full and proper name. You should not be in the dark now as I think I have succeeded in makingh my position pellucidly clear.

As always, best wishes and kindest regards to you.


BFP Says,

Good morning Reudon.

We were wondering if you were away as we thought you’d jump right in to say something one way or the other.

OK… we accept your position that it was a coincidence and we’ll make a note up in the article to put your position forward. Not that this one incident will absolve the Nation News from all the other times they stole stories from us without attribution – of which there are many incidents documented previously.

As far as “mountains out of molehills” – around here we fully admit, embrace and enjoy a rather tabloid style to go along with our serious theme of demanding integrity, transparency and accountability from our government and media. So no offense taken and of course, our best wishes to you too.

And, I’m sure you would agree that our combination of tabloid style and serious content worked out rather well for the DLP in January.

Now… while we have your attention, we’ve been a little disappointed in the new DLP governments failure to live up to promises made during the campaign about the integrity initiatives.

We’ve been holding back a bit to give the new PM and his team a chance to settle in, but frankly we are seeing some very disturbing signs of late.

For today though, we’d like your comment regarding one integrity initiative that was promised IMMEDIATELY after a DLP government took office: the Ministerial Code.

In your January 3, 2008 letter to BFP you clearly stated that the Ministerial Code would be implemented “immediately” upon the government being elected. This was distinct from other initiatives that were to be within 100 days. Also, this is not something that needs to be debated or voted upon: it is simply the government declaring what the rules are for Ministers.

So… why hasn’t the Ministerial Code been declared and released to the public? Did David Thompson not mean what he said?

Make no mistake, Reudon. The government’s failure to follow through with this single very simple initiative is viewed by most folks as an indication that the government’s talk of integrity was indeed a last-minute “cut and paste” election lie.

Marcus, Robert, Cliverton, Shona, George and Auntie Moses

Original Article As First Published…

“(Owen Arthur’s) grandstanding seems a desperate attempt to find relevance in his post-prime ministerial life. However, in declaring war on the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government, he comes across more like the fictional character Don Quixote, who was all bark but no bite…”

Reudon Eversley’s latest piece in The Nation News Reflections – Arthur’s quixotic war is just the latest incident where the Nation News has lifted a story or article idea from Barbados Free Press without attribution.

Oh well. I suppose we shall have to be continue to be content knowing that, according to, Barbados Free Press has at least double the online readership of The Nation News. (quantcast’s figures are way low – but we presume with a uniform error)

That should be embarrassing to senior management at the, er, “newspaper” – but they don’t seem to care about professional standards anyway, so perhaps they aren’t bothered.

Our first-published Arthur-as-Quixote piece: Barbados Nation News: “Owen Arthur Declares War On DLP Government”

BFP reader’s suggestion of Arthur-as-Quixote – see Sentinel’s poem Owen On Dee Warpath


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Barbados Nation News: “Owen Arthur Declares War On DLP Government”


When Owen Declares War… Windmills Tremble!

Click on the image for a high-resolution copy suitable for framing. This may be Shona’s best work yet… matched only by a certain image of the Chief Justice that we promised not to print again until April.

Further Reading: The Nation News – Warpath!

A special thanks to BFP reader Sentinel who suggested this cartoon at the bottom of their wonderful poem Owen On Dee Warpath

Kudos also to BFP reader Hants who reminded Shona to be more accurate in future cartoons involving former Prime Minister Arthur. You can read Hants’ memo to Shona here.


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Mia Mottley Declared Opposition Leader. Meanwhile…



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Updated: Keltruth Blogger Drinking Mount Gay Rum… All Day!


Something strange and truly wonderful has been going on this afternoon at Keltruth Blog (link here). Obviously someone has received an early Christmas present in the form of Photoshop software. Like a kid with a new toy, our blogging friend has been doing nothing else this weekend and the cartoons keep on coming.

The newest cartoon (of which the above is a small excerpt) makes us suspect that the budding artist has also been hitting the Mount Gay pretty heavily.

Photoshop software… hundreds of dollars.

Such irreverent creativity… Priceless!


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Keltruth Blog Enters The World Of Photoshop Humour


Castro, Chavez, Arthur and his little brother Simmons go for a swim…

It takes a special sort of mindset to mock political personalities through drawn or photoshop cartoon creations – and Keltruth Blog has just joined the club.

Welcome to our fellow bloggers with unrefined photoshop skills!

We’re a little bit ahead of you so Shona cleaned up some of the sky around Chavez and Arthur at no charge. 🙂

What’s the cartoon all about?

Head over to Keltruth Blog and find out. (link here)


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The Good Ship Barbados Sails Straight For The Constitutional Iceberg!


Constitutional Vote Called Off!

We have to ask… Can this government make a real plan, or is everything done by chicken entrails at the full moon?

The Monty Python crew in all their glory couldn’t have staged this any better!

Vote Off

THE REFERENDUM ON A REPUBLIC will not now take place at the same time as the next general election.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley said that while Government remained committed to having a referendum, a decision had been taken to postpone such a vote following concerns raised by the Electoral & Boundaries Commission (EBC).

“In light of a number of concerns raised by EBC chairman Philip Serrao and after more in-depth consultation over the past two days, Government has decided not to proceed at the time of the general election with a referendum on whether a Barbadian should be the country’s Head of State,” Mottley told the SUNDAY SUN.

Last Sunday on Starcom Network’s Brass Tacks On Sundays, she said Barbadians would get to vote yes, or no, on whether or not the country becomes a republic, whenever they voted in the next general election.

Yesterday, Serrao confirmed that the EBC had advised Government that the electoral process could be “compromised” by trying to undertake a joint vote at this time.

“I have indicated to Government that after careful consideration I am satisfied that the management of the entire electoral process could be seriously compromised by any attempt to hold simultaneously, a general election and referendum at this time,” he said in a statement…

… continue reading this hilarious bit of comedy at The Nation News (link here)

Our sincere thanks to BFP reader “TC” for this fabulous PhotoShop creation!


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Some Folks Have Difficulty Paying Attention To The Conversation!


Our thanks to a reader who, for some strange reason, prefers to remain anonymous! 😉


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The Independence Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados


Attorney General And Cabinet Minister, Then Chief Justice A Few Days Later

When the highest court in the land has to decide a case between the government and a citizen, will Chief Justice David Simmons be loyal to the law… or to his old friends in government? As a member of the Caribbean Court of Justice, will David Simmons favour an old political associate who is being sued by a citizen?

We shouldn’t even have to think about those questions, but we are forced to because our Chief Justice came directly to his position from the slime and mudslinging of politics where he was a powerful presence and a senior Cabinet Minister in the current Barbados government.

Because the government controlled all media at the time of his appointment, Bajans were denied a proper debate of the appropriateness of making the Attorney General into a supposedly “impartial” judge overnight.

We are going to engage in that debate now, folks – and Barbados Free Press will continue to hammer away at an issue that needs to see the light of day and be discussed in a public forum. David Simmons will be the lead story in our soon-to-be-published next print edition.

Even if the Attorney General had been appointed as an ordinary Judge, it would not have been appropriate. But we aren’t talking just any judge. David Simmons became the Chief Justice – the highest Judge in the land.

David Simmons should not have accepted the position of Chief Justice. His action in accepting was unethical and brought the office of the Chief Justice, the courts and the entire judicial system into disrepute.

IF David Simmons has any honour left, he should resign.

Further BFP Reading About Chief Justice Simmons…

Latest articles first…

Barbados Chief Justice Simmons Tries To Forget His Own Past As He Chides New Lawyers To Be Ethical

Source: Chief Justice Simmons Hiding Witness, Deliberately Obstructing Court Case!

New Blog Alleges: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!

Barbados Jail Builder VECO Added As Defendant In Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons

Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons Wanted To Be…

Waiting For Barbados Chief Justice Simmons

A Hope And A Prayer For Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons

Eight BFP Readers Send Open Letter To Barbados Chief Justice Simmons

Barbados Prison Builder VECO – Political Corruption Scandal Continues – FBI and Tax Police Raid US Senator’s Home

You Want Irony? A Country With No Environmental Protection Laws Sends The Chief Justice To Environmental Law Conference

Trinidad and Tobago Chief Justice Suspended – Sinister Politics Or Protecting Democracy? (And A Word About Barbados’ Chief Justice)

Lawsuit Update: Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, David Shorey And Many Others

Barbados Free Press Receives Full Copy Of Lawsuit “Statement Of Claim” Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons and Others

International Lawsuit Against Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur And Others – Update

Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses

Does Barbados Chief Justice Simmons Own Shares In The Country’s Largest Newspaper?

Barbados Guide To Judicial Conduct “Not Available To Ordinary Public” – But It Doesn’t Matter, It Doesn’t Really Exist Anyway


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Gardin Democracy Sings The Barbados Hospital Blues!



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Gardin Democracy – Grateful That Hurricane Dean Passed Us By, But How Well Prepared Were We?



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Banks Brewery – Just Sex, No Chocolate Please


Banks Calendar Girl Fired


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Gardin Democracy – Barbados Police Adopt New Motto


Also see…

Barbados Reporters Again Assaulted By Police Thugs – But Is The Nation News Reaping What Is Sowed?

Barbados Police Seeking Help To Replace Important Evidence They Intentionally Destroyed – Superintendent “Poop-For-Brains” Broomes Was “In Way Over His Head” At Bus Accident Scene 


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