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More Idiocy As Armed Barbados Police Officers Allow Themselves To Be Searched By Security Volunteers At Cricket World Cup

cricket-barbados-police.jpgPhoto Caption in The Nation News…

Who Is In Charge Of CWC Security – Barbados Police? Foreign Troops? Volunteer Housewives? All Of The Above?

Talk about inspiring confidence in the troops and citizens…

An Inspector of the Royal Barbados Police Force allowed himself and his officers to be searched by Cricket World Cup security volunteers – at least one of whom was an unemployed housewife until a few days ago.

Somebody give Inspector Anthony Bowen a manual called “Leadership 101”

He needs it.

This appalling humiliation of the Royal Barbados Police Force was photographed and is there for all to see in The Nation News …

Search Irks Cop (story link here)

POLICE were on the other end of “searching” at the 3Ws Oval of the University of the West Indies early yesterday morning.

And they were not too pleased about it.

At about 7 a.m., just after the gates were opened at the Cave Hill Campus for the first Cricket World Cup (CWC) warm-up match between Scotland and Sri Lanka, a number of Royal Barbados Police Force officers, one a sergeant and the other an inspector, were stopped after they passed through the gates, told to turn back and then searched by the CWC volunteer security.

Police were visibly upset by the imposition that left a long line of other officers outside, waiting to get into the campus to attend to their posts on the grounds.

The situation led to an exchange of words between the head of security, volunteer security and the officers’ which then led to some telephone calls being made.

However, in the end, the officers were told by the head of security that it was “part of the procedure”.

Stephen Alleyne, chief executive of the Barbados Local Organising Committee (LOC) for CWC, said security was operating in the best interest of the event.

“Security has been fairly tight but at the back of it, it is a world tournament we are involved in and the influences which [we] are subject to would exist anywhere in the world. I think that the security team and the security plan is really aimed at making sure that everybody, both stakeholders and spectators . . . operate in the safest and most secure environment,” he said.

Senior Superintendent Vincent Springer, commander of CWC events, said that the morning situation was a misunderstanding.

He told the DAILY NATION that police had a meeting with the event owners and security directorate since the incident and the force was promised that such a situation would not recur.

Our thanks to BFP reader Hants for pointing this out all the way from Canada. Yes folks, our humiliation is truly worldwide.


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Zimbabwe’s Gutted Cricket Team – What Happens When Politics And Racism Trump Sport


Our Shona is a big fan of Zimbabwe. For those who hadn’t already caught on, her chosen internet name gives some clue as to her roots way back when – as Shona once had family in a country called Rhodesia. “Once” being the operative word. A twist and turn of fate and she might have been born in Africa. Perhaps some day Shona will have a chance to see her family’s old home. I know she would like that as she has a spot in her soul that needs filling and a visit to Zimbabwe might help.

Zimbabwe’s team at Cricket World Cup has only one player with previous World Cup experience, this because of the 2004 incident where 15 players were turfed from the team because they were of the white race. President “for life” Robert Mugabe’s reforms extend to far more than stealing land from the poor and butchering families of opponents – they touch everything in the country and cricket is no exception.

Nobody expects much from Zimabawe’s team. Even their presence is a sad reminder of what might have been before race politics raised it’s ugly head.


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Quotes From Barbados Prime Minister Make For Some Amusing Reading

“Clearly, on a philosophical level, Arthur loves to engage reporters and relishes any question or exchange that can provoke his trademark devilish smirk and boyish smile, just prior to thrusting his dagger…”… Roy Morris in The Nation News Brief Arthur’s Sharp Tongue

What a great statement by Roy Morris in his latest at The Nation News, as he quotes some of Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s name-calling and statements over the years…

“indentured servant” (Arthur talking about reporter Terry Ally)

“negrocrat” (Arthur talking about editor Harold Hoyte)

“… I ain’t come from nowhere” (Arthur talking about himself)

“If you trouble David Simmons, you trouble me.” (Arthur talking about outgoing MP Simmons)

“There is something juvenile about a person purporting to be a leader of a great political party whose occupation is to put letters together… Somebody, please, from the Labour Party, tomorrow buy a box of Scrabble. Give Mr Mascoll a box of Scrabble, because his politics is about putting names and letters together.” (Arthur talking about Clyde Mascoll before he bolted from the DLP to the BLP.)

“I have adopted a personal policy that in my limited time, [for] any events at night, I only do things that give me intense pleasure.” (Arthur talking tongue in cheek about himself)


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Blogging Around From Barbados


Robert Returns: Top Of The Morning To You, Friends!

Robert here. I finally made it home two days ago and crawled out of my bed after sleeping for about 16 hours. It was a tough trip where we ran into problem after problem working with equipment that should have been scrapped a couple of decades ago. Some of the tools were stamped “B.O.A.C.” and every wrench was worn to a size larger than it started out. Two weeks waiting for parts in a country that I hate. Days and days on my back drilling out rivets because the people who were first hired to do the job didn’t know their left hand from their right. Actually, they wouldn’t use their left hands for anything but that’s another story. Well, never mind.

Good to be back. Let’s see what has been going on around the net in the last few days…

My Barbados Blog – Cricket World Cup, Theatre & Cruise Ship Condos

Linda has posted a few interesting articles including linking to a primer on Cricket World Cup – everything you need to know. She also has a post about the cruiseship The World that is best described as a floating condo full of rich old folks traveling the world. A marvel of technology, I understand that the ship is powered by Gin & Tonic.

The Holders Performing Arts Festival starts on March 13th and Linda has the schedule and links posted here.


Barbados Labour Party Blog – Polls, Dogs and Peeling Paint

Under the title Dismal David, the BLP Blog talks about the results of a recently released poll that shows Bajans aren’t lining up to chuck BLP’s Owen Arthur for DLP’s David Thompson. We didn’t need another poll to tell us that the excitement generated by David Thompson’s leadership rates just ahead of watching a bad paint job peel in the sun, but the BLP aren’t exactly inspiring confidence in the people either.

I forget the exact numbers, but about half of the folks interviewed for the poll “hadn’t decided” or “wouldn’t say”, which is usually polite Bajan for “I hate the whole lot of them and if one honest person stepped onto the field I’d vote for them in a second.”

The BLP shouldn’t be too smug, but spin they will!


Gallimaufry Blog – Too Much Woman For Me

Titillayo is a smart girl. Much more of an academic than yours truly which is not difficult. Strangely I am attracted to her highbrow writing in a most sensual way. I say “strangely” because I don’t normally do well with academics generally and women academics in particular. Fact is, I don’t do well with women at all. They don’t put up with me so I gave up on serious relationships a long time ago. My fault, not the womens’. I’m away far too often to make a good husband and I am told I have many other faults too.

Still, there is a part of me that wants a real home and that would take a woman to talk to. Maybe someday.

For now I’ll have to be content with reading Titillayo quoting from The Female Body as a Redemptive Tool Against Trinidad’s Gender-Biased Laws.

Of Barbados Vampires, The Old Hag & Transparency

BIM runs Is There Anybody Out There? blog and has posted a tale called The Hag Lives On.

The Hag is an old Bajan vampire tale of a woman who leaves her skin by the crossroads to go forth invisible at night as she sucks the blood of the living. The old folks say that if you can find her skin and roll it with salt and lime the Hag will not be able to re-enter her skin and will die a final death.

BIM has some warnings and doubts and (I think) relates the Hag to some politicians and others. A good read. See what you make of her old vampire tale.


CPAC 2007: The Unauthorized Documentary

The Conservative Political Action Conference just ended and through a series of links starting at Barbados Forum I found an amusing YouTube video by The Nation’s Max Blumenthal. I say “amusing” because Blumenthal has done a good job exposing a lot in the “conservative” message that makes me uncomfortable. (Are you listening Marcus my friend?)

The video is fun if you are or aren’t into American politics. Doesn’t matter. Check it out here.


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