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Richard Goddard Writes: Cricket – A Gentleman’s Game No More


Cricket Murder In Jamaica

The sudden and tragic death (murder by manual strangulation of the neck) of Bob Woolmer, 58 years, on the 12th floor of the Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica should be a wake up call to the ICC and all sporting organizations. With the professionalisation of most sports: horse racing, cricket, rugby, soccer, etc. with big salaries and heavy gambling, corruption including murder has become a social norm.

Huge sums of money are lost or won on inside information, and players who are earning US $100,000 – $10 million per year, are easily bought. Millions of dollars change hands. In recent years cricket, which was considered a gentleman’s game, played by gentlemen, is now a gentlemen’s game played by professional gamblers, most of whom could not earn a living in civvy street. Many, after their playing days are done, continue in sports as announcers, sportswriters, coaches and other jobs, at a much reduced income. It is a case of jobs for the boys.

Woolmer was well placed to know what was going on in the sporting world, and who was receiving payoffs, and not performing to their capabilities. He was also the coach of the South African cricket team in the 1990s, when the South African captain, Hansie Kronje was found guilty of match fixing with gambling connections in India, and barred for life from the sport.

The ICC under Malcolm Speede must share responsibility in the strangulation of Woolmer.

In 2006 Bob Hair, white Australian international cricket umpire called against the Pakistan team on their tour of England for ball tampering. The Pakistani Captain kept his team off the field of play and Hair awarded the match to England . Millions of dollars in the gambling world were lost.

Instead of the ICC supporting Hair, he was removed as an international umpire. This support action to remove Hair was led by India and Pakistan, and supported by the WICB, including their media. It was an opportunity for international cricket to make a stand against corruption and gambling, but like Judas, they took the 12 pieces of silver, and sacrificed Hair to the gamblers.

I am pleased to see the Assistant Commissioner of the Jamaica Police is a former member of the Metropolitan Police of London, and that gives me confidence that he will bring in the overseas resources to ensure that the murderers, plural because it would have taken more than 1 man to subdue and strangle Woolmer who was found in his room and pronounced dead at the hospital, and the body taken to the hospital where only a medical officer can pronounce death. It is reported that the Pakistan Cricket Team has been finger printed and will be going to Montego Bay for 2 days of rest before returning to India . My advice is that the whole team should remain in Jamaica under the jurisdiction of the Jamaica Court .

This should be read in conjunction with the fact that Jamaica is in itself a most violent island, with 2.5 million population, and 1,650 reported murders per year. This is one of the highest murder rates in the world.

It was said that Bob Woolmer was found at 11 a.m. in his room by a cleaner, but it has not been mentioned who last saw him alive and in normal circumstances. Security was extremely heavy, and only a person authorized to be in that area, and known to Woolmer, would have been able to enter his room.

I look forward to the suspects being charged and arrested, and that there be no cover-ups to be politically correct, as is the new nom-de-plume for wrong doing.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Goddard, Barbados



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Did Any Chinese Poisoned Wheat, Flour Or Pet Food Come To Barbados?

Barbados Health Authorities Need To Act Now – Rat Poison Found In Imported Chinese Wheat

60 Million Bags Of Pet Food Recalled So Far

No Indications That Poisoned Wheat Was Used In Human Food – For Now

NEWS OF A POTENTIAL WORLDWIDE HEALTH CRISIS is breaking as authorities in many countries scramble to discover whether any poisoned wheat or flour has been used in human food.

Over 60 million cases of pet food have been recalled after hundreds of pets became ill – many unto death with kidney failure apparently caused by rat poison in pet food.

So far, there are no reports that any of the wheat found it’s way into human food – but that is a far cry from announcing that all is well after an investigation has been completed. In addition, there are always concerns in US urban areas about human consumption of pet food by the poor.

Rat Poison In Imported Chinese Wheat

So far, indications are that the source of the aminopterin rat poison in the pet food is from pesticide sprayed upon tons of wheat imported from China and used by pet food manufacturer Menu Foods.

Has Barbados Received Any Wheat Or Flour From China – Ever?

There are so many unknowns at this point in time. Has Barbados ever received any wheat or flour from China? Has Barbados ever imported any of the recalled pet foods?

The Bajan Media Should Be All Over This Story – For The Good Of Us All

Nation News… Barbados Advocate… CBC…. get to work.

Story Links

Breitbart: Tainted Chinese Wheat Behind US Pet Poisonings

ABC News: Pet Food Maker To Take Responsibility For Pet Deaths


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Here’s A Time Waster!

Well .. I was just about to head to bed after a late night writing session when I discovered this:

Online Multi-Player Artillery!


Now THIS is addictive . .

Time for bed,


(To the rest of the BFP crew: I’ve been swamped over here, thanks for picking up the slack. Drinks will be on me!)


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