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Surfing The Barbados Blogsphere On A Thursday Evening

Nuthin’ to it…

Sitting here with a Banks beer enjoying the sunset, I can see the ocean but can’t hear it. The #11 ZR just levitated by with  the sounds of some Marley trailing it in the dust. They aren’t supposed to do that anymore, or so we heard – but how could it be the number eleven without some chords?

Earlier, a Bico (ice cream) truck went down the road playing it’s little song, so the boy and I ran out and stopped it and had a little before-dinner treat. (Don’t tell mum, she’ll have to pretend to be vex.)

I am very mellow this evening – far more mellow than the Minister of Tourism who, a friend says, could be heard screaming down the hall just after his mid-day break at The Savannah. Something about a Brass Tacks and words we can’t dare print here lest we cause Auntie Moses to administer a flogging.

Surfing here and there, we found some new and wonderous blogs and websites this afternoon. Here they are…

Living In Barbados Blog

Tales of the Jones family who have recently moved from Washington USA to Barbados for some sort of diplomatic or academic posting. Nice people who share some of their adventures and photos through their blog. Welcome to BIM, folks!

KairosFocus Blog

Gordon Mullings runs Kairosfocus Blog out of somewhere in the Caribbean… perhaps Jamaica? He has been commenting recently on BFP and today took on the subject of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Gordon looks like one of those fanatical Christians who actually believe upon Jesus and not just on Sunday morning when mama drags him out of bed. I guess worse accusations could be made about someone.

Reminds me of a preacher I heard many years ago and a tract that someone shoved in my hand one Wednesday night when all I wanted to do was sneak out the back and meet a certain little lady at Grape Hall. The title of the tract was “If You Were Accused Of Being A Christian, Would A Court Have Enough Evidence To Convict?”

Probably not this week.

Indoctrinate U Documentary Film

Interesting movie trailer of a documentary film about indoctrination at American Universities. Sure, I’d love to see the full documentary. Wonder if they would dare to show it at UWI?

And now… off to work I go!


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Human Rights Committee – Barbados Should Stop Flogging Students… HUH?

Tie that rascally 7 year old to the masthead and flog the tar out of her!

‘An doan forget to use a well-oiled whip… Aye Captain!

We haven’t seen a good flogging in weeks – days anyway.

You find the darndest stuff online. We have no idea where this comes from or what “Human Rights Committee” this is talking about, but the name “Louis Tull” is mentioned as heading the Barbados delegation to the “committee”…

21 March 2007 — The delegation of Barbados faced a flurry of questions from experts of the Human Rights Committee on its legal stance on the death penalty, corporal punishment, the criminalization of homosexuality and police brutality in the island nation, as it presented its third periodic report on progress in implementing the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Experts critiqued everything from the scarcity of statistics on police brutality and prevention methods to the accepted practice of flogging children in public schools, as well as the lack of a national human rights commission. Several experts urged the delegation to ban the death penalty on humanitarian grounds. One expert noted a strong “founding fathers” approach on law of treaties in Barbados and the tendency to allow public opinion to dictate human rights policy, regardless of whether it was just.

Louis Tull, who headed the delegation, said Barbados had a long-standing and consistent tradition of resolute commitment to promote, protect and respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. Noting that some of the Committee members had said at Barbados’ oral hearing on 24 March 2005 that “Barbados has nothing to hide,” he urged the Committee not to adopt a “punitive approach” in its deliberations, nor to distort Barbados’ record by focusing solely on certain laws –- notably the death penalty law – which were prohibited by the Covenant but reflected the cultural and societal mores of the Barbadian people…

… continue reading this article online at The American Patriot (link here)


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Barbados Minister Of Tourism Dictates To Cowardly StarCom Network – “Adrian Loveridge Not Allowed On Brass Tacks Radio Show Panel”

Radio Network Caves Under Government Pressure To Censor Well Known Tourism Advocate

Barbados Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch, has finally agreed to appear on the 25th March edition of Down to Brass Tacks Sunday. This apparently took some doing by radio call-in show host David Ellis, who has been trying for months to have Minister Lynch speak to citizens on the call-in show.

However, the Minister has refused to allow popular hotelier Adrian Loveridge to appear live on the programme as part of a panel to question the Minister regarding a number of concerning issues in the tourism sector.

This is most embarassing for the StarCom Network as an invitation to Mr. Loveridge had already been extended and accepted. Mr. Loveridge has now been cancelled from the panel lineup.

What is the Minister worried about, that he may be asked an awkward question or two?

Hopefully BFP readers will call in to question the Minister this Sunday March 25th or email their questions and comments to:

dellis@starcomnetwork.net or brasstacks@vob929.com

BFP readers may remember that Minister Lynch also had Adrian Loveridge fired from his job as a columnist at the Barbados Advocate Newspaper – for daring to ask awkward questions. (BFP article link here)

Like all elitist politicians who are past their “best by” date, Minister Lynch has a tremendous sense of entitlement. Freedom of the press means nothing to a cowardly bully like Noel Lynch.


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Opposition Member Denis Kellman Doesn’t Know What Transparency Is Either!


Just as Senator Sir Allan “Give Me An Embassy Car Now Dammit!” Fields was all aglow about the government’s switching to the accrual accounting system, Democratic Labour Party MP Denis Kellman was also spouting off in The Nation Newspaper praising the government for switching from cash to accrual accounting and saying that the change would provide “greater transparency”.

Kellman obviously hasn’t a clue.

Switching to another system of accounting has nothing to do with transparency. Transparency comes from legally mandated openness that allows ordinary citizens to examine the underlying data supporting any government document or claim.

Kellman also thinks that the toothless puppy dog Auditor General will be able to do a fine job despite the fact that under the new law the government tells the Auditor General what and when he may audit. The Auditor General of Barbados has no power to subpoena or investigate. In fact, government and individuals may safely ignore the Auditor General because he has no power to compel any cooperation from anyone.

Maybe Kellman didn’t read the legislation. Maybe he didn’t realize what it said when he voted for the legislation.

Oh… was he even in Parliament when it was voted on? How are we citizens supposed to know?

Poor Barbados… We have no citizen access to information, a corrupt strongman for a leader, ineffective idiots for opposition and a toothless puppy dog for an Auditor General.

Banana Republic indeed.

The Nation News: New Accounting System To Provide “Transparency”


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