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Same BBC Reporter Involved In Security Breach Gives Failing Grade To Cricket World Cup

“The problems begin at the airport. There are only four customs counters. The time taken to clear television equipment through ranges from an hour to two hours. Foreign media crew expect long waits.

“The flight schedules are awkward and there are only a couple of connecting flights for passengers from the Indian subcontinent.

“Travel within Barbados is hard. A distance of five kilometres, the distance between my hotel and the Kensington Oval cricket ground, takes an hour or more and taxi fares are never less than $15….”

… Boria Mujamdar, BBC Journalist

Ian Bourne has the details at Bajan Reporter (link here)

Previous BFP story: Former Barbados Tourism Authority Chairman Arranges Security Breach For Strangers At Cricket World Cup


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Cricket World Cup – Special Rules For Veiled Women At Security Checkpoints


At What Point Does Tolerance Of Muslim Veils Become Dangerous?

After the London transit murder bombings in July of 2005, one of the surviving (male) Jihadists evaded police by dressing as a Muslim woman wearing a burka. (London Transit video image above)


In Florida, a court ruled that Muslim women who wish to drive must allow their face to be photographed and must reveal their face to any police officer just like any normal driver.

The Florida litigant, a Muslim woman named Sultana Freeman, had argued that removing her veil for a driver’s license photograph was against her religious freedom – but her comments on her blog showed wearing the veil in a different light…

For Sultana Freeman, wearing the veil is part of JIHAD!

From Sultana Freeman’s website… (story link here)


* Have a mark of jihad on Judgement Day
* Recognize that jihad is not accepted, even martyrdom, if its purpose was not solely for the sake of Allah, swt.

“So, let’s start learning how we can do the things that support the brothers on the front line in jihad, if this type of jihad beyond hajj is something, thru dua to Allah, swt, we believe we should be doing, and Allah the Majestic, the Most Great knows the conditions of all persons.”

“Nobody said the path would be easy; wearing niqab alone can become jihad in an oppressive land.”‘

“Those who have the time and inclination, please join Muttaqun Foundation for opportunities of jihad, and this starts with spreading the daw’ah to the straying Muslims first, to build up the Muslim communities so we can best be prepared to bring in the new Muslims as they are coming in, and they surely are coming in, masha’Allah.”

Above : Quotes from Sultaana Freeman on her Muttaqun website under the heading “Jihad” and “Martyrdom.”

Female Jihadists Are More Dangerous Than Men Because Security Personnel Often Waive Rules For Women

Female bombers have murdered many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent men, women and children in the worldwide Muslim terror jihad. They are often able to evade early detection because police and security personnel are reluctant to apply the same security standards to women as they do to men. This is natural in the Western world where most police and security personnel are males who have been taught the societal norms of respect towards women, and especially pregnant women or mothers with young children.


Significant Numbers Of Muslim Women Willing To Sacrifice Themselves – And Their Children – For Jihad

In 2004, two Muslim women used their modest baggy clothing to conceal the bombs that blew up two Russian airliners within minutes of each other – killing all men, women and children on board. Muslim mothers in Palestine often urge their sons and daughters to become jihad homicide bombers – and dozens of schools and streets are named after suicide bombers. Their families are venerated. School textbooks and television shows and cartoons throughout the Middle East indoctrinate young girls as well as boys to become homicide bombers.

If you doubt the veracity of the above paragraph or the widespread nature of this indoctrination throughout the Middle East, I invite you to visit MEMRI.org or PMW.org where you can view the school materials and television broadcasts and judge for yourself. Also Wikipedia Baby Suicide Bomber – shown below…


From New York Daily News…

The threat posed by women is real, and it can’t be overlooked,” Rachel Weiner, an NYPD intelligence specialist, said at a security conference yesterday.

The warning was not in response to a threat against any specific targets in the city, but a general caveat for private security in light of the radicalization of women in other parts of the world.

What this means is that we don’t have the luxury of ignoring 50% of our population in assessing whether someone is a threat,” Weiner said.

Cossor Ali, a young mother among two dozen suspects accused in a London-based plot to blow up U.S.-bound flights, intended to use her 8-month-old baby’s bottle to hide a liquid explosive, authorities said.

Counter-terrorism experts noted that 19 of the 41 Chechen militants in the 2002 siege of a Moscow theater were women, part of a group known as the “black widows.” More than 120 civilians were killed.

Experts said yesterday that female terrorists achieve martyr status among radicals. Wafa Idris, widely considered the first female Palestinian suicide bomber, killed one person and injured more than 150 in an attack in Jerusalem in 2002. She has a Palestinian summer camp named in her honor…

… read the entire article (link here)


Royal Barbados Police Force Promises Special Treatment For Muslim Veiled Women

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin has promised Barbados’ Muslims that veiled women will not have to show their faces to male police officers at Cricket World Cup security checkpoints.

During a February 2, 2007 meeting between police and Muslims at the Jumma Masjid Mosque, police were asked to have female officers present at the checkpoints as some veiled Muslim women “would not reveal their faces to the men (police officers)”. The Commissioner assured Muslims that their customs would not be disrespected, so presumably female officers will be stationed at each security checkpoint or be available nearby on call.

Cliverton Says “What’s The Harm In Making This One Concession For Our Muslim Neighbours?”

What does it matter if Muslim women are allowed to have special rules about when and how they reveal their identities to police?

Does it really do any harm if we as a society make this one concession for our Muslim neighbours? There will probably be female police officers fairly nearby anyway, so even if there are no female officers at a security checkpoint, if the Muslim woman doesn’t want to show her face to a male, she will just have to wait until a female officer can be found.

What’s the harm in that?

Robert Says “It Is Not Just About The Veil At Cricket World Cup. The Chief’s Promise Has Serious Implications For Barbados”

I have five primary objections to Chief Dottin extending special consideration to Muslim veiled women…

1/ It sets an unreasonable precedent, not only for police and security, but for others in Barbados who must deal with persons based upon knowing their true identities. The veil issue will not end with Cricket World Cup security checkpoints. This is but a beginning.

Will male police officers wishing to charge a Muslim woman with say, a driving offense, have to call a female officer to identify the accused before a court because the male officer is not allowed to identify the accused? Will the male Judge be allowed to look upon the face of an accused Muslim woman? Will there be special courts? How about other societal activities where identity is crucial – such as voting, obtaining a bank loan, picking up small children from daycare, dispensing of dangerous prescription drugs, buying or selling of goods and a host of other activities where accountability and responsibility demand that people be able to identify other involved persons?

2/ It extends special rights to one group of persons in Barbados, based solely upon their apparent religious belief or practice.

Cliverton stated “What does it matter if Muslim women are allowed to have special rules about when and how they reveal their identities to police?”

Let me add to his statement the words… “- in circumstances where women of every other religion have to reveal their identities?”

3/ It extends an official legitimacy to the veiling of Muslim women – a practice that many, including myself and countless Muslim women, view as an outward sign of the oppression of women within the Muslim religion and associated cultures.

4/ It is viewed by many Muslims as an official recognition and validation of part of Sharia – that code of Muslim law that includes many rules that are barbaric and/or oppressive to women and non-Muslims. Official recognition of any part of Sharia is viewed by many Muslims as a “first step” towards further implementation of Sharia in a non-Muslim society.

5/ It is viewed by many non-Muslims as an official recognition and validation of part of Sharia – that will encourage further demands that Barbados change rules and societal norms to comply with Muslim practices. For any doubts about that – do a little research on what is happening regarding the adoption of Muslim standards in France and England.

6/ It may result in police or security personnel taking a chance with security if a female officer is not available within a reasonable time. I can just see it now. A veiled (presumed) female approaches a security checkpoint where only male officers are present. The call goes out for a female officer, but none can be found. 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 25 minutes pass. Now what?

“Ahhhh… go ahead”

The question is much bigger than Cricket World Cup. The question will soon be, “Are we willing to adopt Muslim veil rules throughout our society?”

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Times Online: Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead For Breaking Islamic Dress Code

CNN: Judge: Woman Can’t Cover Face On Driver’s License

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Lord Forte: Old Friend Of Barbados Passes


Purchased Sandy Lane in 1967

We received this from a BFP reader earlier today…

“Yesterday a good friend of Barbados passed away and I think some mention is due by BFP. Lord Forte was the force behind Forte Hotels who purchased Sandy Lane in 1967. See his Obituary from the telegraph newspaper in the UK.”

I know nothing of Charles Forte and I wasn’t even a twinkle in my father’s eye when he was associated with Sandy Lane, but out of curiosity I read every word of his 3-page obituary at The Telegraph.

You have to admire a man who came to Scotland from Italy in 1914, was interned as an enemy alien for part of World War II (despite the fact that his food business was by that time feeding Londoners during the Blitz) and then carried on to prosper as he did. No bitterness – nothing public anyway and certainly nothing that stood in his way or impaired his family.

I don’t see anything in his obituary to indicate any connection with Barbados, but perhaps some of our other readers might remember Charles Forte.

Barbados Seems To Only Honour And Remember Certain Folks

As an aside, I don’t know if Charles Forte contributed anything to Barbados other than his ownership of Sandy Lane, but I started thinking that lately it seems to be our national character to not acknowledge or honour historical figures or prominent persons who have positively impacted Barbados unless they are a member of a group who share a common trait.

Can any of our readers tell me what that common trait is… or tell me I’m off base?

The comment section is open.

From The Telegraph UK…

Lord Forte

The Lord Forte, formerly Charles Forte, who died yesterday aged 98, was perhaps Britain’s best-known hotelier and caterer of the post-war era and the founder of a vastly successful corporate empire.

Forte once claimed to have “transformed the hotel and catering industry of this country” and there was truth in this claim. From his earliest beginnings in the Meadow Milk Bar in Upper Regent Street, Forte was associated with virtually every milestone in the development of popular British catering, whether it was the concessions at the new Heathrow Airport and the Festival of Britain, the Newport Pagnall service station on the M1 or the later chains of Happy Eaters and Little Chefs.

But he was also a restaurateur in grander style at the Café Royal and Quaglino’s; and he will be remembered especially as the owner of an international portfolio of hotels which included the George V in Paris and the Grosvenor House in London, a field in which his achievement invites comparison with Conrad Hilton or César Ritz…

… continue reading Lord Forte’s obituary at Telegraph UK (link here)

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