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Earthrace Continues On After Fatal Crash


From Stuff.co.nz…

Earthrace Presses On With Record Bid

New Zealand boat skipper Pete Bethune says he is still pressing on with his bid for a speed record for circumnavigation of the world despite the loss of 10 days bailed up in a Guatemalan naval depot.

Mr Bethune was tonight crossing the Gulf of Tehuantepec at 40kph, headed for a refuelling stop at Acapulco tomorrow morning.

He said it had been suggested the record bid be re-started at the next stop after Acapulco, San Diego, where the biodiesel-powered trimaran will set out on one of its longest legs, to Hawaii.

“But at this stage we would rather just keep to our planned Barbados finish,” he said in a satellite phone interview. “We’re trying to get the boat to Acapulco quickly and to San Diego quickly.

… continue reading this article at Stuff.co.nz (link here

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Two Sources: Air India Charters To Barbados Cricket World Cup Cancelled – Can Anyone Confirm?


Barbados Free Press has just this instant received information from two separate sources that the much-hyped-by-government Air India charter flights to Cricket World Cup have been cancelled.

The spin-doctors have been denying for days that India’s loss at Cricket World Cup would scuttle huge numbers of Asian fans. Just yesterday, The Nation News ran a typically-reassuring article titled Bharat Army Still Coming – but within the story is the news that many Indian fans are giving their tickets away to Caribbean charities.

Not to mention the number of Asian and North-American based Pakistan fans who will not be attending.

One of our sources – a small hotel on the platinum coast – reports loosing 50% of Cricket World Cup bookings within hours after India was defeated. Another source runs a bed & breakfast and is now empty for all of April except for one of two rooms booked next week.

Government is smiling and spinning, but the room cancellations can’t be denied. Everybody knows – and those who have the luxury of being angry are the lucky ones. Many of the small folks are feeling too frightened to be angry…

… Yet.

When someone has a definitive answer to the Air India Charters, would they kindly let us know.



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Individuality 1977 – Bajan Diplomat Runs Blog Out Of New York City!

At least, we think Individuality1977 is a diplomat working as an assistant to the Barbados Ambassador to the United Nations… we think so far. He might be a diplomat for another West Indian country, but I’d lay a dollar on Barbados.

We do know he was born in 1977, shaves his head bald, is crazy for cricket, is a Muslim and is laid up with a knee injury.

As you would expect with any blog written by a career diplomat, our friend stays well away from controversial subjects – but that doesn’t mean that his blog is uninteresting. Quite the contrary. Cricket fans will immediately take a liking to this blog, as will history buffs.

He links to a few cricket and West Indies blogs but, alas, does not link to Barbados Free Press. That’s ok – we totally understand why he can’t link to us.

Individuality1977 sounds like a decent chap trying to do a decent job for his country – but he misses his cricket like crazy!

Good luck to our new blogging friend, and we hope his knee heals soon.

Places to start at Individuality1977…

Sharpeville Massacre 1960, Inzamam and the End of a Glorious Career

Intellectual Drought

Home Page

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Bajan Dream Project Blog Says “Strong Opposition Gives Hope For A More Balanced Democracy In Barbados” – Sorry We Have To Disagree…


“…I will not – like the Barbadians pictured – shower adulation on the PM and his 13 year old rhetoric. While as a PR practitioner I can congratulate him on his ability to maintain popular opinion even in light of dire circumstances (increased debt, less foreign exchange, increasing land sales to foreigners, spiraling cost of living, et al.), I really have to say that this Prime Minister – and his cabinet – have left the average Barbadian wanting… no, not wanting another luxury golf course or condominium, or wanting Cove Bay and other Barbadian birthrights to be sold to the highest bidder – but wanting urgent social change. Indeed, relief from the burdens that increasingly make life as a poor or middle class Barbadian exceedingly difficult.

… from the Bajan Dream Project blog (link here)

We Have To Point Out That Fine Words From Politicians Mean Nothing Anymore…

Our friend over at the Bajan Dream Project blog is all excited about the fine words from DLP Opposition Leader David Thompson. Like so many Bajans, the Bajan Dream Project still believes that words from a politician indicate an actual and sincere intent.

Our blogging friend believes that electing Thompson and the DLP will result in betterment for the people. Why? Because Thompson and the DLP are… what ? More honest? Can be trusted to ignore temptations of power where Owen Arthur and friends have failed? Are more sincere than Arthur and the BLP? Will not take advantage of the absence of rules to feather their own nests?

It is our opinion that without legislated conflict of interest and integrity standards, the DLP is the same as the BLP. The only difference will be which gang of piggies gets to feed at the trough.

Either of these parties could have introduced integrity legislation and conflict of interest rules at any time during the past 13 years. Both failed to do this. Both have promised in the past to introduce the necessary legislation, but did not keep those promises.

Why should the Bajan Dream Project believe the DLP and Thompson now?

Our blogging friend is naive to think that Thompson and the DLP will be any more honest than the BLP piggies.

We need transparency laws, integrity legislation and conflict of interest rules to keep honest people honest, and to hold the crooks accountable.

Nothing less will do.


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Cricket World Cup Squeezing Bar Owners Who Show Cricket On TV

I think that St Lucians are coming to realize that Cricket World Cup is not for us. The only people who are benefiting is ICC and big business. I don’t see any benefit for the man on the street. It is pretty sad that and event that had been billed as something that would help the economy and present opportunities has turned into something that locals feel totally shut out of.

As a bar owner I can tell you that HMS is not getting a cent from me in order for them to make money. It is unfair for them to spring this on us now. People have been watching cricket in bars for years. I guess they call it modernization.

Jasmine Octave, bar owner, Gros Islet, St. Lucia

Watching Cricket In A Bar? Pay Up!

What could be more natural than gathering at your local bar to watch cricket and raise a few glasses of beer with your friends? Of course, if the bar owner wants to show Cricket World Cup, according to the St. Lucia Star, someone will have to pay up $600.

And to really rub salt into the wound, the bar owners have just been told about this.

What is the story in Barbados? I haven’t been to a bar since reading the article about 5 minutes ago, but now I think I need a drink.

Story Link

The Star Online: Bar Owners Speak Out On Paying To Show Cricket On Their Premises


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Carnival Destiny Offers Cut Rate Barbados Cruise – Post Cricket World Cup

I know nothing of the travel industry – but I suspect that if bookings on the Carnival Destiny were good for the immediate post-CWC period, they wouldn’t be offering any cut rates.

But what do I know?

The Nation News: Special Cruise On Carnival Destiny


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Controversy Over Barbados Born & Raised Sex Vicar David Tudor


Church Of England Vicar Had Sex With Under-Age Girls – Church Won’t Fire Him, He Won’t Quit

Barbados born and raised Church of England Vicar David Tudor served jail time for his crimes, but had his conviction overturned on a technicality.

Because there was no conviction, the church won’t fire Tudor and he won’t resign.

Message For The Church And Barbados Politicians…

To say “I’m not guilty of breaking any laws” is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Story Link

The Sun: Sex Vicar Forces Kid’s Club Shut

A big glass of rum to BFP reader L for the tip! 


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