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The Bystander Finds A Speelling Chequer – And Takes Issue With Paul Altman’s Real Estate Assessment

We had a little fun the other day with The Bystander Blog – but it looks like not only has he found his spelling checker, he has something worthwhile to say. Head over and read Foreign Ownership Of Land In Barbados.


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Muslim Terrorists Use Children To Divert Suspicion – Then Blow Up Children In Auto

Last year a British Muslim couple planned to carry liquid bombs in their baby’s bottles to blow up themselves and their infant son to take down an airliner full of innocent men, women and children.

If we need yet another reminder that some folks don’t play by the same rules as we do, it is reported today that Iraqi terrorists used children passengers to get through security checkpoints and then blew up the car with the children in it – after they ran away.

I hope our Cricket World Cup security folks are wide awake all the time.

Read the full story at Breitbart.com (link here)


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Europe’s Foremost IT Website On Outrageous Cricket World Cup Internet Charges – And Barbados Free Press

From The Register – Biting The Hand That Feeds IT… 

World Cup Internet Charges – Just Not Cricket! 

Some saw it coming, others didn’t. When the first world media decamps to the developing world the last expression you expect to hear is “value for money”.

However, the Cricket World Cup in the West Indies is something of a record breaker for charging heavily for things that fail to work quite as expected.

Former England cricketer Derek Pringle – a seasoned world traveller with both a bat and a laptop – issued an early warning last year in his column in the Daily Telegraph.

“Next year’s World Cup in the Caribbean is threatening exploitation on a scale not seen in the region since pirates and colonial overlords plundered it hundreds of years ago. Hotels are the main culprits by tripling rack rates and their barefaced refusal to refund hefty deposits should any plans change.”

However, in-situ, the main bone of contention seems to be local technology hosts who are the monopoly supplier of communication services. The slowest wireless service per day is $60 for the six megabyte option. Add $50 to that for once-only set up charges.

Those wanting fixed line access are being asked to pay between $99 and $360 per week, but in a clever twist most journalists have to pay a month’s charges to cover the full tournament – even if their team goes home early. Those taking the top of the range service for the full World Cup are being asked to pay a whopping $720 with calls charged made through the line not included.

(At the last Cricket World Cup in South Africa fixed line access was only a token $7 a day.)…

… continue reading this article at The Register UK (link here)


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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Here’s a fascinating argument refuting the current model of man-made global warming being espoused by former vice-president Al Gore and the like.

The video’s just over an hour long, but trust me, you’ll want to watch the whole thing.


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Which Barbados Resorts Are For Sale?

According to this press release, some Barbados resorts are being offered for sale. Anything is for sale if the price is right, but I wonder if any of the GEMS scandal properties are being offered?

The website appears to only offer individual units at Merricks, so perhaps that is all that is up for sale by this agent.

Does anyone have any information about any full resorts or hotels that are actively being offered for sale in Barbados?


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Barbados Government To Pay For Sweet Little Girl’s Cleft Lip Surgery


For Now: Good

Later: The fight for free health care for all citizens will continue. How there could have been any discussion at all about whether government should pay for Nicollet Mayer’s surgery is beyond our belief.

Original BFP story: Sweet Little Girl Needs Surgery To Correct Cleft Lip – Barbados Hospital Won’t Operate Unless Paid Up Front


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EarthRace Collision At Sea – One Presumed Dead


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 19, 2007 15:00hrs

The “Earthrace in Barbados” event regrets to inform the public that the Earthrace vessel was involved in a collision at 12:30am with a Guatemalan fishing boat which has tragically resulted in the loss of one fisherman, who is presumed drowned and the serious injury to another fisherman. No injuries are reported from the Earthrace crew. Our deepest sympathies are extended to the families and friends of the fishing vessel. Earthrace is currently docked at a military compound in Puerto Quetza, Guatemala. No further statement can be made at this time until further details are confirmed from Earthrace. For more information when it becomes available, please check http://www.earthrace.net/index.php?section=46 .


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