More Idiocy As Armed Barbados Police Officers Allow Themselves To Be Searched By Security Volunteers At Cricket World Cup

cricket-barbados-police.jpgPhoto Caption in The Nation News…

Who Is In Charge Of CWC Security – Barbados Police? Foreign Troops? Volunteer Housewives? All Of The Above?

Talk about inspiring confidence in the troops and citizens…

An Inspector of the Royal Barbados Police Force allowed himself and his officers to be searched by Cricket World Cup security volunteers – at least one of whom was an unemployed housewife until a few days ago.

Somebody give Inspector Anthony Bowen a manual called “Leadership 101”

He needs it.

This appalling humiliation of the Royal Barbados Police Force was photographed and is there for all to see in The Nation News …

Search Irks Cop (story link here)

POLICE were on the other end of “searching” at the 3Ws Oval of the University of the West Indies early yesterday morning.

And they were not too pleased about it.

At about 7 a.m., just after the gates were opened at the Cave Hill Campus for the first Cricket World Cup (CWC) warm-up match between Scotland and Sri Lanka, a number of Royal Barbados Police Force officers, one a sergeant and the other an inspector, were stopped after they passed through the gates, told to turn back and then searched by the CWC volunteer security.

Police were visibly upset by the imposition that left a long line of other officers outside, waiting to get into the campus to attend to their posts on the grounds.

The situation led to an exchange of words between the head of security, volunteer security and the officers’ which then led to some telephone calls being made.

However, in the end, the officers were told by the head of security that it was “part of the procedure”.

Stephen Alleyne, chief executive of the Barbados Local Organising Committee (LOC) for CWC, said security was operating in the best interest of the event.

“Security has been fairly tight but at the back of it, it is a world tournament we are involved in and the influences which [we] are subject to would exist anywhere in the world. I think that the security team and the security plan is really aimed at making sure that everybody, both stakeholders and spectators . . . operate in the safest and most secure environment,” he said.

Senior Superintendent Vincent Springer, commander of CWC events, said that the morning situation was a misunderstanding.

He told the DAILY NATION that police had a meeting with the event owners and security directorate since the incident and the force was promised that such a situation would not recur.

Our thanks to BFP reader Hants for pointing this out all the way from Canada. Yes folks, our humiliation is truly worldwide.


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50 responses to “More Idiocy As Armed Barbados Police Officers Allow Themselves To Be Searched By Security Volunteers At Cricket World Cup

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Oh My God!

  2. ….Wuh if Owen Arthur de most powerful man in Barbados can publically chastize the police letting them know and for all to hear (That they are not special) why should anyone else treat to them otherwise? The display of civility by these brave men when faced with downright disrepect, by Owen on down is remarkable.

  3. BFP

    Adrian says “The display of civility by these brave men when faced with downright disrepect, by Owen on down is remarkable.”

    100% true Adrian, but still no excuse for the lack of leadership shown in this circumstance.

    Leadership is top-down stuff. Without it, a quasi-military outfit like the police falls right apart. Too bad no individual officer had the cojones or sense enough to say “No”

  4. BFP

    As we said in our post “Cricket World Cup: Barbados Government To Give Power, Authority To Armed Foreign Soldiers and Police On Bajan Soil”…

    WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time EXACTLY WHO will be in command of these armed foreigners on our soil and under what circumstances they will be commanded by non-Bajan citizens, and we demand to know this long before legislation is placed before our elected representatives.

    WE DEMAND TO KNOW ahead of time what protocols have been established in the event that conflicting commands are given to foreign troops by Barbados Commanders and the Foreign Troop’s own commanders, and we demand to know this long before legislation is placed before our elected representatives.

    Original article …

  5. akabozik

    OH MY GOD is right!

    Who is in charge? What happens in a more serious situation?

    OMG times a hundred!

  6. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    Well! Well! Well! What is Barbados coming to under the “outstanding” leadership of the shopkeeper’s son, Owen Seymour Arthur? I really weep for Barbados because every day there is evidence that the hands of the clock are being turned back while our great leader tells us and the world how well we are progressing as a nation.

    When foreigners with the skin colour that reminds us of who called the shots in the old colonial days can come into Barbados in 2007 and subject Barbadian police officers to being searched in their jurisdiction, it is the ultimate humiliation of Barbados as a sovereign, independent nation.

    When you consider how arrogant people with money are behaving in Barbados today, you have to wonder really what is in store for the majority black population if the Barbados Labour Party is re-elected for another term. Slavery and abuse? It is time Barbadians wake up and realize that this BLP government is not looking after their interests.

    The insult to the police is even greater when one remembers the comments Owen Arthur made some time ago that were generally interpreted as suggesting that the police were not important. Well, the picture of a white foreigner searching a black Barbadian police officer in the name of security for World Cup in sovereign Barbados, it sends a clear message that the police are not really important after all.

    It is time for Barbadians to stop being brainwashed about how the DLP is not ready to form a government. The BLP wants you to believe that because they are benefitting big time from holding power while the population is suffering. The DLP has served Barbados well in the past. Yes, they made errors in the 1990s but every human being makes errors. You can only find out the type of government the DLP will provide if it is given a chance. And Barbados certainly cannot have anything worse that what we have now.

  7. Oldie

    I don’t get it. Everybody is screaming “disrespect!” but what if there are fake policeman trying to get in? Who screens the screeners and security people? Security and pride don’t mix.

  8. RRRicky

    Asking for identification is one thing.

    Body searches are something else.

    BFP asks some real good questions, like who is in charge?

  9. Bajanboy

    The screeners have been given a job and they should be allowed to perform it with as few exceptions as possible. I would imagine, however, that police working the event should be precleared (they all had fancy ID badges) and there should be clear guidelines as to what they are allowed to bring in and what they are not. The whole thing was probably just a breakdown in communication.

  10. RRRicky

    Again… WHO IS IN CHARGE?

    If not the police, then who?

    According to the newspaper, the local cricket organizing committee might be in charge!

    What a fouled up mess.

  11. Hants

    All intelligent Barbadians should take a good look at the photo and digest it.

    Then you would probably be as disgusted as I am.

    What makes it truly appaling is that it is an Inspector in command of Sargeants, Corporals and Constables being searched like an ordinary citizen.

    To add insult to Injury, The Nation used Captions like “Spread em” and “Hands up” for the photos.
    This is not funny.

    As a tactical Police Operation with so called “High Security” all those Policemen should be armed. If an “incident occurs” involving armed attackers what are the Police going to do? Call Security?

    Let us hope we never see this again.

  12. kris

    Sick & Fed Up Sylvan, how on earth can you turn this one into a racial issue ? The whole situation should never have happened but it ain’t about race, it’s about sovereignty and authority (e.g. the police should have it and any screening should have been done previously if at all). I don’t care whether the security official was white, black or otherwise – and quite frankly can’t tell from the photo. It’s simply not the point.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    This is absolutely outrageous behavior absolutely unbelievable that we are a sovereign nation and we are bowing down and letting this nonsense take place on our island, I suppose if our PM chooses not to stand behind our police force then why worry or fuss, but this is an act of arrogrance of the highest order our national security forces being searched by CWC workers where do we go to next?

  14. If de police did name Hudson Husbands and they were wearing eye glasses that made them look like “Boy wonder” may be they would have been able to walk thru unencumbered and probably wave thru a few people.

    I notice that the persons frisking de police wore tunics with word “security’ emblazoned across it, I also know that a “security” guard at de airport makes more than a constable. Again somebody tell me why would anyone aspire to be a bajan cop? nuh respect, nuh good pay. A lot of pilfering gine on up at de Q.E.H, and the Board apologize becuase someone told de truth, and de police get frisk without due cause. Tell me who special and who aint.

  15. justice

    We have traded our souls for the sake of hosting the CWC2007. An oversized stadium we can’t ever fill, no use at night and with no parking. India is bringing its own security, foreign policemen above the law and now this…Is it worth so much to us that we should prostitute our dignity for it?

  16. I can hear Mia on this. We have had armed foreign security personnel on Barbadian soil before, We brought in the Regional security personnel when Glendairy was burnt, and there wasn’t any hue and cry, why now?

    Uh tell wunnuh it is wunnuh fault. Glendairy was burnt as result of persons who shares Mia Mottley’s view point on laws pertaining to buggery on the use of condoms in prison. Glendair was a powder keg waiting for a fuse, it was so as a result of the overcrowding that increase under Mia’s Watch as attorney General. Few Barbadians place the blame on her where it belong but rather sang praise to her for her command of the english language that she displayed in several news conferences that she held, on the Burning. The reasons and the person responsible where soon forgotten until the Late Oliver Jackman spelled it out for us. illegal guyanese, Foreign born security personnell, Police who pretty much are there to police the masses, not the landed gentry. These fields and hill will never and has never been our own.

  17. BFP
    March 6th, 2007 at 5:26 pm
    Adrian says “The display of civility by these brave men when faced with downright disrepect, by Owen on down is remarkable.”

    100% true Adrian, but still no excuse for the lack of leadership shown in this circumstance.

    Leadership is top-down stuff. Without it, a quasi-military outfit like the police falls right apart. Too bad no individual officer had the cojones or sense enough to say “No”
    BFP i agree….. I didn’t want to change focus yet.
    Remember Politicians are the one who most refer to Barbadians “good nature”, “friendly” “Fair” “Law abiding’ “peacefull” The abuser usually knows all the good characteristics of his/her victims.
    —–It is unfortunate that the good things about ourselves are the very things our Leaders use to keep us down, out , and put tuh de side. We have to learn that we can fight back in such a way, that we can get what we want without destroying, what we have built.

  18. De Orginal

    What you should hear is Darwin Dottin ‘s excuse on it

  19. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    Kris, do you live in Barbados? I believe you don’t but if you do, how come you can’t see it from a white-black perspective? Are you aware that whites in Barbados are no longer employed in the security forces? During the colonial period, they ruled the roost. Check the commissioners of police of that time and you will see. And by the way, why do we bury our heads in the sands about the race issue in Barbados. People from abroad come to Barbados and after observing for a day or two, tell you apartheid exists in Barbados.

  20. Red

    Sylvan, you’re right about apartheid in Barbados.

    White people live in a timid and cautious manner because any wrong action or phrase is over-amplified by the press and politicos.

    A free and democratic Barbados will allow white Barbadians to be elected to Parliament, hold prominent positions in the civil service, and not create programs solely to support the “small black businessman”.

    Barbados certainly has two standards: one where the black community is considered the victim of past and current white people; and one where white people have to be cautious about the things they think, say, and do.

  21. Must Reply

    Red is Bizzy Williams or COW timid? Not for a Highgate second. Bizzy, COW and whites get extremely favourable treatment in Barbados especially at the banks. Blacks are discriminated against by banks. Everyone knows it but many in denial. Whites control the economy in spite of their phony protestations to the contrary.

  22. Hants

    Just to be fair, has anyone here ever seen Police Officers in any country being searched before entering a building?

    I have tried to rationalise this and it is still to me as ridiculous now as when I first saw the photos.

    Malik is truly a great Philosopher.
    As he said, everybody FUH world CUP.

    I suggest to Bajans to be careful because foreign policemen coming and they may be even more FUH world CUP.

  23. Rumplestilskin

    You know, just to put something else in perspective, can you imagine a ‘foreign policeman’ putting their hands on a local ‘rowdy’ with a group of friends nearby?

    People say Jamaicans bad, but in reality wind a Bajan up enough and he makes a Jamaican look like a Sunday school choir boy.

    Them foreign police may have Kalishnikovs, but a Bajan bad boy resorts to Bajebigrocknikov.

    A buss head is a buss head, no matter what it was made with.

    A bajan Police can arrest som of these fella, but let a foreigner touch them (on Bajan soil?) and it gonna be blue murder.

  24. Rumplestilskin

    And the local ossifers will not be armed? Are you kidding?

    What a joke.

  25. CaribDigita

    At first I thought this picture look real outta place. But its really not ***that*** badd. In the USA municiple police depts. are under the jurisdation of screenings as long as it is posted. Police in the states tho- do. have to tell the “rent a cops” if their weapons are loaded though so that they don’t set it off. In most cases the “rent a cops” you see in malls or dances etc. wont try to flex authority over regular police but if the private establishment for whatever says anyone not on an active call that passes a “certain point” must be frisked.Well then- its fair game. If that officer was reporting to a disturbance and rushing there the check probably wouldn’t be required.

    P.S. Lets place bets…. How many nasty people ‘gon run naked across the field for this world cup????

  26. Rumplestilskin


    To answer your bet, I am not usually a betting person, but let’s hope only suitably nubile young goddesses run across the field.

    Do not want to give Barbados a bad name, now do we? 😉 ;-))) 🙂

  27. De Orginal

    One can only infer that the police officers reacted the way they did because the were not aware or were not properly briefed on what their roles are in CWC. It is also clear that their timid response was as a result of them not being sure that their chief would have supported them in standing their ground and refusing to be searched. It is refreshing to finally see Darwin Dottin lame though it was come out in support of police officers.

  28. CaribDigita

    So you’re down for say one goddesses? female? 🙂 I donno. I gon have to wait and see like everybody else.

    I find whenever these big finals “open-field” sportings events are held up in Europe iz- usually a man that run out on de field with nuffin on dodging all the grounds crew as they tackle him with a towel or other something else to cover-up. Now surely little Barbados didn’t sign up for one of these events and not consider the nudies that love to run on Camera? Alot of those persons are why large sporting events are on a ~ 30 second delay now on TV.

  29. What Else


    “but let’s hope only suitably nubile young goddesses run across the field.”

    Im with that all the way!!!

    Ok where do I start? I read alot of your comments so far and they all make sense because im always seeing things from different perspectives.

    First off, race does have something to do with it, but in this case its minor.

    Now a few months back we let some Guyanese custom officers come here and see how we do things, that was a big insult and security breach, I bet those indians had beers when they went back home just laughing at us.

    Now we have police of the highest order being search by housewives and housemen.

    That means not even the BDF (defense force) can’t even come close to the oval. “Our leaders” are really backward

    We are just saying to the world “we are incapable of doing anything properly ourselves so we need you”

    Now here is the BIGGEST joke.

    Lets say the Nation News did not highlight this “issue”, it means that this would have gone on during matches.

    Now lets say during a match 2 men start fighting and a police officer is nearby, all cameras would now turn their attention on this fight,

    (The joke) – the police would have to run for security at the gate, “sir come quick, their is fight in the stands, please come quick”

    You tell me!!! custom officers at our airports, police being search, what else will “our leaders” do to embarrass us to the highest again, WHAT ELSE???

  30. Martsie

    Very interesting comments from all and sundry but this is bound to happen. It is just the beginning of things to come.
    Hey, one day the Commissioner in appeasing the members of the islamic community wore full uniform to their mosque and was accompanied by Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force also in full uniform. And you know what they took off their shoes, in keeping with the muslim tradition/ritual. They were therefore IMPROPERLY DRESSED, A breach of discipline, in the military and para-military organisations.
    What if President George Bush did the same in IRAQ or the head of US forces… that will be the day. Could Dottin not have worn Plainclothes… a suit or so.
    This is a case of Cart in front of horse. The question therefore is; “Do we need a commissioner from the United Kingdom?” Would a party local soldiers in Camouflage uniforms be subjected to the same search? Lord come fuh yuh world…

  31. GM

    Not in the USA how it is done certain locations such as an Airport have their own Police . Note Police given A local pass for that site. For example Port authority police in NY and NJ have Their ID exposed at all times when working at the airports.
    No where would a security guard be allowed to frisk a Police Officer.

    Yankee stadium NY sell out crowd about 52 thousand at a game they have security and ushers.
    There is a contingent of NYPD assigned ,no security guard dare search them.

    The smart thing for that inspector to have done was wait outside until the issue was resolved it would have been real fast. They look like chumps.
    The big issue is the loss of confidence in and respect for the RBPF by all Barbadians .
    A big effort must be taken forthwith to show support for the police or else the Dumbo officials that run the government is looking at a problems like what is happening in JA.
    We have become the laughing stock of the world.


    Comment by Marcus

    Correct, GM. It was all about leadership, and unfortunately the Inspector failed the test.

    It also underscores what we were saying before about the necessity of clearly establishing the Chain of Command in operations where there can be some doubt or confusion. In this, the RBPF Commissioner Dottin failed the test.


  32. D'Arts

    hahhah search those b-itches!!!! they may be concealing a weapon!!! what happens if the cops are armed, then what?

  33. Patrick Porter

    Barbados, my Barbados, what has happened to you. It is a sad case where this sort of trash happens, the Police in this case were treated worst than the criminal. I say to all get your act together before CWC, other wise we might suffer as being laughing stocks of the world

  34. Laughable.

    Thank you thank you for the phunniest photo I’ve seen in years! – it made me smile!
    The embarrassing photo of black,indigenous Bajan Policemen being searched by a white(white?!) Security Guard, right here in Barbados,
    reveals the poor self-respect and self-image that black Bajan Police have of themselves (due to piddling salaries?)

    NO self-respecting black Bajan Police would have even considered subjecting himself to such a search,
    but would rather have waited outside, and conferred with higher authority, until the matter was clarified.

    What transpired was Security searching Security, a laughable state of affairs,
    but then long ago I learned not to take anything local…too seriously, in this land of Pretend and of Mickey Mouse,
    where we fancy ourselves to be at The Very Centre of the Universe!

    Someone commented that we are the laughing stock of the world:
    Gosh,how important we be, that little Barbados is the laughing stock of the WORLD!
    At best we could try for ‘laughing stock of the Caribbean’,
    but more accurately we are nothing more than the laughing stock of ourselves on lil 21 x 14
    Indeed, these fields and hills will never be,
    and have never been our own.

    Thanks again for a funny pic that serves to confirm my long-held conviction that NOthing here is to be taken seriously,
    certainly not as seriously as Bajans take themselves!
    What we really need NOW, is a photo of the Security Guard searching himself with his little magic wand!

    Oh… those ppl that run naked across sporting fields are referred to as STREAKERS..
    and yes we hope for a curvaceous girl, even if it does bring us international “shame” – oh you Victorian Puritans make me laugh!
    Hey, it’s the human body..nothing more than that..but if you need to intertwine nudity with judgemental ‘morals’ and ‘shame’,
    go right ahead and have a good time:
    most people just have a laugh at the sheer stupidity of the situation,seeing big grown Policemen running around(for once!) behind a completely-vulnerable human, like if they were Murderers! – madly trying to cover the “offending”(to who?) bits……..

  35. kris

    I do live in Barbados and I’m not saying that there isn’t a race issue, I just can’t for the life of me see how it applies in this case. One of the problems we have is that when we start seeing absolutely everything through the prism of race it tends to make the problem worse, not better.
    Regardless, my real point is that no country should allow their sovereignty, or primacy of their law enforcement authorities to be eroded for any reason, let alone a sporting event. We need to start with paying our cops a decent salary and giving them decent training and they’d never stand for this sort of foolishness.

  36. Royalrumble

    Sick and Fed Up Sylvan I do not think you are serious about apartheid in Barbados but if you are then it might very well explain why Thompson is reflected so badly in the recent polls conducted.

    Apartheid should stamped out at all cost and any attempt to treat black people badly because of your social standing, colour of your skin or financial advantage must be abhorred.

    Clearly implicit from the Barbadian electorate by the results of the poll is that Thompson must not feel that because he was born in England does not mean that he can come here and treat the young blacks men and women in the DLP, who Barrow built that Party for as he likes and get away with it. Nor should he feel that he can inflict harsh financial policies on on our people as he did in 1991 and then walk around and boast that the only thing a bailiff can asked him is the time of the day.

    The matter at the the Oval with the police will sort itself out. It is not a political nor racist issue. The only racist and political issues that we as Barbadians have to deal with is Thompson and getting his hands off the DLP that Barrow built for his children. The ones that fled the Party wants to come back home, they now represent part of that 40% dont knows. They will not come back though if Thompson is there.

  37. Wishing in Vain

    Racism exist in Barbados just ask those that live amongst the Sandy lane, Royal Westmorelands, the Royal Pavillion , Port St.Charles gangs if you think otherwise you are fooling yourselves if this were not the case a lot of of what is currently taken place would not be happening in this island, ask Mr Larry Tatem how he feels when his right of way is blocked and then he is dictated to by a white non national who happens really only to be a visitor to these shores in the form of Eddie Fearless, or those like our Governor General that try to get to beach at Colony Club only to find it blocked by Blamford, roads to the beach at Queensfort blocked by Ms Sixt, only in Barbados are ones of this ilk tolerated and encourged by the polticians purely to gather their donations for elections and their own personal bank accounts.
    Wake up open your eyes remove the cobwebs and aim for a brighter future.
    I personally cannot stand this torment any longer I have lived all my life here and hope to die here but this place is going down the hill in a rush and it seems no one is stepping up to take control of important matters in this island.

  38. toffee

    btween hudson husbands smuggling people into kensington and foreigners frisking bajan police I am not sure which is biggest outrage.

    wishing in vain those terrible things you listed along with all the other jobbee occuring in our island will send owens popularity rating to 80% by next poll. all the while marvin gaye croons whats going on?

  39. toffee

    btween hudson husbands smuggling people into kensington and foreigners frisking bajan police I am not sure which is biggest outrage.

    wishing in vain those terrible things you listed along with all the other jobbee occuring in our island will send owen popularity rating to 80% by next poll. all the while marvin gaye croons whats going on?

  40. Laughable.

    Any attempt to treat White people badly
    should also be stamped out –
    and believe me I know what I talkin bout,
    coz I white wid blue eyes, den,
    and I get some fairly phaktup service and “Attitude” from blacks on dis island of Apartheid! – but that’s okay, becoz they owe me the cold shoulder after hundreds and thousands of years of White Oppression, the poor darlings!
    (incapable of progress beyond that? incapable of evolution? maybe? – is this now 2007? naaww..)
    I was once at a (white) party…met a Jamaica Def.Force bloke, who had been seconded to the BDF for about 2 yrs.,
    so he had a fair handle on Bajan Society.
    He opined that (I’ll never forget his wording) that “Barbados was a mutually-agreed Apartheid”.

    I said…Huh? not quite grasping what he said
    (also the Veuve Cliquot was kinda flowing,too)
    and he explained to me that his observations showed that the black and the white Bajans
    so obviously agreed to keep to their separate ways and be cool about it, with everyone happy!
    i.e. not much social mixing, but no-one really seemed to suffer becoz of it.
    And they don’t.

    Except in someone’s idealistic enforced society where birds of unequal feathering MUST BE MADE TO MIX.
    And so we have the Politically Correct among us once again, screwing it up!!

    Having said that, one of the best house parties I ever attended was at a small lil house in Carrington Village, a birfnite party for one of my wife’s colleagues at the Swan St,.store where she was Mngr.

    Waaiiit!? Whuh dem white peoples doin’ in Carrington Village,doah?

  41. justice

    RR, What good will those grasshoppers who left bring to the DLP at this time other than the weight of millstones? Let them stay where they are!

  42. De Orginal

    Royal R..ble is sick would you believe people talkinga bout security and he in his usual style gone to politics .cant we ban him free press he makes no valuable contribution to the blog. Same as the call in programmes he want banning.

  43. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    RoyalRumble, I pity self-serving BLP apologists like you for whom everything is OK because you may be privileged as “one of them”. Clearly you are not offended by the insult to Barbados’ sovereignty because everything will work out fine under the BLP as far as people like you are concerned.

    You seem to be one of the “our people” for whom the BLP’s motto says its goal is to create “a better life”. Yes, the BLP’s slogan is “A better life for our people.” Aren’t they bold? Why not “for Barbadians”? Obvious contempt for the intelligence of Barbadians.

    As other Barbadians are suffering, you are behaving like Marie Antoinette. When the hungry masses were crying out for bread, she said give them cake. In her position of privilege, she could not relate to their reality of suffering. And so do you!

  44. No - Name

    Inspector Anthony Bowen and his police colleagues should all be disciplined for ignorance of the law and disgracing the entire police force . They should all be sent back to the Police Training School to learn the rudiments of sensible policing and the role and powers of the police in an independence state.

  45. Hants

    No-Name you have to forgive the Inspector and his collegues because they were caught up in the confusion that surrounds CWC2007.

    They were just being cooperative and supportive of CWC.

    I hope that the Commissioner informs every Officer and the Barbadian public that at all times the Barbados Police Force is responsible for Law and order in Barbados regardless of the event.

  46. Jupiter

    I agree totally with hants.

  47. No - Name

    What you ( Hants and Jupiter) are saying to me is that we have senior police officers who have no brains whatsoever. A red flag should have appeared in their minds immediately after the security guard requested something that had never been asked of them before. I wonder what instructions were given to them prior to arriving at the venue? If they were being cooperative then we have the police chief to blame because the officers were not properly briefed as to their role.

  48. Jupiter

    If I’m not mistaken Inspector Bowen was the fella who filed a lawsuit against this current commisioner of police – Dottin,and was demoted to be placed in charge of stores.

    He also alleged that this commissioner didnot have a clue about policing work and got his position through book work (and I’m told because mia who was A.G. then favoured him).

    Although I think he’s alright.

    The commissioner in turn made certain allegations against Insp. Bowen.

    So Dottin’s sly swipe at Bowen’s reaction to be searched at Cave Hill might be more than meets the eye.

    Who knows what instruction Bowen might have been given and then to find himself up there at CWC in a pickle,and knowing that he and the commissioner are not the best of friends – decided to take the route of least resistance.



    If the little boys – the inspector and commissioner – want to play and poke at each other while they ignore their duties, or they are both incompetent – they should both be demoted.

    This was an international humiliation for the RBPF and Barbados as a nation.

    It is a disgusting situation for which there is no acceptable excuse on the part of Inspector Bowen or Commissioner Dottin.


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