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Senator Sir Allan Fields Replies To Barbados Free Press and Spins With The Best Of Them!

Barbados Free Press Called For Two Parallel Sets Of Books During Accounting Switch – Senator Fields Was Assigned By Government To Counter Our Argument For Transparency & Normal Accounting Standards

To our knowledge, the only place in the media that has advanced the idea that Barbados should run two sets of books during the switch from cash to accrual – is the Barbados Free Press. So we presume that Senator Fields’ comments in The Nation News article Fields Lauds Accrual System are directed at BFP’s articles. Certainly, we haven’t seen any articles in The Lapdog Nation News or the Barbados Advocate that are critical of the accounting switch.

Senator Fields used The Nation News as a forum to put forward the government’s position and was not asked one critical question by the “journalist” who acted as his secretary to publish this government news release. But that is the standard we have come to expect from our island media.

Let’s see what Senator Fields said – and more important – didn’t say…

Senator Fields Participated In A Constitutional Fraud

Firstly, Senator Fields says not one word about the fact that an important constitutional change was secretly introduced and passed within a few days – without public discussion and in contravention of democratic principles. Of course, words such as democracy and accountability are not important to the elites like Senator Fields. His actions in supporting this attack on democracy and his failure to defend citizen’s rights say it all.

Senator Fields Deliberately Misstates Objections To The Cash – Accrual Switch

Secondly, Senator Fields totally ignores our clearly stated reason for the objection to the switch – that the process is being used to conceal the truth about our country’s finances from Bajan citizens. That the accrual system is a more widely used and accepted standard is not in dispute – our concern is that the cold-turkey switch is being implemented now to conceal a financial disaster just prior to an election.

Senator Fields goes on and on lauding the accrual system and deliberately ignoring the real issue.

Nice spin doctor techniques, Senator… but you and your elitist friends make a mistake thinking that Bajans are that stupid.

Senator Fields Has No Idea What “Transparency” Is

This is just the best… the Senator says that the accrual system will bring “more transparency to the arena of financial reporting”.

Such nice sounding words. We notice that government members are using the “transparency” and “accountability” words whenever and whereever possible these days – as if merely saying the words shows intent and good will.

Switching to another system of accounting has nothing to do with transparency. Transparency comes from legally mandated openness that allows ordinary citizens to examine the underlying data supporting any government document or claim. This would take Freedom of Information legislation to force the government to release raw data – and you will NEVER see that with the Owen Arthur government.

As a matter of fact, the switch to accrual accounting is designed to CONCEAL the true state of our finances from Bajan citizens.

The Senator must know that he is merely mouthing the word “transparency” as part of the deception.

Brood of Vipers Sure Doesn’t Want Parallel Bookkeeping!

Senator Field’s greatest lie is to be found in his statement against parallel bookkeeping…

“(Fields) also warned that trying to implement both systems in parallel, would be a “recipe for disaster”. He noted it remained impossible to keep an old system and run a new one at the same time…”

“Impossible to keep an old system and run a new one at the same time…” Really, Senator Fields? Why is that? Just how would it be impossible? A little more work to be sure, but isn’t that worth it so citizens can compare the two systems to ensure that the change over is not misused or mismanaged?

Running parallel systems would only be a “recipe for disaster” for those interested in concealing the true state of our country’s finances from Bajan citizens.

Senator Fields failed to protect the interests of Bajans. He failed to defend democracy. Instead, he assisted in illegally ramming through important changes to the Constitution – all in a few days as the citizens were watching Cricket World Cup.

Shame! Shame! 

The Nation News calls Fields an “independent” senator. What a joke. By his actions, Senator Fields has shown that he is one of the brood of vipers who are fleeing the coming wrath of the citizens.

Fields Lauds Accrual System

INDEPENDENT SENATOR Sir Allan Fields on Wednesday applauded Government for its decision to change the country’s financial management by moving from cash-based to accrual accounting.

Calling it a bold step, Sir Allan noted the change would first and foremost bring more transparency to the arena of financial reporting, and make reports more user-friendly.

He cautioned, however, against the reluctance of most humans to accept change, and cited as a perfect example, the slow transition in the public sector’s acceptance of Public Sector Reform.

“In my 40 years of experience in business, the most difficult aspect was to manage change,” Sir Allan told the Upper Chamber.

“People are naturally reluctant to change their modus operandi, and I caution about the challenge of this change.”

He also warned that trying to implement both systems in parallel, would be a “recipe for disaster”. He noted it remained impossible to keep an old system and run a new one at the same time…

… continue reading what this government spin doctor had to say in the government newspaper (link here)


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St. Lucia Minister Of Tourism – “Cricket World Cup A Bit Of A Disaster”

“A Bit Of A Disaster…”

This is according to St. Lucia’s Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Allen Chastanet.

In a Saturday Sun article, March 17th 2007 quoted a Caribbean Media Corporation report, Mr Chastanet stated ‘From a tourism point of view for the hoteliers, I have to tell you that it has been a little bit of a disaster’.

Kudos to Minister Chastanet for truthfully reflecting on the actual situation, rather than like the Minister of Tourism for Barbados, who seems content to hide under a rock and adopt an ostrich position!

Those words uttered by Barbados Deputy Prime Minister, Mia Motley, will echo in my ears for a long time to come, ‘We convened an emergency meeting of the 10 Ministers of Tourism in November in Georgetown, Guyana and only two turned up’ to discuss the late implementation of the Caricom visa.

Adrian Loveridge

17 March 2007


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Windows VISTA = Will Somebody Please Kill Me?

Dear Marcus and friends:

Please forgive me. You were sooooo right. I am sending this from an internet cafe.

I tried to install VISTA two days ago and my laptop turned to junk before my eyes. It took about 4 minutes and I’ve been trying to fix the thing ever since.

Don’t even ask for the details because if I have to repeat them I will kill myself here and now.

Hell exists here on earth. The evil one walks, and he has a MicroSoft activation code.

Tomorrow I will blow away the whole thing, re-format and once again install XP. Hopefully I will be back up tomorrow night. If not, my will is under the teapot.

Yours truly,



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