Zimbabwe’s Gutted Cricket Team – What Happens When Politics And Racism Trump Sport


Our Shona is a big fan of Zimbabwe. For those who hadn’t already caught on, her chosen internet name gives some clue as to her roots way back when – as Shona once had family in a country called Rhodesia. “Once” being the operative word. A twist and turn of fate and she might have been born in Africa. Perhaps some day Shona will have a chance to see her family’s old home. I know she would like that as she has a spot in her soul that needs filling and a visit to Zimbabwe might help.

Zimbabwe’s team at Cricket World Cup has only one player with previous World Cup experience, this because of the 2004 incident where 15 players were turfed from the team because they were of the white race. President “for life” Robert Mugabe’s reforms extend to far more than stealing land from the poor and butchering families of opponents – they touch everything in the country and cricket is no exception.

Nobody expects much from Zimabawe’s team. Even their presence is a sad reminder of what might have been before race politics raised it’s ugly head.


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  1. Zimbabwe is a living reminder of the saying “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

    Mugabe is a vicious tribal despot who has used racialism to pursue his policies, and in so doing he has destroyed a once prosperous land. He could not have chosen a worse way to eradicate the benefits of colonialism, which should have been taken advantage of as a base for black prosperity.

    He is hated by the black oposition he ruthlessly oppresses. I would like to think they would have pursued a more enlightened policy in the redistribution of land and wealth. Hopefully Zimbabwe will be a lesson to all nations where a black majority wants to grab back from the white minority a prosperity and infrastructure that can easily be destroyed in the process.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    Mugabe is a has-been despot eager to take Zimbabwe with him when he goes.

    Ironically, people thought that Nkomo was the ‘bad’ one and Mugabe the moderate.

    Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    When he goes, good riddance.

  3. Maat

    Before Zimbabwe was colonised (read raped, pillaged and divided up) by the British, the country had none of the problems they currently face. The present state of the country is a result of the destruction of social order and change of land use by the invaders. Urbanisation and vast monocrop farms destroyed the community farming system that provided full employment and zero inflation before colonisation.
    I wonder why it is that the British and those that have been brainwashed by the British system of education, think that their concept of development is the only or best way to go. To understand this we need to look at just what western style development has done for the crucial areas of human development as in good health (not health care), clean environments, full employment, strong families, minimal stress and sustainable and beneficial traditions with equal rights for all citizens. Western development is poor in all these catogories, yet pre colonial Africa, including Zimbabwe were much more developed in the areas that really count.
    Many millions of Zimbabweans were dispossessed, killed, forced and coerced to work on lands that they had the historical right to possess.
    The political game that the British played in Zimbabwe has divided the people and intensified the violence that is often inevitable when the control of land and resources is at stake.
    Malcolm X once said that the only real revolution, one worth fighting and dying for, is for justice related to land.
    Like Castro, Mugabe cannot live forever and the test is not about the lifetime of the present leaders but of those that follow and the will of those that stay to continue the process of change. The overall goal of re occupying the land, reducing the urban sprawl and sharing the wealth of Zimbabwe between all it’s citizens may not be achieved in Mugabe’s lifetime but it must be the goal that evolves from this present experience.


  4. Rumplestilskin

    Actually all these despots i.e. Mugabe, Burnham etc are British educated and trained.

    They learnt well.

  5. Rumplestilskin

    People being murdered daily by Mugabe’s regime, don’t blame the British, dont blame anyone else.

    Blame Mugabe.

  6. Patrick Porter

    I feel very sorry for the people, it is a shame that mankind cannot live together. Yes they were causes for the population to be upset with the previous rule. However it does not mean that Mugabe should kill and starve his people for his personal power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  7. concerned

    The US State Department places Barbados on a Countries/Jurisdictions of Concern list along with other countries including Zimbabwe, Iraq and others in relation to money laundering and international narcotics trafficing.


  8. I find it rather pathetic the way Maat tries to pass the blame for a ruthless despot like Mugabe onto the repression of former colonial masters.

    We hear this too often-“Everything was idyllic until the white colonisers ruined our Garden of Eden.” European colonisation in Africa entailed many evils, but that is not the whole story.

    The truth is that indigenous African tribes habitually repressed other less warlike neighbouring tribes, and routinely enslaved them. Is that “being more developed in the ways that really count”?

  9. Maat

    African upon African slavery is widely known and as unjust as any form of slavery and mainly came about as a result of disputes over the use of resources. Many African tribes were semi nomadic and would move around the continent when resources in an area were depleted in comparison to the growth of the tribe or community. There was abundant space to do this, even in places like Zimbabwe, but this semi nomadic existence changes dramatically when fences and boundaries were established and defended using violence. This wasn’t the type of violence that Africans could deal with. The Europeans came with superior fire power, professional armies and a willingness to slaughter Africans to steal and then defend land. Free access to utilise the resources of the land from which you can build your home, produce your nourishment and enjoy recreation was the basis for a form of existence that had the potential to allow for a just use of the land and resources.
    African upon African slavery did not alter the basic way of life of the enslaved. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it excuses the practise of enslavement. However there appears to be some degree of intergation, sometimes to the point of marriage, of slaves to members of the tribes which captured them.
    When some tribes crossed paths or were forced to share resources there will have been conflict, yet I have not seen any historical books that describe this pre colonial tribal warfare that is alluded to by some people, to suggest that it was widespread. I can fully understand the colonial historians describing tribal warfare when they were present as it has always been a tactic of European domination to pit tribe against tribe. Up until the end of Apartheid in South Africa the descendants of Europeans were using politics to set the Xhosa against the Zulu.
    Zimbabwe has undergone a very similar experience although much less overt than that of South Africa. Nelson Mandela and the use of a public reconciliation program averted what some hoped would be a civil war between the major tribes/political parties. This approach reduced the bloodshed but has not led to many tangible benefits for the vast majority of South Africans.
    Mugabe and his tribe/political party have said that they have had enough of the manner in which the Europeans (coming from a background of slaughter, theft and injustice) want to continue to manage the economy and land of their ill gotten gains.
    How would you like it if you caught a thief red handed in your home. The villain has your most treasured possessions in their hands and wants to tell you how and when he will give it back. The thief even gets feisty and says you or someone else must pay them to give back your property.
    Incredible as this is, you, the humble home owner make an offer to buy back your goods in the interest of peace, but the cheeky thief says it is not enough. I don’t know about you, but if it was me I think I would feel justified in taking my childrens inheritance away from that son of a murdering thief, hold him by the scruff of his neck and toss him out the door.
    What is happening in Zimbabwe now is that the thief is on the doorstep or in the cart road shouting that he has been treated badly. He is trying to get all your neighbours and those in different tribes/political parties to oppose you.
    There are no righteous thieves. They deserve all that they get and that goes for Mugabe the same as it goes for all that practise and support injustice.


  10. Yardbroom

    Pandora you have certainly opened the box:

    Matt you are doing nicely, I will not stop the flow…

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Whatever the justifications given, the reality is that butchery and mass Government sponsored violence cannot ever be justified.

    In today’s environment, there is no need for Mugabe’s actions and the only improvement will come when he and his policies go.

    But, you are right that tribalism is the origin of the current problems in Africa, Middle East and to some extent, Eastern Europe since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

    Such underlying tensions are easily utilisable by power hungry, unscrupulous beasts who use such tensions for their own gains and power trips.

  12. dear brothers.
    we all know that zimbabvay was colonised by british and once upon a time in history they forcefully colonised the country for 100s of years.

    as he mentioned it was the infiltrator or theif . and they looted wealth to englend fro many decades.
    eventully it was over becasue the theif found out it was shame . or they could get killed

    i doubt those theifs have any shame like me and you.

    if i found out my grand father stole money from my community and . or he was a decoit if i think the money i inherited from my grand father is righteous then i am a theif too.

    if i did not know then i am not a theif.

    by looking at the millions of africans suffering becasue some body distroyed their way of living for 100s of years then how could they continue to loot food from zimbavay to englend( with modern farming)

    for example if some british stayed in india and they continued to do mass farming like zimbavay.

    then tony blair and bush may say . look india need our farmors . see 100 s of millions dying of poverty( in the zimbavay style farming in india)

    and tony blair will say you indians are racist . you killed 300 white farmors last year.
    you need us withour our white farmors 500 million will dye.
    then world would beleive british.
    independancy not dependancy

    africa only get liberated if they liberate them self from christianity that and islam that white man and arab forced agaisnst them.

    when you see the movie sarafina it tells
    how the black man of africa and or an indian will behave like a racist puppet to distroy their own people by the direction of the false master

    false faith is forced on africans . now there are some of those christians who think he inherit from white man. or there are som muslim who inherited violance from arab is ruling africa.

    africa can only be liberated if they discard the forced ( not borrowed) religion from their heart and mind .until then the blood shed will go on.

    even the bible talks about the judgement day.
    it means god will reviel the righteous. that means there is no peace for zimbavay farmors.

    the labour and immigrants or reffugees go to america or canada are not going there becasue some body forced them.
    they have the right to be canada or america . becasue they did not go to canada or america for looting.
    and americans and canadians are not really racist. they do not care about zimbavway

    i heard one african man was saying one day he was travelling in a bus . and for 5 years no white man sat beside him. one day a lady accidantly sit beside him and when she realized it was a black man then she holded her nose with thumb and walked away/
    this will not happen in america or canada or india or africa or even australia.

    england has good history of many cultures living in england( becasue they used them as a puppet through out the history)
    now those puppets rincarnated into their masters land where else they will take birts.
    those people even think of western society superior to all( i am not talking about white racism)
    white racism is faded. white behave the best in the world now.
    but those puppets are ruling india and africa now.
    india or africa was never liberated from british totally.

    they are only liberated when they burns these puppots alive in the public through intense civil war. christianity and islam will be wiped out from the society by this kind of civil war.
    no more safe haven for these kind of dam builders.
    let god will let the river flow naturally. many will dye when the dam get burst
    those farmers in zimbavway is just one dam
    may out there to be distroyed

  13. Sadie

    I agree that man is beyond words even…. I am currently doinga project on Zimbabwe when I found out about Mugabe and his policies I was shocked this still occured! HE HAS GOT TO GO!

  14. Jerome Hinds


    How far removed are Owen Arthur’s policies from those of Mugabe’s ?

    Has your research come close to finding the answer as yet ?

    For starters….

    ** They both leave no stone unturned to remain in power !

    ** They both think of themselves as demi-Gods !

    ** They both abhor opposition leaders and parties !

    ** They both rely on bigging up the army !

    ** They both surround themselves with mimmick men !

    ** They both employ the ” Animal Farm ” strategy !


    Keep on reading and tell us if Owen Arthur’s planned REPUBLIC would not be the same as present day ZIMBABWE !

  15. Jerome Hinds


    I deliberately chose to throw in this one last !

    Who is in control of Zimbabwe’s cricket ?

    When last did Owen Arthur attacked the BCA ?

    Any similarities ?

  16. Wishing in Vain

    Yes maintain power and control of the masses by all means possible ie control the TV the printed press, and steal from them blindly.