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The Sea Has No Smell


Landspeople always say “I can smell the ocean”

Landspeople don’t know that the ocean has no smell. Any person of the sea knows that the coast has the smell of the little creatures that die upon the shore – the smell of men and their boats, the flotsam of life washed up after a storm.

That is the smell of the shore. The coast.

The sea has no smell, so I love the sea.

True – the sea is not pure. Probably hasn’t been pure for hundreds of years. There is plastic floating all over the water. There is horrible effluent discharged by cruise ships full of retired people from Miami, but it doesn’t matter.

The sea is vast and after a storm it absorbs and hides all the bad.

27 nautical miles, at 93 degrees east of Barbados, the sea is pure. Newborn pure.

So tonight, I head out into the sea… east. Pure EAST. (Well, almost pure… 93 degrees THANK YOU GARMIN!)

I will be back in two nights. My love will not worry, for she knows that I fear the sea.

And if the worst were to ever happen, my son remains.

See you in two days, friends.


(Robert – you promised the article about the Israeli Mossad. I hold you to it friend! 🙂 )


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Fraud Expert Could Have Been Talking About Barbados Government

Change the first sentence of this piece to read…

THE ETHICS EXHIBITED by top elected government officials are directly related to the level of fraud found throughout the country’s government service.

… and you will see the relevance of this article.

It is all about leadership, folks – and for the last dozen years, the example at the top has been a bad one.

From The Nation News…

Fraud Acts Linked To Bosses’ Ethics 

THE ETHICS EXHIBITED by top management are directly related to the level of fraud found throughout a company.

This was one point made by Gordon Moore, president of Sepia Associates of Pennsylvania, United States, at an all-day fraud prevention and detection seminar held by his company at the Grand Barbados Hotel in Aquatic Gap, St Michael, last Tuesday.

The fraud expert told participants that once employees saw fraudulent actions committed at the top, they would rationalise that if the boss could do it, so could they.

Moore also told the participants – drawn from banks, credit unions and other financial institutions – that there was no such thing as small fraud.

Drawing on his experience in the United States and Switzerland, Moore said if an employee was caught with
a small amount, it either meant that not all of the fraud had been detected or the person was only getting started.

Moore also highlighted that 60 per cent of all fraud committed was found out by accident or through tip-offs and not through internal controls.

This, he said, meant management had to be more proactive when it came to detecting fraud in their companies, not just wait to stumble across it.

He advised participants to keep an eye out for employees who were living beyond their means and exhibited unusual behaviour such as working through vacation periods or while on sick leave which, he said, indicated they were working double time trying to cover their tracks and prevent others from finding out what they were doing.

… read the original article at the Nation News (link here)


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Temas Blog On Deforestation, Greenland Dump

Just a quick note that Temas Blog has put up two major articles that I’ve been meaning to mention but never did… so now I am…

Deforestation In Latin America & Caribbean: How Bad Is It?

Barbados Greenland Dump: Anatomy Of A Landfill Controversy


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How Many Hotel Closures In Barbados?

Much discussion has taken place over the years regarding the conversion of full service hotels into condominiums.

How does Barbados compare with the rest of the Caribbean?

Over the last 12 years some 24 hotels (of all sizes) have closed with a substantial number of them being converted into condominiums.

Has this led to a reduction on those employed in the tourism sector?

Well according to the Barbados Statistical Service between 2002 and 2004, the tourism workforce fell by 2,000 persons, one in fourteen or 8 per cent of the total employed.

A listed of the closed hotels below:

  1. Tropicana Beach Hotel
  2. Kings Beach
  3. The Regent
  4. Glitter Bay
  5. Paradise Beach
  6. Sierra Beach
  7. Apple Experience
  8. Oasis
  9. St. Lawrence Apartments
  10. Eastry House
  11. Sam Lords
  12. Windsurf Beach
  13. Club Rockley
  14. Caribbee
  15. Inn of the Beach
  16. Coconut Creek
  17. Little Paradise
  18. Sunshine Beach Hotel
  19. Fairholme Apartments
  20. Sunhaven Beach Hotel
  21. Ginger Bay
  22. Smugglers Cove
  23. Villa Nova
  24. Robins Nest

It would be interesting to hear from other Caribbean destinations on their views of what appears to be a trend.

Adrian Loveridge


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Cricket World Cup Barbados BMW Deal Has A Little Problem…

Is it my imagination, or is nothing really going according to plan around here?

From The Nation News…

Deal Stalls 

CRICKET WORLD CUP (CWC) bigwigs may not be getting big rides when they arrive in Barbados for key matches after all.

SUNDAY SUN investigations revealed that over the last few days frantic talks have been taking place between Ministry of Finance officials, top brass of the tournament’s Local Organising Committee (LOC), and Warrens Motors, agents of BMW, to save a multi-million-dollar deal brokered late last year.

According to sources, while the LOC and Warrens Motors agreed on the terms of the deal that originated with talks between the vehicle manufacturers and international cricket’s governing body and led to the importation of 80 BMW luxury cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), now being stored on the compound of the Dacosta Manning complex on Spring Garden Highway, the ministry has refused to stamp the deal.

The BMW 3 Series and 5 Series cars and X3 SUVs, which normally retail for between $150 000 and $250 000, duty paid, were provided free of charge for 120 days by BMW International, and allowed into the island by Government “under a soft entry arrangement”. BMW is an official CWC supplier…

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here) 


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Hanky Panky At Biovail’s Barbados Company – Pharma Tech

There is a reason why many companies choose Barbados to establish “special” subsidiaries and funds. Our country has a different balance between oversight and legitimacy. Not so much of the former, but hopefully enough of the latter.

Sometimes though, we wonder if the balance gets a little too skewed.

From the New York Post…

Canadian drug maker Biovail disclosed that federal prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York are investigating issues related to its accounting and stock trading going back to 2001.

Biovail, maker of antidepressant drug Wellbutrin, disclosed the investigation deep within an earnings release.

While the Toronto-based company did not elaborate on what the feds are seeking, it did note the Securities and Exchange Commission focused the federal probe on the same issues that are part of an ongoing investigation.

(snip)According to Biovail’s 10-K last year, the SEC was seeking information on “the company’s accounting and financial disclosure practices.”

The filing also noted that the SEC is examining Biovail’s 2002 purchase of “a corporate entity.”

That is a reference to Pharma Tech, a Barbados-based research and development company that The Post last year reported had a very light footprint in the world of drug research.

Purchased by Biovail for $18.8 million, Pharma Tech has almost no paper trail of products, research and development, or staff. It shared the same Barbados address as Biovail…

… read the entire article at the New York Post (link here)


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