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BREAKING NEWS: Iran Seizes 15 British Sailors In Iraqi Waters

British Forces Held By Iran

Updated: 13:21, Friday March 23, 2007

The Government is demanding the “immediate and safe return” of 15 British sailors and Marines seized by¬†Iranian forces.

They were taking part in a routine operation boarding merchant ships in Iraqi territorial waters when they were taken captive by Iranian naval vessels.

The sailors and Marines had completed a successful inspection of one ship, reportedly a dhow, when the group and their two boats were surrounded…

… Continue reading this article at Sky News (link here)¬†


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Barbados Ship Owners Sue For Their Right To Pollute Fresh Water Lakes


They Don’t Call Barbados A “Flag Of Convenience” For Nothing!

The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence water system shared by the United States and Canada is, according to Wikipedia, the world’s largest single supply of fresh water. The water system has been under attack for decades from ocean freighters that dump ballast water into the Great Lakes – ballast water taken on all over the world that contains harmful invasive species.

Just one example of a foreign species that is destroying Great Lakes’ ecosystems and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage is the zebra mussel. Once native to Russia, the zebra mussel travelled to North America in the ballast tanks and anchor lockers of ocean freighters – so it is only common sense that Canada and many States have introduced laws against ballast water dumping.

Common sense that is unless you are a Barbados ship owner who only cares about money…

Shipping Groups Sue Michigan Over New Law

A coalition of shipping companies and industry groups from the United States, Canada and Barbados representing ocean freighters that transport cargo on the Great Lakes has sued Michigan, claiming its new ballast-water law is unconstitutional.

The law, which took effect Jan. 1, is among the first of its type in the nation. It is aimed at stopping the further introduction of invasive species into the lakes through the discharge of ocean water used as ballast.

A freighter takes in thousands of gallons of ballast water to stabilize it when traveling with little or no cargo.

Four shipping companies, four shipping associations and one dock company filed a complaint March 15 in U.S. District Court in Detroit. It asks a judge to declare the Michigan Ballast Water Act unconstitutional…

… continue reading this article at Business Week (link here)


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Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Murdered: Strangled In Jamaican Hotel Room

From News1130…Pakistan’s Cricket Coach Woolmer Strangled To Death Say Police

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) – Pakistan’s cricket coach Bob Woolmer was strangled in his hotel room after the team’s shocking World Cup loss to Ireland and police are investigating it as murder.

“The official report from the pathologist states that Mr. Woolmer’s death was due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation. In these circumstances, the matter of Mr. Woolmer’s death is now being treated by the Jamaican police as murder,” Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas said in a statement that was read by a police spokesman Thursday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Woolmer was killed in his hotel room on Sunday.

“There is an ongoing murder investigation into the death of Robert Woolmer and as a result the security arrangements at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel are a part of those investigations,” Owen Ellington, assistant police commissioner, said in a statement. He declined to elaborate.

Pakistan cricketers were finger printed and interviewed by police at the hotel Thursday and later left for the northern resort of Montego Bay. The team will leave Saturday for Lahore, Pakistan, via London…

… read the rest at News1130.com (link here)

BFP Speculates As To Opportunity & Motive


If there is one Cricket World Cup team that is security conscious, it has to be Pakistan. With the country torn by Jihad vs. Secularism and having vast areas where jihadist local governments rule, one doesn’t have to be much of a security expert to guess that the Pakistani team is as concerned about security as anyone.

Given the level of security, it is probable that the murderer or murderers had legitimate access to Woolmer, and that he knew his killer(s). Certainly the police are of that opinion according to the article above.


Take your pick – revenge for Pakistan’s unexpected loss to Ireland, revenge for personal reasons, jihadist murder, revenge for orchestrating the loss for betting purposes, to cover-up corruption, organized crime killing for failing to perform, sex murder, cover-up for a drug scandal…

You name it. With cricket now a world class sport for drug taking and betting scandals, there are so many cricket-related possibilities on top of the “usual” reasons why people murder each other.

What Now For Cricket World Cup?

Who knows? It depends upon what happens in the next day or so. If the murderer were to be quickly identified and arrested, the world would at least have some idea of a motive.

Unless Woolmer’s killer(s) are arrested soon, his murder will unfortunately increasingly define Cricket World Cup 2007 and the legacy of the series.


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New BFP Series Coming Next Week – Money Laundering In Barbados

Articles Will Initially Focus On ScotiaBank & First Caribbean

Two pieces of information came our way recently about money laundering in Barbados. We are working up at least three articles with the first to be published late next week.

During the series, we will reveal the name of at least one Minister of the Barbados Government who used the ScotiaBank to launder money. We will detail the exact circumstances of how and when this money laundering took place.

Government Ministers who have acted with integrity throughout their term shouldn’t loose any sleep during the coming week while waiting for BFP’s money laundering series.

Golly… this is almost as exciting as the lead-up to the Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards!

Note To Our Readers With Money Laundering Information

Folks, instead of posting any money laundering information here on this article, we ask that you either hold off until our series starts – or much better, send us the information via email as it might tie in with the information we currently have.

Thanks a bunch!

Our email address is: barbadosfreepress (at) yahoo.com


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